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Easy clean joy with eufy robot vacuums' smart features. Where deep cleaning is happy living.

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  • eufy Robot Vacuums: Enjoy Smart and Deep Cleaning Solutions for a Happier Living

    As a brand serving more than 5,000,000 families, eufy provides efficient and affordable home-use robot vacuums for users with different needs.
    For flagship robot vacuums, eufy is promoting the latest models eufy X10 Pro and eufy S1 Pro. eufy X10 Pro is designed for deep cleaning. Equipped with 8,000 Pa suction power and MopMaster™, eufy X10 Pro saves you from daily maintenance.
    eufy S1 Pro is the world’s first floor-washing robot vacuum, meaning that it removes dirty water from the roller mop in real time and replaces it with fresh water, removing even invisible dirt from your floors.
    In terms of cost, eufy RoboVac models like the eufy Clean 11S are considered to be among the most affordable robotic vacuums on the market, making them accessible to a wider range of consumers. They offer a good balance between price and performance, often being compared favorably to professional cleaning services in terms of value.

  • FAQ

    Is it worth getting a robot vacuum with mop?

    Yes, it's worth it most of the time. A robot vacuum with mop can save you from daily floor cleaning, and it helps you more if you have kids and pets. Try eufy's flagship robot vacuums - they are capable of self-cleaning and you only need to take care of them monthly.

    How do I choose a robotic vacuum cleaner?

    You should choose robot vacuums based on your needs and budget. Do care about the suction power, self-cleaning, and mapping features, as well as your floor type. Flagships of eufy robot vacuum can suit your needs under most circumstances.

    Which is the best vacuum and mopping robot?

    The overall best robot vacuum cleaner you should try is eufy X10 Pro. It's the most powerful robot vacuum produced by eufy and the cutting-edge technologies it has can greatly save your time and effort in home cleaning. Also check this blog for more detialed information about best robot vacuums.

    How often should I run my robot vacuum?

    You can run your robo vacuums 4-7 times a week. If you have pets and kids, you can run it daily. That's why robot vacuums with self-cleaning and self-emptying features are recommended - take eufy X10 Pro, usually you only need to maintain it monthly.