Outdoor Motion Camera

eufy Security's Edge Ecosystem operates locally at every possible stage, ensuring your data is yours alone and eliminating monthly fees.
  • eufy Outdoor Motion Cameras of 2023: Unmatched Home Security

    Outdoor motion cameras aim to enhance home security by monitoring the exterior of the property, providing real-time alerts, and deterring potential intruders with advanced features like night vision and smart detection. Elevate your home security with eufy outdoor motion sensor cameras, a cutting-edge solution packed with standout features that offer unparalleled protection and peace of mind.
    With an up to 360° pan and tilt feature of our motion detector outdoor cameras, say goodbye to blind spots as you gain complete control of your surroundings with 2K HD color night vision, ensuring crystal-clear footage, even in the darkest hours. Moreover, the smart lighting featured in these outdoor motion activated cameras can adjust spotlight color temperature and brightness, adapting to sunrise, sunset, schedules, and motion detection, creating a customized and efficient security system. What's more, our motion detection cameras outdoors can combine with wall lights or floodlights to seamlessly monitor the exterior of your home. No matter if you want a comfortable glow that won't disturb you or your neighbors at night or up to 3,000-lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights to deter intruders, we have the best outdoor motion sensor cameras with night vision to meet your needs. More importantly, the AI Smart Detection of our outdoor motion activated security cameras ensures accurate motion alerts, capable of differentiating between human shapes and other objects, minimizing false alarms. Through the eufy Security app, you can stay connected and in control wherever you are, allowing you to communicate via 2-way audio, activate the siren, and scare off potential threats with bright lights. Furthermore, forget about monthly fees as the eufy outdoor motion sensor security cameras can store event footage locally on its built-in eMMC, guaranteeing complete security without any hidden costs.
    Overall, trust eufy outdoor motion cameras wireless to safeguard your home, providing unbeatable value and the ultimate solution for protecting what matters most. With eufy's advanced technology and seamless integration, make your home the harbor of security and experience the confidence of unmatched protection.

  • FAQ

    Does an outdoor motion activated camera need WiFi?

    Not exactly. The outdoor security camera that follows motion can require Wi-Fi connectivity to send real-time alerts, provide remote access, and store footage on cloud or local storage. However, there are some models like eufy outdoor cameras that may offer local storage options or support Bluetooth or cellular signals, allowing you to have motion detection recording and enjoy comprehensive control of home security without Wi-Fi.

    What outdoor security camera has the longest motion detection range?

    The eufycam 3 is the best outdoor security camera with the longest motion detection range. With the ability to be placed as far as 300 feet from the hub and still work perfectly, it exceeds most other cameras in its class. Additionally, the 8x digital zoom feature ensures that even distant objects or subjects can be captured with clarity. With complex AI, facial recognition, a spotlight, a siren, and the option for solar charging, the Eufycam 3 is a top-notch choice for advanced, long-range security monitoring.