Best Self-Cleaning Robot Vacuums You Should Know

A self-cleaning robot vacuumis a self-sufficient machine that makes cleaning easier and more convenient. These machines have self-maintenance capabilities like self-cleaning, bin-emptying, and self-drying. But we understand that getting started with these features can be confusing.

For this reason, this review discusses everything there is to know about self-cleaning robot vacuums. We'll also list and review top-rated self-cleaning vacuums based on their unique capabilities. Our team tested dozens of floor-cleaning bots to pick and review the crème of the crop. Let's dig into the tiny details!

Part 1: What's the self-cleaning feature of robot vacuums?

Robot vacuums have become more convenient and fun to use. These devices have moved from traditional robot vacuums to completely hands-free devices. They are fitted with advanced technologies for more efficient, convenient, and hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

How to empty robot vacuums manually?

For most robot vacuums, first power off the machine. Then press the dust collector button to pull the dust bin out. After cleaning the dust bin, pull the dust collector back and make sure it's locked.
For robot vacuums with self-emptying station, it's much easier as you don't need to interact with the robot. Take eufy X10 Pro Omni, you simply open the station and take out the dust bag to clear.

That said, self-cleaning is an innovative self-maintenance feature that significantly reduces your input. After cleaning the floor, a self-cleaning vacuum will automatically wash its mop pad using clean water on its charging station. This technology prevents the mop pads from building up bacteria or foul odors. Some robot vacuums also self-clean the pads while cleaning/vacuuming to prevent the spread of bacteria and dirt.

Self-drying is another hand-free feature in most self-cleaning vacuums. Once the mop pads are clean, these robot vacuums produce heated air to dry the pads. Again, this prevents any bacterial build-up or unwanted odors around the house. It also prolongs the lifespan of your mop pads.

Meanwhile, robot vacuums can automatically empty their bins after a certain period. These machines have dust bags in the station to capture and store dirt, pollen, and grime for several weeks or months. Interestingly, some mopping bots come with bagless bases, so you don't need to spend money on new dust bags.

In short, the best self-cleaning robot vacuum is 100% worth your time and investment. These machines can save you the stress of occasionally cleaning and drying your mob pads. This could also cause faster wear and tear. They provide convenient daily maintenance and hands-free cleaning capabilities.

Part 2: Best self-cleaning robot vacuum recommendations

1. eufy Robot Vacuum Omni S1 Pro

Key features:

  • AI mapping and navigation
  • 3D Matrix Eye sensors
  • 8,000 PA of suction power
  • Child safety lock
  • Hidden and external LiDAR units
  • Eco-Clean Ozone sterilization

S1 Pro is a premium-class robot vacuum cleaner from the celebrated eufy brand. It's a new robot vacuum released in March 2024, so expect to find a collection of modern and improved features. eufy S1 Pro has a unique blend of aesthetic elegance and cutting-edge features.

First, this robot vacuum can automatically replace dirty water on the mop with clean water at its docking station. But that's not all. S1 Pro uses cutting-edge technology to remove dirty water from the mop pads thanks to the onboard tank. This self-cleaning feature significantly reduces the spread of dirt and recontamination of bacteria while cleaning.

eufy S1 Pro - The World’s First Floor Washing Robot Vacuum

Meet eufy S1 Pro, unleash the power of real-time self-cleaning floor washing robot combined with a high-performance vacuum, all in one revolutionary device. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to groundbreaking innovation and design.

Don't miss out on the revolution in home cleaning:

Another feature that makes it arguably the best self-cleaning robot vacuum is the Eco-Clean Ozone technology. It has an ozone generator for cleaning the floor and itself during self-cleaning. The mineral tap water is automatically purified and sterilized, so you don't have to worry about residue and odors. Remember that the S1 Pro also has an impressive 8,000 PA of suction power, as well as self-emptying and drying abilities.

2. eufy X10 Pro Omni

x10 omni self cleaning robot vacuum
Key features:
  • AI mapping and navigation
  • Self-washing and refilling
  • 8,000 PA of suction power
  • Two side brushes
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Echo support
  • Eco-Clean Ozone sterilization

X10 Pro Omni is a tried and tested machine that considers every little detail to make cleaning sessions efficient and effortless. It comes with 8,000 PA of suction power, which has become a bare minimum from the developer these days. There are also two side brushes for effectively picking up debris in tight spaces.

Back to the day's topic, this machine has a self-washing mode for auto-cleaning the mop pads. This happens when the machine returns to its control station. After washing, the funs will produce heated air of up to 45 Degrees Celsius to dry the mop pads completely. This prevents any bacterial growth and foul smell in the house.

In addition, the all-in-one station houses a 2.5L dust bag that needs replacing every 2 months or so. There is also a 3L clean water tank that can wash up to 2,000 square feet twice or thrice. Of course, the self-refilling capabilities ensure you don't have to refill the clean water tank manually. Robovacs cannot be any better!

3. Shark Matrix

shark matrix self cleaning robot vacuum

Key features:

  • Bagless self-emptying system
  • Holds up to 45 days of dirt
  • 360-degree home mapping system
  • Detect objects 4 inches or greater
  • Amazon Echo voice control
  • One side brush

Shark Matrix is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner from SharkNinja. This floor-cleaning solution has an efficient self-cleaning brush roll that can dig deep into floors and carpets and remove trapped dirt, debris, and pet hair without spreading dirt. However, Shark Matrix has only a single side brush. It can effectively pick up the toughest dirt thanks to its incredible suction power.

But what sets this machine apart is its impressive self-emptying capabilities. It can self-empty into the bagless base when it returns to its smart docking station to recharge. This saves you the time and money of purchasing new disposal bags. The bagless base can store up to 45 days of dirt.

This machine's fancy advancements can be set in the simple-to-use smartphone app and a remote control. This is quite in line with the latest smart home cleaning technologies. With these functionalities, you can control and schedule this vacuum to clean while you're away from home. Note that Shark Matrix doesn't offer moping capabilities.

4. Roomba Combo j9+

roomba j9+ self cleaning robot vacuum

Key features:

  • Automatic dirt disposal
  • Auto-emptying after 60 days.
  • Personalized cleaning suggestions
  • Auto-map for efficient and faster cleaning
  • Voice-controlled cleaning.
  • Flexible cleaning schedules

In 2002, iRobot introduced the Roomba model. Since then, this brand's lineup of vacuums has enjoyed immense popularity in America and worldwide. Roomba models are known for their eye-catching designs, powerful suction motors, and seamless navigation systems. So, in this review, we'll focus on the new Roomba Combo j9+, which can mop and vacuum at the same time. Is it worth it?

This bot comes with a compact and nicely designed base station that does its fair share of the maintenance work. The plus sign denotes that this robot vacuum has a self-emptying base station. But like other iRobot vacuums, the mopping dock cannot clean or dry the detachable mopping pad. So, your work is cut out to keep that mopping pad tidy.

Of course, Roomba Combo j9+ uses the iRobot OS. This system provides Roomba Combo j9+ with advanced navigation and object detection capabilities for wall-to-wall cleaning without missing a spot. It can also build a tailored map for faster and more accurate cleaning sessions. Amazingly, iRobot OS can learn your cleaning habits and provide personalized suggestions. It's a pretty powerful smart cleaning appliance if you don't mind cleaning and drying the vacuum yourself.

Part 3: FAQs

Q1: How do self-cleaning robots work?

These are floor-cleaning machines with convenient self-cleaning capabilities. These robot vacuums can automatically clean and dry the mopping pads on the docking station to ensure maximum hygiene. Some advanced robot vacuums, such as S1 Pro, can self-clean while mopping and vacuuming the surface. Besides self-cleaning and drying, most robot vacuums can empty dust bags automatically.

Q2: How often should I clean my robot vacuum?

The frequency for cleaning and maintaining your robovac differs depending on the manufacturer. However, it's best practice to empty the dust bin and dirty water tank occasionally. You should also clean any debris stuck in the mopping pad. Experts recommend cleaning your vacuum at least every 4 to 5 weeks. Note that you may need to do that occasionally with robot vacuums that don't have self-cleaning capabilities.


Floor-cleaning robots are improving, with the S1 Pro already going futuristic. This exciting robot vacuum can self-clean the mopping pads using fresh water to prevent recontamination and the spread of dirt. Others, like Shark Matrix, provide a bagless, self-emptying base to ensure you no longer spend on dust bags. It's an exciting time to buy a robot vacuum.

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