Business Security Cameras

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  • eufy Business Security Cameras: Unmatched Performance & Protection

    For small business owners, reliable security is crucial. Whether it’s monitoring customer flow in a retail store, ensuring employee safety in a warehouse, or protecting property against criminal activities, having a dependable business security camera system setup can make all the difference. Experience the pinnacle of security with eufy security cameras for business, the ultimate guardians of your premises. These exceptional camera systems for businesses from S200 to E330 eufyCam offer unrivaled features that redefine surveillance.

    Imagine capturing every detail in stunning 1080P and even 4K resolution, ensuring nothing escapes your watchful eye. Even when darkness falls, fear not, as the advanced night vision technology integrated into our video surveillance systems for businesses captures crystal-clear footage of any intruder, human or animal, in vivid color. Another point that sets eufy security camera systems for businesses apart is the incredible battery life, granting up to 180 days or 365 days of uninterrupted surveillance from a single charge, allowing you to say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and hello to seamless security! Meanwhile, owing to our smart human detection alerts for surveillance cameras for business, you'll only receive important notifications, sparing you from false alarms triggered by stray cats or leaves rustling in the wind. Solar-powered options and 4G connectivity are available for areas lacking Wi-Fi, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

    What’s more, durability is always on our mind for any indoor or outdoor security cameras for stores or small businesses. Thanks to a robust IP67 weatherproof rating, these small business security camera systems are designed to endure any weather condition, from scorching heat to freezing cold. So embrace the future of security with eufy cameras for office security, effortlessly combining innovation, convenience, and cutting-edge technology to deliver your business with unmatched performance and protection.

    eufy also offers business bundles tailored to meet the diverse needs of different business sizes. Check out our smart business solutions page for more tailored options. Find the perfect eufy Business Security Camera system to keep your business safe and monitored efficiently.

  • FAQ

    How to choose a security camera system for business?

    When choosing a wired or wireless security camera system for business, consider factors like the desired resolution (e.g., 1080P or 2K), night vision capabilities, battery life, weatherproof rating, storage options, ease of installation, smart features like human detection alerts, etc. Assess your specific business needs, premises size, and budget to find the most suitable company security camera that ensures comprehensive surveillance and protection.

    How long do business cameras record?

    The recording duration of outdoor or indoor security cameras for restaurants or other businesses depends on storage capacity, resolution, and recording settings. Some offer continuous recording, while others use motion-based recording to conserve space. For example, the E330 eufyCam offers 24/7 recording with wired power, allowing continuous surveillance without worrying about battery life. By expanding the local storage from 1 TB to up to 16 TB, it even allows for saving up to 6 months of recordings.

    Can business security cameras record audio?

    Yes, many business security systems with cameras have the capability to record audio by using built-in microphones to capture audio along with video footage, providing valuable context and information. However, the inclusion of audio recording features may vary depending on the specific camera model and local laws and regulations. It's essential for businesses to be aware of privacy laws and guidelines related to audio recording in their region to ensure compliance.