Dual Cameras,
Double Security

With two cameras, 2K HD clarity, and color night vision,
blindspots cease to exist from the door to the floor.

See What Matters from Door to Floor

Eliminates the unseen area in front of
your door that even head-to-toe
cameras don't see.

Dual Cameras Enhance Coverage

Two cameras work together to deliver advanced viewing. The front-facing camera focuses on people, while the downward-facing camera fills in the gaps with a view of the floor in front of your door.

Smart AI Recognizes Faces and Detects Packages

Recognizes human faces and detects packages. Get instant notifications showing whether a known person or stranger is at the door. Scare porch pirates and trespassers away with two-way audio.

Categorized Event Quick Viewing

See daily reports and find organized footage of visitors and package events to quickly know who visited or when your packages have been delivered or collected.
See in Color and Clarity Day and Night

View the Night as Colorful as Day

Introducing the industry's first dual-light system paired with an advanced light capturing and processing algorithm. Less blur than previous iterations of night vision and a clear nighttime viewing distance of up to 16ft (5m).
Color Night Vision
See Faces Clearly
Motion-Activated Lights
Video is simulated.
Video is simulated.

See What Matters in 2K FHD Clarity

2K clarity reveals more details. Get clear and detailed visuals of your doorstep and anyone who drops by.
2K Clarity
See Details in Clarity
Main Camera: 2048 x 1536 Bottom Camera: 1600 x 1200
Enjoy the Flexibility to
Choose Wired or Battery Power
A hybrid-powered doorbell to suit any home, ready for your changing needs. Easy to install by integrating with existing doorbell wiring and chimes or running solely on battery power.
Watch our installation video

Use Battery Mode and Install It Anywhere

The included 6500mAh battery pack removes easily and charges fully in just 5 hours.
Keep a spare for quick swaps, avoiding any downtime due to charging.

Use Wired Mode to Eliminate Charging

Always powered, no charging required. If the power goes out, the battery kicks in and provides backup power to keep your device, and your security, running during the interruption.

Easy and Instant Access to Locally* Stored Recordings,
All Without Any Subscription Fees

Keep Your Money for What Matters Most
Without any fees you get full access to notifications and video recordings with anytime playback. Cutting out Cloud Backup costs saves you $47.88* per year, which can instead go towards family and fun.
Protect Privacy with Local Storage*
Local storage* with 8 GB of built-in capacity save up to 60 days of event-based recordings. All your data is safe on your devices and is protected with AES 128 bit encryption, meaning your data stays private and for your eyes only.
Save Years of Family Memories on HomeBase S380
Local storage can be expanded by connecting to HomeBase S380, additional storage drives, 1TB or 16TB, can be added. Store years of recordings, go back and relive precious moments any time, all comes with a one-time purchase only and no ongoing fees.

Simple Smart Control with the eufy Security App

Real-Time Awareness of Who's at Your Door
Stay informed with real-time notifications** whenever someone is detected at your door. Be updated about packages, know when visitors arrive, or get notified only when strangers approach your door.
Hear and Speak from Anywhere
Seamless two-way conversations can be had with anyone at your door, right from your phone, tablet, or voice assistant devices, including Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.
Reply Quickly with Up to 6 Preset Messages
If you're away from home, or just too busy to answer the door, use Quick Replies to respond with your choice of up to 6 preset messages.

Cross Camera* Tracking

Automatically splice together videos of the same event or person, in order of occurrence, across cameras*. Creates a coherent event video allowing you to quickly and comprehensively understand events completely.

*This feature requires HomeBase S380. A free 3-month trial will be provided, after which continued use will have associated charges.

Total Front Door Awareness with the All-Round Video Doorbell

HomeBase S380 Centralizes Your Security

Manage most eufy Security devices from one location with HomeBase S380 and watch them become empowered with BionicMind™. Latest device compatibility can be seen on the eufy support page.

Which Video Doorbell Fits in Your Home?