eufy Wall Cameras

Elevate home security with eufy's Wall Cameras. Choose from advanced options like 2K HD night vision and solar-powered devices for reliable, smart surveillance.
  • Discreet Wall Cameras: Illuminating Security and Surveillance

    Wall cameras provide discreet surveillance, blending into the environment for effective coverage without drawing attention.
    Elevate your home security with eufy's innovative wall-mounted cameras, which combine surveillance and lighting in one sleek device. With up to 1,200 lumens of brightness, they ensure safety even in the darkest nights. Enjoy manual control, timers, motion activation, and voice assistant compatibility for personalized monitoring. With exceptional 2K HD resolution and color night vision, eufy wall cameras capture vivid details in any lighting condition. AI-powered smart detection offers real-time notifications and two-way audio for enhanced security. There are no monthly fees, and event footage is securely stored locally for up to 60 days. Choose from battery or solar-powered options for added flexibility. Invest in peace of mind and a smarter, greener future for your home with eufy's wall cameras.

  • FAQ

    How high should wall cameras be mounted?

    The height at which wall cameras should be mounted depends on factors like their purpose and the area to be monitored, potential obstructions, etc. Generally, a height of 8 to 10 feet (2.4-3.0 m) is recommended for optimal coverage and reduced vulnerability to tampering. This height provides a good balance between capturing clear images and keeping the camera out of easy reach. However, you can mount them higher to get a better field of view if needed.

    Should video cameras be mounted above or below lights?

    Generally, security cameras are most effective when positioned below light fixtures. This arrangement allows the light to evenly illuminate the camera's field of view, ensuring clear and well-lit recordings. Additionally, placing the video camera below the light also prevents the fixture from obstructing its view, providing unobstructed surveillance coverage. So this setup maximizes the camera's performance, enhancing both its daytime and nighttime capabilities.