How to Get Rid of Dog Hair in the House

If you have a furry friend at home, chances are you have experienced the never-ending battle of dog hair. From constantly finding it on your clothes and furniture to spending hours vacuuming every week, dog hair can be a major inconvenience in our daily lives. But fear not, how to get rid of dog hair in the house is a common challenge that almost every dog owner faces and there are solutions to help combat it. In this blog post, we will explore effective tools, techniques, smart hacks, and DIY solutions to help you maintain a fur-free, clean, and hygienic living space.

Effective Removal Tools and Techniques

Discover effective tools and techniques on how to remove dog hair and maintain a fur-free living space:

Utilize Specialized Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

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Use Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are a simple yet highly effective tool in your arsenal against dog hair. Choose a pair with a textured surface for added grip. To use, lightly dampen the gloves and run your hands over furniture, fabric surfaces, or even carpets. The damp rubber surface attracts and collects loose pet hair, turning a potentially tedious task into a quick and efficient clean-up. This method is not only practical but also budget-friendly, offering a hassle-free way to keep your living spaces free from the clinging strands of fur.

Clean with Rubber Squeegee

Harness the power of a rubber squeegee for an effective pet hair removal method. This simple tool is surprisingly efficient at gathering hair from carpets, furniture, and even hard-to-reach corners. For optimal results, use short, firm strokes to pull hair towards you, creating easy-to-pick-up clumps. Its versatility allows you to tackle various surfaces, from windows to tiled floors, making it a must-have in your cleaning arsenal. Regular use of a rubber squeegee not only keeps your spaces hair-free but also extends the life of your fabrics by preventing hair buildup.

Use Dampened Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths, with their electrostatic properties, are stalwarts in the battle against dog hair. When dampened, these cloths become even more effective at attracting and capturing loose fur. Wipe down surfaces like furniture, countertops, and electronic devices to effortlessly lift and gather pet hair. The damp cloth not only helps in hair removal but also cleans surfaces, leaving them polished.

Use Lint Roller and Sticky Tape

For quick and precise dog hair removal from clothing and upholstery, the lint roller and sticky tape duo are essential tools. The lint roller, with its adhesive sheets, effortlessly captures stubborn strands of fur, making it ideal for last-minute touch-ups before heading out. Sticky tape, a budget-friendly alternative, wrapped around your hand with the sticky side out, efficiently picks up loose pet hair from furniture and fabric-covered items.

Clean with Clothing Brush

A clothing brush with fine bristles is a handy tool for maintaining a hair-free wardrobe. Regularly brush your clothing items to prevent pet hair from embedding itself in the fabric. The fine bristles capture loose hair, making it easy to dispose of and ensuring that your clothes remain free from furry adornments. This method not only helps in removing existing pet hair but also serves as a preventative measure, keeping your attire from pet hair.

In the quest for a hair-free home, these tools and techniques, especially the eufy X8 Pro, offer a winning combination of efficiency and convenience.

Smart Hacks for Reducing Dog Hair in the House


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Here are some effective methods to minimize pet hair in your living spaces:

Dust and Vacuum Regularly

To effectively minimize dog hair in the house, regularly dusting and vacuuming are key. Opt for a vacuum cleaner like the eufy X8 Pro specifically designed to pick up pet hair, focusing on areas where your dog spends most of their time. Before vacuuming, lightly sprinkle baking soda on carpets and upholstery. It helps to loosen pet hair, making vacuuming more effective, and also neutralizes any lingering odors. This combined approach not only keeps your home cleaner and fresher but also reduces allergens, creating a healthier living space for both you and your furry friend.

Regular Pet Grooming and Brushing

Investing time in regular grooming sessions for your pet is a proactive measure to reduce shedding. The eufy N930 Pet Grooming Kit with Vacuum simplifies this process, not only handling pet hair removal but also offering trimming and grooming capabilities in a single go, ensuring a comprehensive approach to pet care.

Use Air Filters and Humidifiers

Install air filters in your home to help to remove airborne dog hair and dander. Humidifiers can also be beneficial, as they help minimize static electricity, reducing the likelihood of pet hair clinging to surfaces.

Cover Your Furniture

Protect your furniture and minimize dog hair accumulation with simple yet effective covers. Opt for washable, pet-friendly fabrics that are easy to remove and clean. Covers not only shield your sofas and chairs from pet hair but also from dirt and scratches, prolonging the life of your furniture. Regularly washing these covers helps maintain a hygienic environment. Additionally, choosing colors and patterns that match your decor ensures that functionality meets style, seamlessly blending into your home's aesthetic while keeping it hair-free.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Maintaining your pet’s health is key to reducing excess hair in your home. Ensure a balanced diet, enriched with essential nutrients, to promote a healthy coat. Regular check-ups with a veterinarian can identify and address any underlying skin or health issues that might cause excessive shedding. Incorporating omega fatty acids into their diet can also improve skin health, leading to less shedding. A healthy pet not only means less hair around the house but also a happier, more vibrant companion.

By incorporating these hacks into your routine, you not only manage dog hair effectively but also create a harmonious living space for both you and your furry companion.

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DIY and Household Solutions

In addition to specialized tools and smart hacks, DIY and household solutions offer effective ways to combat dog hair in your home.

Homemade Anti-static Sprays and Fabric Softeners

Craft your own anti-static spray by combining water and fabric softener. Lightly mist surfaces with this homemade solution to reduce static electricity, making it easier to remove and prevent dog hair from clinging. Additionally, adding a bit of fabric softener to your laundry can help minimize static and soften fabrics, making them less prone to attracting pet hair.

Washing Machine Techniques for Pet Beddings and Blankets

Maintain a fresh and hair-free environment by adopting proper washing machine techniques for your pet's beddings and blankets. Before washing, use a lint roller or sticky tape to remove loose hair. Wash these items separately, adding a pet-safe fabric softener or vinegar to the rinse cycle. Opt for a higher spin speed to extract more hair before drying. Ensure the washing machine's lint trap is clean to prevent hair from resettling.

These DIY and household solutions offer accessible alternatives to help you manage and reduce dog hair throughout your home.


Managing dog hair in the house requires a combination of effective tools, smart hacks, and DIY solutions. Besides incorporating specialized vacuum cleaners, regular grooming, and smart cleaning practices, consider integrating a pet camera into your household setup. This addition allows you to keep an eye on your furry friend and ensure their well-being even when you're not at home. By implementing these strategies, you will achieve the primary goal of how to get rid of dog hair in the house naturally.


Does White Vinegar Remove Dog Hair?

Yes, white vinegar is a great cleaning ally, especially for pet hair. Add about half a cup to your washing machine during the laundry, which helps relax fabric fibers, making it easier to release and remove stubborn pet hair.

What Is the Most Effective Pet Hair Remover?

The eufy vacuum cleaner is considered one of the most efficient ways to remove pet hair. Its powerful suction and pet-specific features make it a reliable choice for pet owners.

Why Does My House Get So Dusty with Dogs?

Dogs contribute to household dust through shedding skin cells, dander, and hair. Regular grooming, cleaning, and using air filters can help minimize dust levels in your home.

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