eufy Motion Sensor Alarms

Secure your home with eufy's motion sensor alarms featuring 2-year battery life, adjustable sensitivity, and extensive coverage for reliable indoor protection.
  • Smart Motion Sensors by eufy: Your Home's Guardian

    Motion sensors offer enhanced security and energy efficiency by detecting movement and triggering lights, alarms, or recordings, deterring intruders, and ultimately contributing to both safety and cost savings in various environments. eufy motion sensor alarm system enhances your home security with a range of exceptional features designed to offer peace of mind and effortless protection.

    First, these motion detector alarms are your vigilant guardians, equipped with extensive coverage that spans a 100° radius and up to 30 feet, ensuring every corner of your space is secured. Then, customization is at your fingertips with our sensor alarm systems. With adjustable sensitivity, they can intelligently differentiate between human movements and the playful antics of pets, which means you'll only be alerted when it truly matters, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your home security sensor alarms. Furthermore, our motion alarms can seamlessly integrate into your eufy security systems via eufy Security HomeBase, allowing you to expand your security sensor's capabilities with just a tap on the eufy Security app so that you'll always be in the loop whether you're at home or miles away. Last but not least, these motion detector sensors are built to last. With a battery life of up to 2 years, you'll enjoy uninterrupted security without the hassle of frequent replacements.

    Overall, eufy's indoor motion sensor alarms redefine home security with intelligence, connectivity, and longevity - all wrapped up in a compact device. Elevate your home protection game with these remarkable motion sensor security system alarms and experience a new level of security confidence today.

  • FAQ

    What can trigger a motion sensor?

    Security motion sensors are triggered by detecting movement within the designated area, typically through changes in heat patterns (PIR sensors), alterations in ambient light levels, sound wave reflections (ultrasonic sensors), vibrations, air currents, water flow, and even sudden shocks. eufy movement sensors support adjustable sensitivity or AI smart algorithms that can prevent false alarms due to pets or environmental changes.

    What is the difference between a motion sensor and a security camera?

    They differ by focusing on different targets. For one thing, a home motion sensor detects movement or changes in the environment by sensing heat, light, sound, or other factors, then triggers actions based on detected motion. In contrast, a security camera captures visual and audio data, providing real-time monitoring and recording of events. However, they can complement each other like what's used in eufy security systems, with motion sensors triggering cameras to record when movement is detected.

    Do motion sensors need wifi?

    Not exactly. Motion activated alarm sensors can operate using different communication methods. wireless motion sensor alarms can utilize Wi-Fi or cellular networks to communicate with other devices in your home security system. On the other hand, wired sensors may use your home's landlines or Ethernet cables for their operation. The specific communication method depends on the type and model of the motion sensor you are using.

    Do motion sensors need electricity?

    Yes, most motion sensors require electricity to operate. They are typically powered by batteries or wired into the electrical system. Battery-operated sensors are easier to install but require periodic battery changes. Wired sensors are more reliable but require a power source. Check out eufy's long battery-life motion sensors which can work for about 2 years with included batteries.