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Better Together | eufy Security Edge Ecosystem

eufy Security Edge Ecosystem enhances every device and process as part of a larger security network. Put a shield around your home and create a worry-free, highly-advanced home security system for you and your loved ones.

Centralized Local Security with HomeBase 3

Use HomeBase 3 to link eufy Security devices and empower the entire ecosystem with BionicMind™ AI recognition. Advanced encryption and expandable local storage, up to 16 TB, keep data safe and costs down.

Advanced BionicMind™ AI Detection

BionicMind™ detects, recognizes, determines, acts, and learns. It knows who's at the door, knows if they can be trusted, and acts accordingly, all with virtually no errors at up to 99.9% accuracy.

Long-Lasting Power

Advanced technology, efficient design, and intelligent processing enable extremely long-lasting battery life, taken even further with Forever Power solar charging.

Advanced Image Quality, Day and Night

Utilizing advanced camera sensors and resolutions of up to 4K, you'll see brighter and clearer at any time of the day. Plus, eufy Security night vision technology sees in color at night to let you identify more details.

Advanced Privacy

Recordings are encrypted with RSA-1024 and AES-128 encryption before being sent to HomeBase 3. Each recording is encrypted separately with its own unique encryption key for maximum privacy and protection.