Best Robot Vacuum: Top Picks 2024

In the realm of household chores, vacuuming often ranks high on the list of mundane tasks. However, with the advent of robotic technology, keeping your floors clean and tidy has become more convenient than ever.

Robot vacuums promise to autonomously navigate through your home, sucking up dirt, dust, and debris, all while you sit back and relax. But with a plethora of options flooding the market, finding the perfect robot vacuum for your needs can be overwhelming.

Fear not because in this article, we will go over the realm of robotic cleaning to uncover the best robot vacuum that promise effortless cleaning.

How much is a robot vacuum?

The price of a robot vacuum can range from $100 to $2000. For a flagship model with the latest technologies, expect to spend between $1200 and $1500 or more. Models with decent mopping features and navigation systems typically cost between $500 and $1000. Basic models with standard vacuuming features are usually priced between $200 and $300. During Black Friday or supermarket sales, you might find older models with simple functions under $200.

Part 1: Best Robot Vacuum Overall

Topping our list of the best robot vacuums overall is the eufy X10 Pro Omni, eufy S1 Pro, Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra and Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni. They are powerful and fully-featured, suitable for most households, with hardly any noticeable drawbacks. Consider these a priority before placing your order.

eufy X10 Pro Omni [Best for carpet home with pets]

Release time: April 2024

List price: $799.99

Best Features: 8,000 Pa suction & Pro-detangle tech for pet hair

MopMaster 2.0 & 1KG dowaward pressure for floors

AI.See technology for 100+ obstacles avoidance

Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra [New Flgship of Roborock]

Release time: April 2024

List price: $1799.99

Best Features:

10,000 suction with side brush & edge mopping system

60℃ Hot water mop washing

Dock Self-cleaning & auto dust emptying

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Part 2: Best robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Hardwood floors can be more challenging to keep clean, and there's a risk of damage from robot vacuums. That's why many people seek robot vacuums that can mop floors clean while gently. Here are some top recommendations you can consider at your leisure.

eufy S1 Pro [Floor washing robot with amazing design]

Release time: June 2024

List price: $1499.99

Best Features:

World’s first floor washing robot - mop while washing

3D MatrixEye™ recognize and avoid pets

Uniqe design of Hidden LiDAR Unit & elegant self-care station

Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni [Ideal for hardwood floor and carpet combined]

Release time: June 2023

List price: $1099.99

Best Features:

55°c hot water mop washing

Great efficiency with TrueMapping 2.0 navigation system with dToF sensor

dual high-speed mops (180 RPM) and automatic carpet detection

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Part 3: Best Budget Robot Vacuum

If you're looking to save money on a robot vacuum, consider these budget-friendly options. A lower price doesn't necessarily mean compromised quality, durability, or basic functionality. However, it does mean you might miss out on cool features.

eufy L60 [best entry-level robovac with amazing price]

Release time: August 2023

List price: $279.99 (often with a discount)

Best Features:

automatic dust collection station that can hold up to 60 days

four cleaning levels for different floor types and dirt levels

smart navigation and mapping capabilities developed by eufy

You can go to eufy sales for the most recent discount information.

iRobot Roomba 694 [Nearly the cheapest one you can get]

Release time: August 2020

List price: $274.99 (always with a large discount)

Best Features:

Runs for up to 90 minutes

Works with Alexa, supports app and voice control

Get more budget robot vacuums recommendation and reviews here:

Check here for more budget robot vacuum cleaners.

Part 4: Best robot vacuum for carpet

Finding the bset robot vacuum for carpet cleaning, two key factors are crucial: the lift height of mop during carpet detection and a roller brush capable of reaching and sweeping deeply embedded debris.

eufy X10 Pro [Carpet Cleaning Expert]

Release time: March 2024 

List price: $799.99

Mop lift: 12mm

Best Features:

Powerful 8,000 Pa Suction & Auto-Detangling Roller Brush

2.5L dust bag, which only needs to be replaced every 2 months

12 mm mop lift when carpet detected

Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni [Best Mop Lift Height]

Release time: Oct 2023

List price: $1499.99

Mop lift: 15mm

Best Features:

wind tunnel and suction power up to 8000Pa

elevating by up to 0.87 inch to cross most thresholds with ease

Intelligent mop lifting up to 0.6 inches, or 15mm

Part 5Most powerful robot vacuums

The required suction power for a robot vacuum varies based on your needs. Homes with pets should opt for models with at least 5,000 Pa to effectively remove fur. For carpeted homes, a minimum of 6,000 Pa is advisable to tackle the complexity of fibers. Typically, high-end robot vacuums boast over 6,000 Pa. Models like the eufy S1 Pro and eufy X10 Pro, offering 8,000 Pa, are excellent options. It's worth noting that while higher suction equates to superior cleaning capabilities, it also results in increased noise and energy usage.

Dyson 360 Vis Nav [ Strongest?]

Release time: March 2024

List price: $1199.99

Suction Power: 65AW

Best Features:

The world's most powerful robot vacuum - claimed by Dyson

According to reviews, it’s indeed a powerful machine

360° vision navigation to intelligently clean

Dreame X40 Ultra [ 12,000 Pa Suction ]

Release time: March 2024

List price: $1899.99

Suction Power: 12,000 Pa

Best Features:

Extendable and Liftable Side Brush

Smart Mop & WashboardCleaning

12,000Pa Vormax™ Suction

Care to find more powerful robot vacuums? Check here:

Choosing Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

Part 6: Best self-emptying robot vacuum

Self-emptying is an essential feature for robot vacuum users. Given that it's an automated device, manual cleaning should be as little as possible.

It's important to remember that maintenance intervals are based on laboratory tests and may vary in actual home environments.

eufy S1 Pro [Automated Cleaning Experience]

Release time: June 2024 

List price: $1499.99

Manual maintenance: up to 68 days

Best Features:

170 RPM Self-Cleaning Floor Washer

Self emptying with anti bacterial bag(SGS certified)

Auto waste water gathering

eufy S1 Pro - The World’s First Floor Washing Robot Vacuum

Meet eufy S1 Pro, unleash the power of real-time self-cleaning floor washing robot combined with a high-performance vacuum, all in one revolutionary device. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to groundbreaking innovation and design.

Don't miss out on the revolution in home cleaning:

Dreame X30 Ultra [4L Wasted water tank]

Release time: June 2024 

List price: $1699.99

Manual maintenance: up to 75 days

Best Features:

Fully automated cleaning experience

Self emptying with anti bacterial bag(SGS certified)

Part 7: Most quiet robot vacuum

According to the noise measurement standards by the Quebec government, a sound level of 50 decibels (dB) marks the threshold at which human may start to feel disturbed. Meanwhile, a noise level of 60 dB is comparable to that of a normal conversation and is generally perceived as noisy.

For this reason, it is advisable to select a robot vacuum that operates at a noise level below 60 dB to ensure a quieter environment. Fortunately, some of the robot vacuum manufacturers provide this essential information, allowing consumers to make an informed decision based on the noise output of the product.

eufy X10 Pro [Under 60dB]

Release time: March 2024

List price: $799.99

Noise level: mostly under 60dB

Best Features:

Running quiet mode for 54.7 dB 

Powerful Mode running at 59.9 dB.

Omni Station Dust Emptying: 71.8 dB

New Release: eufy X10 Pro Omni - Power and Convenience in One

Introducing the latest innovation in cleaning technology - eufy X10 Pro Omni. This product combines a powerful 8,000 Pa vacuum with an efficient mop, revolutionizing the way you clean your home. Perfect for pet owners, it offers a healthier living environment with its high-efficiency filter.

eufy x10 omni has now been released and has received positive reviews from both the media and users. Come and get yours today!

Roborock Qrevo Series [Around 60 dB]

Release time: April 2024

List price: $1399.99

Noise level: 63dB

Best Features: (Roborock Qrevo MaxV)

Balance mode runing at 63dB, the most quiet type of Roborock

Quiet mode available, yet no detailed data

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Part 8Best robot vacuum for small apartment

for users with large house, the choice of robot vacuum can be difficult. you have to consider multi floor mapping, battery power as well as self-cleaning functions. for small apartment, you have more budget-friendly options, such as:

eufy L60 [Best entry-level robovac with amazing price]

Release time: August 2023

List price: $279.99 (often with a discount)

Best Features:

automatic dust collection station that can hold up to 60 days

four cleaning levels for different floor types and dirt levels

smart navigation and mapping capabilities developed by eufy

eufy 11s [Slim for apartment cleaning]

Release time: May 2018

List price: $229.99 (don’t forget to check for large coupon)

Best Features:

2.85" slim size for smaller space and furniture

Quite cleaning under 55dB

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What to Look for in an Automatic Robot Vacuum?

When shopping for a top rated robotic vacuum cleaners, several key factors should influence your decision:

  • Navigation Technology: Advanced mapping and navigation systems ensure efficient cleaning by avoiding obstacles and covering all areas of your home.
  • Battery Life: Look for a model with a long-lasting battery to ensure extended cleaning sessions without frequent recharging.
  • Dustbin Capacity: Consider a robot vacuum with a large dustbin capacity to minimize the frequency of emptying.
  • Suction Power: Choose a robot vacuum with powerful suction to effectively lift dirt and debris from various floor surfaces.
  • Smart Features: Explore additional features such as app control, scheduling options, and compatibility with virtual assistants for added convenience and customization.


Investing among the best robot vacuum is a game-changer for anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routine and reclaim valuable time. Whether you prioritize overall performance, pet hair removal, affordability, self-cleaning capabilities, or versatility across multiple floors, there's a robot vacuum on the market to suit your needs. With advanced features and intelligent design, these top picks promise effortless cleaning, leaving your floors immaculate with minimal effort on your part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are robot vacuums really worth it?

Robot vacuums offer convenience and time savings by automating floor cleaning, ideal for maintaining cleanliness between deeper cleaning sessions. They're especially beneficial for those with busy lifestyles, pets, or allergies. However, their effectiveness varies by model and home layout. Considering their cost, it's essential to assess your specific needs and preferences to determine if a robot vacuum is a worthwhile investment for your household.

Learn more here: Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

who makes the best robot vacuum cleaner?

The robotic vacuum cleaner industry is a rapidly growing sector that demands high levels of technological research and development. Manufacturers with extensive experience and mature products are more favored by consumers.

According to Google trends and business insights, the best robot vacuum cleaner makers are:

iRobot, with it's Roomba series;

eufy, with it's S1 Pro and X10 Pro;

Ecovacs, with it's Deebot series;

Shark, Roborock, Dyson, Dreametech, and Xiaomi.

What is the life expectancy of a robotic vacuum?

The life expectancy of a robotic vacuum can vary depending on factors such as usage frequency, maintenance practices, and build quality. On average, most robot vacuums are designed to last between 4 to 6 years with proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning of brushes and filters, along with timely battery replacements if necessary, can help prolong the lifespan of your robot vacuum and ensure consistent performance over time.

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