eufy Clean L60


  • Ultra-Strong 5,000 Pa Suction: Hair, crumbs, and dust are effortlessly removed in just one pass for cleaner floors.
  • Precision Mapping for Efficient Navigation: iPath Laser Navigation uses advanced Lidar technology to scan rooms and create accurate maps, resulting in accurate and efficient cleaning routes around your home.
  • Customizable AI.Map™ 2.0: Use the app to select specific rooms to clean, set up No-Go Zones, and use Multi-Floor Mapping for homes over more than one floor.
  • BoostIQ Technology: Different surfaces require different amounts of suction power for maximum cleaning efficiency, so L60 automatically increases suction when needed.
  • Climb Up to 20 mm: L60 effortlessly climbs over thresholds and the edges of carpets without getting stuck for extended cleaning coverage.

  • eufy Clean L60 with Self-Empty Station
    eufy Clean L60 with Self-Empty Station
  • eufy Clean L60
    eufy Clean L60
  • Replacement Accessories Kits
    Replacement Accessories Kits
  • eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum with Self Empty Station
    eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum with Self Empty Station
  • eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum
    eufy L60 Hybrid Robot Vacuum
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
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Quick Intro

Product Comparison

X8 Pro
Suction Power
2× 4,000 Pa

BoostIQ Technology

Max Runtime
180 mins

Wi-Fi Connection

Dustbin Capacity
335 ml

iPath Laser Navigation

Smart Mapping
AI Map 2.0
LR30 Hybrid
Suction Power
3,000 Pa

BoostIQ Technology

Max Runtime
145 mins

Wi-Fi Connection

Dustbin Capacity
330 ml

iPath Laser Navigation

Smart Mapping
AI Map 2.0





Obstacle Avoidance



5,000 Pa

Side Brush




Dustbin Capacity

350 ml

Climbing Height

20 mm

Battery Capacity

2,600 mAh

Voice Control

Alexa, The Google Assistant

Remote Control


Wi-Fi Frequency

2.4/5.0 GHz


How do I determine if I need to upgrade to a Self-Empty Station?
Why does the robot vacuum have only one side brush?
Can the robot vacuum work well on carpets?
Is the hair cleaning performance good?
Are the consumable accessories for the L60 (such as side brushes, filters, etc.) are available?

eufy Clean L60

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Does the job (mostly)

He gets confused about our glass coffee table and glass wardrobe doors. When not plugged in battery drains really quick. He is a little wobbly but otherwise does a good job.

Gary Mason
Excellent Purchase

As an early adopter of a robovac some 20 years ago, the random 'bump and avoid ' style approach to cleaning along with a set of barriers to block access to stairs or rooms did not impress, so it ended up not being used after the novelty had worn off. This model from Eufy is absolutely brilliant and it's hard not to be impressed as it delivers. It lives invisibly under a large footstool and emerges at night to clean the livingroom and kitchen while the dog and cat are upstairs. It cleans very well and there are no negative issues to report. It is not the most expensive model, but as it is housed in the main room, a machine with a large self-cleaning base would not be suitable. Genuinely, a great purchase that I am very happy to recommend it to anyone.

Robert Cherry
Game changer

AI is top notch. The Eufy works methodically over both levels in house. I have 90% hard floors and blind throughout.After two weeks of sensible use the Eufy is now in control of the dust. A big selling point is parts. The Eufy website offers nearly all parts - dust pans, rubber strips, etc. Consumables like filters, brushes can be found at very competitive prices on other "markets". Keeping the thing on charge and using it four times a week, often on double run had had no noticeable on house electricity usage . These things on a par, impact wise, with washing machines and microwaves. The technology is now here

Mixed review

The app and mapping system is excellent; easy to navigate and fantastic functionality. The actual cleaning of the L60 though somehow doesn’t match up to earlier models, despite a much greater suction power. The fact this model has only one rotating brush and not two means dirt can be missed rather than collected.

Aies Ha
Fantastic bit of kit

So happy I upgraded from my previous 4 year old g10. The suction on this is great. The mapping function works a treat too. It's so easy to keep my home clean. Totally worth the money. My