Clean G40

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  • Clean Up Food Crumbs: Keep floors clean with 2,500 Pa of strong suction to pick up food particles and dust.
  • Plans Efficient Routes: G40 logically identifies the most efficient path to clean more of your home.
  • Ultra-Slim to Fit Under the Couch: Days of lifting furniture to clean is over. Let the 2.85" G40 slip under tight spaces to clean more.
  • Quietly Cleans Without Distracting: Watch TV without needing to blast the volume, as G40 vacuums at a comfortable 55 dB noise level.
  • Clean via the eufy Clean App: Avoid manually programming G40 and just comfortably control from your phone, no matter where you are.
  • Recharges, Then Resumes to Clean More: G40 senses when the battery is low and heads back to charge. As soon as it's done, G40 goes back to the spot where it was before and resumes cleaning.
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Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
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2.85" Goes Under Couches

G40 is so slim at 2.85" that it can slip under tight furniture to clean hidden messes.

Quiet & Distraction-Free

No more noisy interruptions—you can watch TV or focus on work thanks to G40's quiet 55 dB volume.

Clean G40

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
steve hill

Amazing product. Very easy to install and use and the picture quality is excellent


Amazing product.
Had ring bell previous to this.
Compared to ring the features I had with eufy are much better and surprising free in terms of no subscription.


Amazing Quality2K quality (better than Ring/Google with 1080/720).2 camera zones, 1 eye level for visitorsl & 1 for doorstep for parcels.3 movement activated lights that light up half the garden.Local recording so no subscriptions or being spied on by large corporations.Facial & parcel recognition with customisable auotmated replies.Battery back up.Many other features.Point gift rewards.Looks really posh.Only downside is you cannot use Google Home as a chime yet without writting IFTTT script even though thier specs say it does.


Amazing robot, vacuums amazingly and mops great( struggled a bit with dust from garden Reno but that’s hard job even manually so I’d say still amazing ! )

linda swire

Amazing S100 Wired Wall Light Cam
easy to install and use if you have a good drilling kit for providing power to the cam.
very straightforward with a WiFi connection.
Bright light with the ability to change the colour to many options
Perfect image quality with very sensitive motion detection.
very happy and perfect value for money!