RoboVac Replacement Filter Set, Compatible with 11S, 15T,30, 30C, 15C, 12, 25C, 35C, 11S PLUS

  • Maintain your RoboVac's peak cleaning performance.
  • Includes 6 sets of high-performance filters and foam filters.
  • Easy to install. No tools required.
  • Genuine eufy RoboVac accessory.
  • Compatible with 11S, 15T,30, 30C, 15C, 12, 25C, 35C, 11S PLUS
  • Filter Set
    Filter Set
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Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Adam U.

AT 74 it is difficult for me to handle heavy things so was having to rely on a housekeeper for vacuum cleaning. Then I bought this Eufy in the Black Friday Sale and it was a perfect solution for me. It is so lightweight that I can vacuum with one hand. I've learned to empty the chamber before dirt gets packed in quite quickly. if it gets clogged dirt doesn't come out easily and has to. be pulled out. It's great for dog hair and has two power modes. I would definitely buy this brand again.


Great for motion tracking
app is easy to use
Use it with my Alex show where I can see people at my door when rang.


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When you combine eufy/Anker, Robot Vacuum Cleaners, and Smart Homes, you get the X8 And it's really good!

Gone are the days of having your Robot vacuum blindly bump it's way round your house, making one random turn after another, hoping it can cover as much of your space as possible, but ultimately taking much longer to do it, and missing quite a bit in the process. The X8 not only has the suction power to do most jobs, it's got intelligent navigation that will allow it to map your room, and strategically clean them as well.

The X8 will start to map the room the first time you use it. It's a good idea to have the app downloaded, and linked with the X8 before you start. Once you do tell it to go, it'll work it's way round the outskirts of your home, scanning as it goes. You'll see a close to real time view of the house being updated as it goes on the app. Once it's done this, it will try to split the map into rooms, and it will start cleaning within those rooms, working up and down or side to side until it's covered all of the surface. The Vacuum is always scanning, so any changes in the room will be detected and it will work round them next time. If for example you have it do it's first run but left the bathroom door closed, it's not going to know there's a room there. But if it's open next time, the X8 will scan the room and add it to the map.

Once you've got a complete map, you can make adjustments, like editing the rooms, tell the machine which rooms to steer clear from, or section off specific parts of a room. If you have multiple floors(levels) in your house, you can place the X8 on the 2nd floor and it will do as it did on the first one, and since it doesn't know where it is now, it will create a 2nd map and begin building it. MAKE SURE to enable multiple floors in the app though, if you don't the vacuum will start replacing your originally scanned map. You can name each floor once it's done, and like before, you can manage or edit the rooms to your liking.

The X8 stays in sleep mode when docked on its charger. If you press the button on top to start it, it will clean the entire floor it's on, and return to the charger and go back to sleep. If you place it on a floor(level) where it doesn't have access to a charge base, it will stay in sleep mode until you ask it to clean, and then return to the room you left it in. You'll get a message on your phone reminding you that it's unable to charge.

From this point, things are fairly automated. Set a schedule to have it clean each night, or ever couple of nights when you're in bed, or when you're at work, and when you come back, the job is done. The bin is big enough that it can clean my house several times before you need to empty it. Although I'd recommend that the first time you use it, empty it right away because it will go places you've not been able to get to before with your vacuum, and it'll pick up A LOT. If you want to take a bit more control, you can have the X8 clean a specific room only, or have it clean a "spot" by tapping the map and it'll go there and clean at full power, then return home. There's also zone cleaning which is great for the rug. You can mark out approximately where the rug is, and ask the machine to do a clean of that area. It's handy for is as that's where our kid plays, and so often there's glitter, crumbs, and whatever else she can make a mess with. You can have the machine do multiple runs in the zone, and while doing this, it will run over the surface from different directions each time it does it so that it's getting the best angles against the carpet grain. If you're feeling particularly controlling, you can jump into the settings and fully control the X8 like a remote control car, although it's not as thrilling as it sounds. There's a point and go feature in the setting too, so you can tell the vacuum to head somewhere without cleaning and wait there. I use this when I'm going to clean it, It'll wait in the kitchen near the bin.

Suction power is insane, and on the maximum setting, it gives this thing a real advantage over a lot of the other robot vacuums, and even a lot of normal cordless stick machines. Most of the time, the minimum setting is actually perfect, especially if you're on hard floor or thin carpets. I've popped a video on here with it cleaning sprinkles off of a rug which is about an inch thick and it's quite shaggy. For any deeper carpets, you might want to increase the suction power a bit. If your house has multiple different surfaces, there's an auto detect feature that will vary the power to match the floor type that it's on. It'll even do an OK job of a deeper clean when on it's maximum settings, but this is still a Robot vacuum and its small form factor is still a limiting factor for those really ground in jobs. I don't have any pets to test for pet hair, but it handles my girlfriends really long hair with no issues at all.

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