Robot Vacuum with All-in-one Docking Station

Shop eufy robot vacuum with all-in-one docking station for auto empty and auto clean. Enjoy hands-free cleaning with eufy robovac!
  • Robot vacuum with docking station providing you with hands-free cleaning

    The docking station serves as the base for a robot vacuum. Its most fundamental functions include recharging the vacuum and emptying the collected debris into dust bags. For robot vacuums equipped with a mopping feature, the docking station may also handle tasks such as refilling clean water and storing dirty water. Some high-end docking stations offer advanced features, including automatic mop cleaning and hot-air mop drying, like eufy S1 Pro.

  • FAQ

    Is a docking station a must for a robot vacuum?

    A docking station is not strictly necessary for a robot vacuum to function, especially when the docking station only provides charing and dust-emptying features. But a docking station with water-refilling and mop auto-washing is the real game-changer.

    What is the best robot vacuum with docking system?

    1. eufy S1 Pro 10-in-1 powerhouse, providing you with Eco-Clean Ozone™, Auto Detergent Dispensing, Auto Emptying, Auto Washing, Auto Refilling, Auto Heated Air Drying, Auto Waste Water Collection.
    2. eufy X10 Pro, the docking station provides self-emptying, self-washing, self-refilling, self-drying features;
    3. eufy L60 with Self-emptying Station can cut down hair tangles.