The Ultimate Experience Without a Monthly Fee

Dual Cameras,
See 4K Details Housewide

Wide-Angle Lens

130° Field of View

f/1.6 Aperture

Telephoto Lens

3× Optical Zoom

f/1.6 Aperture

See Clearer with 4K UHD Resolution4K Ultra HD

With 4K resolution and dual cameras, get a clear and detailed view of your home,
and see everything that's happening with incredible clarity.
See home clearly with 4K resolution and
dual cameras
See Farther with 8× ZoomSee Farther — 8× Zoom
The 4K wide-angle and 2K telephoto cameras act together, allowing 8× hybrid zoom. Viewing is clear and detailed, even at a distance.Dual cameras work together to deliver
detailed views from afar.

See All Around with
360° Pan and Tilt
See 360° with Pan
and Tilt

Pan and tilt capabilities provide a complete 360° view of your space without blind spots. Every corner is covered and any potential threats can be detected rapidly and effectively.Pan and tilt for 360° viewing without
blind spots.
Pan and tilt for 360° viewing without
blind spots.

See in the Dark with Clear Night VisionClear Night Vision

With an f/1.6 aperture sensor and 2 high-powered infared LED lights, faces are seen clearly at up to 32 ft (10 m)
away, even in low-light conditions. The camera takes in 20% more available light than standard
security cameras, resulting in brighter and more vivid footage.
f/1.6 aperture sensors and infrared lights
make faces clear up to 32 ft away.

Focus On the Moments That Matter

AI Tracking Keeps
the Target In View
AI Tracking Follows Targets

AI-powered tracking enable the camera to follow family members or pets around the room
Backed by eufy Security's self-developed algorithm, optimized zoom and precisely controlled camera panning keep any detected target in view at all times.
Identifies when something is around and keeps it in view with auto pan, tilt, and zoom.

Patrols Points
of Interest

Watches areas of interest like entryways, the kids' play area, or a pet's bed. Cycles between locations and keeps two eyes on the places that matter.Cycles between areas of interest to keep two eyes on the places that matter.

Quickly View
Favorite Areas
Quickly View Favorite Areas

Set frequently viewed areas with customized zoom levels. Click a location and have the camera automatically move to show it to you. Move between points of interest quickly and without effort.Monitors key areas, alternating between them to maintain coverage.

Total Privacy
With One Click

Turn on privacy mode at the push of a button, and your
camera looks away. It can face the wall or wherever you
tell it to, and scheduled privacy mode is supported.
The camera turns away at a button press or on a schedule.

Easy and Affordable to Use

Dual Viewing, See the Big Picture and Fine Details TogetherDual Viewing — Big Picture and Fine Details

Dual Views on One Screen: Display the wide and zoomed views side by side. Keep an eye on the big picture while zooming in on details, a subject, or an area of interest.See the wide and zoomed views together on one screen.

Fast and Stable Connectivity with
Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6

Faster is Better: Enjoy a 500% increase in speed compared to the previous generation, stable live viewing on
both 2.4 and 5 GHz bandwidths, and WPA3 encryption for added security. Say goodbye to buffering and lag.
2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies give enhanced security and faster speeds.

Easy to Operate App

Easy to InstallEasily Install Anywhere

Place Directly on a Tabletop / Mount on a Wall with Adhesive / Install with a Ceiling Mount BracketPalce on a Table or Shelf / Attach to a Wall / Mount on the Ceiling

No Monthly Subscription Fee

You don't need to pay a monthly fee to receive notifications* and record videos. Internal storage is enabled by inserting an SD card (Up to 128 GB)** or you can connect to HomeBase S380 and store years of video recordings on its expandable storage.

HomeBase S380 Centralizes Your Security

Manage most eufy Security devices from one location with HomeBase S380 and watch them become empowered
with BionicMind™.Latest device compatibility can be seen on the eufy support page.

Cross Camera* Tracking

Automatically splice together videos of the same event or person, in order of occurrence, across cameras*. Creates a coherent event video allowing you to quickly and comprehensively understand events completely.

*This feature requires HomeBase S380. A free 3-month trial will be provided, after which continued use will have associated charges.

Get to Know Indoor Cam S350

Which System Fits Your Needs?

    *Push notifications with thumbnail previews require thumbnail preview images to be temporarily stored in the cloud.
    **If you choose to use cloud-based features such as Cloud Backup or push notifications with thumbnail previews, videos or thumbnail previews will be sent to the cloud as needed to provide your selected features.