eufy X8 Pro with Self-Empty Station + Dust Bags (6-Pack)


  • Experience Unmatched Cleanliness with Eufy X8 Pro: Harness the power of dual-turbine technology, offering 2× 4,000 Pa suction to leave floors spotless, far surpassing traditional 3-stage systems. This Eufy robot vacuum is designed to provide a superior cleaning experience.
  • Navigate with Precision: Utilize the Eufy Clean X8 Pro's iPath™ Laser Navigation for meticulously mapped home layouts, ensuring efficient and methodical cleaning paths while adeptly dodging obstacles. This advanced navigation makes the Eufy robot vacuum a smart choice for any home.
  • Tailor Your Home's Hygiene: Employ the Eufy X8 Pro's AI.Map™ 2.0 to customize cleaning preferences, set No-Go Zones, and maintain pristine spaces with personalized virtual boundaries. This feature allows for a customized cleaning experience that fits your unique home environment.
  • Savor Uninterrupted Tidiness: Benefit from a large 2.5L dust bin paired with self-emptying convenience, granting you 45 days of hands-free cleaning with the Eufy Clean X8 Pro. Enjoy more time for what matters without worrying about vacuum maintenance.
  • Effortless Brush Upkeep: The Pro-Detangle Comb equipped roller brush on the Eufy X8 Pro automatically clears entwined hair, significantly reducing manual cleaning efforts post-vacuuming. This innovative tool ensures that your Eufy robot vacuum remains efficient and hassle-free.
  • X8 Pro SES
    X8 Pro SES
  • 6-Pack Dust Bags
    6-Pack Dust Bags
  • X8 Pro SES + Dust Bags (6 packs)
    X8 Pro SES + Dust Bags (6 packs)
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Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn  Rewards
Join eufyCredits and Earn Rewards
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