5 Best Self Emptying Robot Vacuum (Tested and Reviewed)

In the realm of smart home tech, self-emptying robot vacuums have reshaped floor cleaning. Their groundbreaking "automatic emptying" sets a new standard for convenience. This guide is your tailored resource, whether you're an early adopter or a tech-savvy homeowner seeking an upgrade. We'll explore key factors for choosing the best self emptying robot vacuum, along with our top 4 recommendations, and unveil how they're shaping the future of cleaning.

quick guide: 

eufy Clean L35 Hybrid+ - Best Overall (and eufy S1 Pro - best to look forward to)

iRobot Roomba i3 EVO - Best Budget

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra - Hands-Off Mopping

SAMSUNG Jet Bot AI+ - Best for Carpet


Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Best Self Emptying Robot Vacuum

Before you purchase the best self emptying robot vacuum, it is important to figure out what you need to take into consideration. Here's the list of points that you will need to pay attention to:

  • Compatibility with Floors:If you have wood or tile floors in your home, then most of the robot vacuums will be workable. If it is carpeted, you will need to know whether the robot you want is suitable for cleaning the carpet or not, since some robot vacuums are prone to tripping over and may not perform well on carpets.
  • Intelligent Navigation & Monitoring: A robot vacuum equipped with sensors and monitors that help it accurately scan your room configurations to automatically create cleaning paths.
  • Battery life & Charging Performance:Notice the robot's battery performance to see if it can return to the charging station when the battery is low. The longer the battery lasts, the more effectively it can clean your room.
  • Price & Budget:You need to choose a moderately priced robot with good performance according to your actual needs and budget constraints.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you can also filter and find a self-emptying robot vacuum that supports intelligent connectivity and remote control. Additionally, consider whether its size, style, and design are suitable for pets or children, as well as if it matches your other furniture, appliances, and overall decor in your house. 

Detailed Review of the Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuums

Now that you have a general understanding of the features that you should look for in a self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner, you can read the detailed reviews of the four recommended models below and choose the one that best meets your needs.

eufy Clean L35 Hybrid+ - Best Overall

The first best self emptying robot vacuum introduced here is eufy Clean L35 Hybrid+. With the self-empty feature, it is able to automatically return to the charging station to empty the trash when the collection container is full, allowing you to go for at least 60 cycles without having to manually empty the trash. Additionally, the dust bag it uses is anti-bacterial and deodorizing. Even if you don't clean it for a few weeks, bacteria and odors won't accumulate easily.

Thanks to its adjustable suction (up to a maximum of 3200pa), eufy Clean L35 Hybrid+ can be used on a variety of floor types, including hard floors and carpets. It also features advanced iPath™️ Laser Navigation, which allows it to create a virtual map, accurately scan your home, and follow a Z-shaped cleaning route to clean your floors. Moreover, when transitioning from hardwood to carpets, BoostIQ™️ automatically increases the vacuum's suction for deeper cleaning.

eufy S1 Pro - The World’s First Floor Washing Robot Vacuum

Meet eufy S1 Pro, unleash the power of real-time self-cleaning floor washing robot combined with a high-performance vacuum, all in one revolutionary device. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to groundbreaking innovation and design.

Don't miss out on the revolution in home cleaning:


iRobot Roomba i3 EVO - Best Budget

If you don't have a big budget but still want to get a self-emptying robot vacuum that's not bad, the iRobot Roomba i3 EVO will do the job. It only costs $298.99, almost half the price of other robots in its category.

It has a built-in remote monitoring function that allows you to control its cleaning actions via Google Home and Alexa. Besides, this robot vacuum offers an estimated cleaning time for each room. Essentially, you can program it to start cleaning when you leave and stop when you return, which can ensure consistent and efficient cleaning performance.

Although it is not perfect in some aspects, it is the cheapest of the four models here with good performance, making it the most cost-effective self-emptying robot vacuum.


Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra - Hands-Off Mopping

Want to free your hands, from cleaning rooms to cleaning the robot vacuum? The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is made for you. It has a tank inside, and is equipped with auto mop-washing and self-refilling capabilities. These features will automatically wash the mop and refill the robot tank after cleaning. Its self-empty base will empty the robot vacuum and holds the dust, so you will not have to think about it for the next 7 days.

Featuring ReactiveAI 2.0, the powerful technology of the robot vacuum, it is capable of identifying unknown objects and obstacles even in low light conditions. It utilizes its camera to scan the floor and, based on the information gathered, adjusts its cleaning mode and scrubbing intensity accordingly.


SAMSUNG Jet Bot AI+ - Best for Carpet

If you have carpeted floors in your home, then the SAMSUNG Jet Bot AI+ is for you. Its high-efficiency brush roll has fine, anti-static fibers and self-cleaning extractors grind up hairs to avoid tangles around the brush, making it the best robot vacuum for pet hair self-emptying.

In addition to the usual features such as sensors and remote voice control, it is equipped with an advanced 5-layer HEPA filtration system that captures up to 99.99% of dust and automatically adjusts suction based on the surface type and dust amount, so you get a thorough clean no matter what type of floors you have.



After reading the above introduction, you must have possessed a comprehensive understanding of the best self emptying robot vacuum for your specific requirements. The 4 recommended products mentioned above exhibit exceptional power and versatility, catering to diverse needs effectively. Get the robovac that suits you the most right now to streamline your daily life, and let the pain of cleaning your house become a thing of the past!

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