Can a Robot Vacuum Avoid Dog Poop?

There is absolutely no doubt about how robot vacuum cleaners tend to bring unmatched convenience, particularly for individuals with busy schedules. All one needs to do is push a button or use smartphone app controls and kick-start the much-required cleaning sessions.

But are robot vacuums worth it for the pet parents? Will it be ruined after sucking up that big pile of mess left around by your pet? Read on to know more about whether robot vacuums are truly capable of working around dog poop.

Can Robot Vacuums Avoid Dog Poop?

If you are a dog parent, you have often come across the issue of dog poop lying around your house. This may be the cause for serious concern since it compromises cleanliness and hygiene. Moreover, you wouldn’t want your branded and spic and span robot vacuum to be completely infested by the germs and bacteria hanging around in the dog waste.

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The good news is that some smart robot vacuums are perfectly capable of avoiding dog poop, provided that the right model has been chosen. The wrong model will roll right over the poop and spread them around the house. Disgusting! Many robot vacuums with the latest technology are equipped with features such as high-efficiency filters and object detection to avoid being embroiled in a poop mess.

How Do Robot Vacuums Avoid Dog Poop?

Let us take a look at how certain smart features allow robot vacuums to avoid dog poop.

Vision-Based Systems

The latest robot vacuum cleaners come with efficient cameras that can show the robot’s point of view from the app. For instance, in some apps, users can view a live video of what the robot can see. So, if your pet has soiled around, you can set virtual boundaries that your robot wouldn’t be able to surpass.

Infrared and Ultrasonic Sensors

Robot vacuums are surprisingly a great combination of technological features and training, which helps them in steering clear of obstacles such as dog poop. They have been trained to easily recognize things like cables, socks, shoes, fabrics, and chair legs.

Navigation and Mapping Abilities

Most robot vacuum cleaners create 2D maps of the cleaning space using laser sensors. This map helps them navigate through tight spaces and even name specific rooms by recognizing the furniture in them. This helps them navigate the best way of avoiding to touch the poop mess.

Integration of AI and Machine Learning

Robot vacuum cleaners are trained on a beautiful integration of AI and machine learning. They have been trained on images of several things to help them identify these as obstacles. In the case of dog poop, even if the robot hasn’t been trained on its image, it will view it and quickly use AI to help them create a 3D image of this obstacle in its path, indicating that this mess needs to be avoided.

How Do eufy Robot Vacuums Avoid Dog Poop?

There are several robot vacuums that come with obstacle-detection features and cameras. However, there is only one brand with a clear promise of avoiding pet messes: eufy.

Every eufy RoboVac has been designed using one of these navigation technologies: iPath, Dynamic, or Bounce.

Bounce Navigation


RoboVac models such as 11C Pet Edition, 11S, 11S Plus, 11S Max, 15C Max, and many others have all been designed using the Bounce navigation. This feature allows the RoboVac to use infrared sensors while cleaning, automatically changing its direction when faced with an obstacle. Its randomized cleaning pattern ensures that it eventually covers all areas that need to be cleaned while avoiding dog poop and ultimately returning to its charging base.

Dynamic Navigation

eufy RoboVac models with dynamic navigation (G20, G20 Hybrid, G30, G30 Hybrid, and others) clean in a zig-zag pattern, utilizing accelerometer smart sensors and gyroscope to know the distance and the direction that they are traveling to naturally determine their cleaning route. Once all of the area has been cleaned, they will begin cleaning the corners and edges before running to the charging base.

iPath Navigation

The models using iPath navigation clean in a z-shape, and they can store a cleaning map for future cleaning sessions. These have a Lidar sensor for scanning their surroundings, creating a map, navigating, and beginning cleaning. Models like the X9 Pro, X8 Pro, and L60 Hybrid series are all equipped with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Algorithms for intelligently planning their cleaning routes.

eufy's X10 Pro Omni features top-notch obstacle detection, avoiding over 100 types of household items. Its advanced self-developed algorithm allows it to move through your home like a self-driving car, smartly dodging obstacles and staying clear of potential jams, including dog poops.

Tips for Using Robot Vacuums in Homes with Pets

Just because you are a pet parent doesn’t mean you would have to steer clear of a robot vacuum. Here are some tips for using robot vacuums in homes with pets:

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Ensure that the sensors and cameras of your robot vacuum are being regularly cleaned and maintained so that it can continue detecting and viewing obstacles such as dog poop in its way.

Preparing the Cleaning Area

Prepare the cleaning area beforehand to avoid a messy situation. Check around the house to see if your dog has pooped somewhere, and clean it prior to switching your robot vacuum on.

Monitoring and Supervision

Keep supervising the robot to see if it has encountered an issue or was embroiled in a gift from your pet. Early detection will help minimize any risks to your vacuum.


Pet messes can happen anytime around the house, and it is nobody’s fault. It is just important to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are maintained around the house. Robot vacuums are a godsend for reducing manual maintenance and cleaning. They are convenient and can be cleaned better. However, in order to ensure that no potential damage comes to the robot because of a poopy situation, the robot vacuum with the right kind of smart features should be chosen.

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