Edge Security Ecosystem
Edge Security Ecosystem

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Why Local Matters

eufy Security knows that home and privacy protection are equally important. That’s why we offer free local storage so you don't have to worry about cloud storage, data leaks, or subscription fees.

Our local security ecosystem secures your entire home—from the baby's room to the backyard—and you know with confidence that every detail of your life is stored locally, safe in your hands.

Experience freedom with the safety of eufy Security—protecting you, your family, and your privacy.

Edge Security,
The 3rd Gen Local Security System

Edge computing processes, analyzes, and stores your security footage in your home for unmatched speed and privacy. Our third generation local security system, Edge Security, empowers every device and process in the ecosystem. Create a worry-free and highly advanced home security system for you and your loved ones with Edge Security.

Edge Security, The Core of HomeBase 3
Smarter with AI

BionicMind™ detection can detect, recognize, determine, act, and self-learn.
With these capabilities, it can see who's at the door, know if they're trusted, and greet them with a gentle light, all with virtually no errors at up to 99.9% accuracy.

Grow Your Storage

Usually, more devices and more footage means more fees. Edge Security keeps recordings locally on built-in storage without any monthly payments. Expandable storage up to 16 TB allows you to save decades of recordings or a whole year of continuous footage.

Advanced Privacy

Recordings are encrypted with RSA 1024 and AES 128 combined encryption before being sent to HomeBase 3. Each recording is encrypted separately with its own unique encryption key for maximum protection.

Unify Your Security

Edge Security empowers our entire ecosystem with BionicMind™ recognition. Devices work together to protect you. With advanced encryption techniques and expandable by adding a hard drive up to 16 TB.

Edge Security,
Empowered Home Protection with Every Device

Edge Ecosystem Makes Life Better

Away from Home

When nobody's home, adapt your security by enabling Away mode. Your devices act together according to who it sees for worry-free time away.

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What People Say About eufy Security


"Normal video doorbells have a problem...one thing they really have an issue with is seeing all of these packages stacked up next to the door...Today though, eufy security has solved that problem by inventing a doorbell with two cameras"

Shane Starnes

"I have to say this is definitely the coolest video doorbell that I've ever tested out"


"This is a pretty innovative floodlight camera, and I'm pretty amazed [by] not only the pan and tilt feature, set presets, auto cruise mode, and its motion tracking."


"I don't need a solar panel anymore.......so this S40 is the perfect camera in the front garage area."

Paul Hibbert

"For me personally, this makes it the best wireless camera system on the market right now because it covers all of my gripes with a wireless system."


"My favorite thing about this security system, besides the fact that it's easy to install with no wires, is that there are also no mandatory monthly fees. It's a one-time purchase"

Shane Starnes

"All these subscriptions they're kind of nickel-and-diming us to death. eufy's not gonna do that, they include local storage with your system, so you'll be able to see all of your event history, and you're not gonna have to pay a subscription fee."

Tech With Brett

"After using the eufy Security smart lock for a few days, I can say that this is the best smart lock that we have used. From the installation, to setting up the application, everything worked really well. It was very simple to understand and it did what it said it would do."

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