Top Prime Day Robot Vacuum Deals 2024

Amazon Prime Day is back on July 16-17, 2024.Are you ready to pick the best robot vacuums and get great Prime Day discounts, so you can relax while your home stays clean? 

This article will provide an in-depth look at the prime day robot vacuum deals on eufy products, and a round-up of models you should consider. eufy robot vacuum cleaners are a favorite among customers due to their advanced technology, reliable performance, and budget-friendly prices.

Read on for how and why you should choose eufy, what models you should go for, and how to prepare beforehand to get the best deals on prime-day robot vacuums.

prime day robot vacuum deals

Prime Day Robot Vacuum Deals: What You Need to Know

Prime Day is an annual, member-only sale by Amazon, where robotic vacuums, as part of the electronics category, are usually much cheaper, making it a great opportunity to buy one. eufy, known for its smart home systems, also offers its biggest discounts on robot vacuums during this event.

Why Choose eufy Robot Vacuums?

eufy robot vacuums stand out for several reasons:

  • Efficiency and Performance: eufy robot vacuum cleaners provide strong suction, smart navigation, and high versatility for cleaning floors.
  • Long-lasting: eufy vacuum cleaners not only clean better but also last longer than others, making it easier for people to automate their cleaning process.

eufy Prime Day Robot Vacuum Deals: What to Expect

Unlike Amazon, eufy isn’t waiting until July 16 to kick things off. Our version of Prime Day Deals has already started on the official eufy website.

  • July 9th - July 14th: Sign up as a Eufy member (no fees!) to purchase a gift card. With a gift card, you have the chance to transform $200 into $320. So, have your shopping list ready!
  • July 15th - July 21st: This is the time to grab our best discounts of the year and enjoy the shopping frenzy.
  • July 22nd - July 31st: Finally, don’t miss our limited-time clearance sale! Plus, cashback is on, making it an even better deal.

What eufy Prime Day Robot Vacuum Deals Look Like

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, eufy Prime Day robot vacuum deals present a great opportunity to save big on your purchases and enjoy hand-free cleaning. Now, let’s take a look at the best discounts on highly-rated Eufy robotic vacuums:

Robot Vacuum


Prime Day Discounts

eufy X10 Pro Omni

Vacuum and Mop

$200 OFF

eufy X8 Pro with Self-Emptying Station 

Vacuum and Mop

$300 OFF

eufy L60 with Self-Emptying Station 

Vacuum only

$120 OFF

In addition to these fantastic deals, we also offer Prime Day-exclusive discounts on more eufy appliance products, including smart scales and handheld vacuums. So, be sure to add the ones you need to your shopping list!

Best eufy Robot Vacuums to Look Out For on Prime Day

eufy X10 Pro Omni - Save $200

  • Regular Price: $799.99
  • Prime Day Price: $599.99


  • Suction Power: 8000Pa for deep cleaning.
  • Navigation: iPath Laser Navigation with real-time mapping.
  • Battery Life: 150 minutes of runtime.
  • Self-Emptying: Yes, with a 2.5L dust bag.
  • Mop Function: Dual mops with auto-lift and carpet detection.


  • All-in-One Station: With the auto mop washing, drying, and self-emptying facilities associated with the X10 Pro Omni, one can clean with the ease of hands-free operation.
  • Powerful Cleaning: Its 8000Pa suction power ensures no dirt is left behind.
  • Smart Navigation: Efficient cleaning paths save time and energy.
  • AI Obstacle Avoidance: Detects over 100 objects, including wires and toys.
eufy x10 pro

eufy X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station - Save $300

  • Regular Price: $649.99
  • Prime Day Price: $349.99


  • Suction Power: Twin-turbine technology with 2× 4000Pa suction.
  • Navigation: iPath Laser Navigation with customizable AI.Map 2.0.
  • Battery Life: 180 minutes per charge.
  • Self-Emptying: 45 days of hands-free cleaning with a 2.5L dust bin.


  • Enhanced Suction: Twin turbines perform better and are ideal for pet hair.
  • Adaptive Cleaning: AI mapping for customized cleaning routes.
  • Long Runtime: Perfect for larger homes with extended cleaning needs.
eufy x8 pro

eufy L60 with Self-Emptying Station - Save $120

  • Regular Price: $399.99
  • Prime Day Price: $279.99


  • Suction Power: 5000Pa for effective daily cleaning.
  • Navigation:iPath Laser Navigation with BoostIQ Technology.
  • Battery Life:110 minutes per charge.
  • App Control:Full app integration for scheduling and control.


  • Daily Maintenance: Ideal for keeping floors clean daily.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to control and schedule via the app.
  • Compact Design:Fits under furniture for thorough cleaning.
eufy l60

How to Prepare for Prime Day

When is Prime Day?

Updates: Amazon already confirmed that the Prime Day in 2024 will be July 16 - 17.

Prime Day typically occurs in mid-July, but dates can vary. Keep an eye on announcements from Amazon for the exact dates.

How to be Prepared for Amazon Prime Day

  • Join Amazon Prime: Ensure you have an active subscription to access Prime Day deals.
  • Create a Wishlist:Add desired eufy robot vacuums to your wishlist for quick access.
  • Set Up Alerts:Use apps or browser extensions to notify you when deals go live.
  • Budget Planning: Determine your budget ahead of time to avoid overspending.

How to Find the Best Prime Day Robot Vacuum Deals

  • Early Access:eufy often offers early access deals on their official website, sometimes matching or even beating Amazon Prime Day discounts.
  • Price Comparison: Use tools to compare prices across different platforms.
  • Check Reviews: Read user reviews to ensure you make an informed purchase. eufy robot vacuums receive a lot positive reviews from big names like WIRED, Lifehacker and Independent.

Prime Day Robot Vacuum Deals on eufy Official Website

For those who want to avoid the rush on Amazon, eufy's official website provides early access to Prime Day deals with the same discounts. This option can offer faster shipping and a seamless shopping experience without needing an Amazon Prime membership. 


What makes eufy a better choice than other brands?

eufy offers efficient cleaning solutions with powerful suction, smart navigation, and obstacle avoidance technology, making it a top choice among robot vacuums.

Which eufy robot vacuum is best for pet hair?

The eufy X10 Pro Omni is excellent for pet hair due to its high suction power, hair detangling technology and efficient navigation system.

Can I get eufy Prime Day deals without an Amazon Prime membership?

Yes, eufy provides early access to Prime Day deals on their official website, which is accessible without an Amazon Prime membership. Actually, you can join the shopping frenzy now.

When does eufy’s early Prime Day sale start?

Update: eufy's version of Prime Day sale already started since July 9th.

eufy’s early Prime Day sale typically starts a week before Amazon Prime Day. 


Prime Day is a great chance to upgrade your home cleaning with eufy's top-notch robot vacuums. Whether you need high suction power, advanced navigation, or hands-free maintenance, eufy has reliable options. Prepare ahead, compare deals, and check eufy’s official website for early access to the best Prime Day robot vacuum deals. 

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