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  • 360 Eyes on Guard: eufy 360 Security Camera

    The 360 degree security camera offers complete panoramic coverage, monitoring every angle without blind spots. With high-resolution video and motion detection, it ensures clear and real-time surveillance, safeguarding your home and providing peace of mind.
    eufy is now offering a range of 360 home security cameras for every homeowner. Our 360 moving security cameras provide up to 2K resolution, catching all the details in crisp and clear footage. With pan-and-tilt features and smart lighting, they eliminate any blind spot in their view while adjusting spotlight color temperature and brightness to ensure maximum visibility. But eufy 360 cameras have far more features. With on-device AI, our 360 surveillance cameras make locking and tracking a breeze and are only activated when a person is present to reduce false alarms. Furthermore, being IP65 rated, our 360 cameras operate uninterruptedly in rain and snow, exhibiting real robustness. In short, eufy’s feature-packed 360 smart cameras are just the right choice for homeowners who want to boost their home security. Come browse eufy’s collections of 360 home security cameras and embrace ultimate protection today!

  • FAQ

    What is the price of 360 degree security camera?

    The price of security cameras 360 degree coverage varies depending on brand, features, and so on. Basic models with limited functionalities can be found at £30-50, while more advanced options with more features can range from £100 to £500. Check out eufy’s feature-rich 360 degree security cameras at different prices, from cheap indoor Cam E220 to advanced Floodlight Cam S330 to find the right one for you.

    Are 360 security cameras worth it?

    Yes, 360 view security cameras are surely worth it. Here are the reasons:
    360 Degree Coverage: 360-degree cameras offer a panoramic view, allowing you to monitor a larger area with a single camera compared to traditional cameras.
    Versatility: With the ability to pan and tilt digitally, 360-degree cameras provide flexibility in adjusting the viewing angle remotely. This can be helpful for tracking moving objects or people.
    Image Quality: Higher-end 360-degree cameras can provide excellent image quality (up to 2K HD), resulting in clear and sharp footage.
    Many 360 security cameras for homes also offer other features like smart lighting, AI tracking and so on, making them a worthwhile investment.

    Where to install a 360 security camera in your house?

    You can install your 360 degree security camera wireless or wired in many places. For example:
    Entryways: You can mount 360 rotating security cameras outdoor above or beside main entryways like front doors or back doors. This can make sure the main entry points are all covered.
    Living Room: For 360 indoor cameras for security, they can be positioned at the center of the room to cover a wide viewing angle of the main living area.
    Garage: You can also place 360 cameras inside the garage to protect vehicles and monitor garage activities.

    What should I look for in a 360 camera?

    Below are some key factors to consider when looking for a 360-degree camera:
    Video Resolution: Look for a camera with high-resolution capabilities (e.g., 2K) to capture clear and detailed footage.
    Pan and Tilt: Look for 360-degree cameras that have the ability to digitally pan and tilt within their viewing range, offering greater flexibility in monitoring.
    Motion Detection: A camera with motion detection can alert you to potential security breaches and save storage space by recording only when motion is detected.
    Other Features: Consider smart lighting, weather resistance, and other features that you need.