A Complete Guide to Cleaning Solutions for Robot Vacuums

Robotic vacuum cleaners have completely changed how people clean their homes since they offer a quick and easy solution to keep floors spotless while requiring little maintenance. It is vital to use the appropriate cleaning solution to guarantee that these gadgets function as best they can. Everything you need to know about robot mop cleaning solutions is covered in this extensive guide, from their composition to using them optimally and even how to get the most out of these products.

eufy RoboVac Hard Floor Cleaning Solution (2 Bottles)

Part 1 Is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Worth It?

A robot vacuum cleaner can make cleaning your home much easier and take less time. These gadgets are made to:

Schedules: Tell the robot when to clean your floors, and it will do it even when you're not there.

Smart Navigation: Smart tracking technology in more advanced models, like the eufy RoboVac, lets them clean in a planned way, quickly covering large areas and avoiding obstacles.

Versatility: It works on all kinds of floors, like hardwood, tile, and rugs, so you can be sure it gets everything clean.

1.1 Cost and Maintenance

Robot mop cleaning solutions cost more to buy at first than regular vacuums, but their ease of use often makes the price worth it. To keep them going smoothly, you need regular maintenance, like emptying the trash cans and cleaning the brushes.

Part 2. What's the Best Robot Vacuum Solution?

2.1What Cleaner is Made Of and How It Works

The formulation of cleaning solutions improves the cleaning performance of robot mops. Most of the time, these solutions include:

Surfactants: These chemicals break down dirt and grime, pulling it off surfaces.

Enzymes break down organic spots and smells, making them easier to eliminate.

Water: It is a fluid that dissolves other substances and makes it easier to use them.

Fragrances: Give your home a nice smell and make it smell clean.

Preservatives: These stop germs and mold from growing in the solution.

When used properly, these ingredients work together to clean well without leaving behind any residue or hurting the robot's parts.

2.2 Solution Types: Manufacturer-Specific vs. Universal

Most of the time, the best cleaning solution for robot mops is one made by the company that makes the robot vacuum. These solutions are made to work with the brand's goods, so they are guaranteed to be compatible and effective.

Some floor cleaning solutions claim they can be used with any robot vacuum. But you need to be careful because they might have chemicals in them that can rust or damage the robot's internal parts. Before using a third-party option, you should always check what the manufacturer says.

Part 3. Can You Put Floor Cleaner in a Robot Vacuum?

Risks and Recommendations

We suggest that users only use clean water or their own carefully made cleaning solutions for robot mops. Putting in regular floor cleaners that aren't made for robot vacuums can cause a number of problems, including:

Damage: The chemicals in regular floor cleaners can corrode the vacuum's internal parts.

Residue: They might leave behind sticky leftovers on the floors and in the vacuum, which will make it work less well.

Warrranty Void: If you use solutions that aren't authorised, your warranty may be voided, leaving you without any protection if your device breaks.

Stick to cleaning products that were made by the robot vacuum maker to keep it in good shape.

4. Can You DIY Robot Vacuum Solutions?

Homemade Solutions and Safety

It might seem like a good way to save money to make your own cleaning solution, but because robot vacuums need very precise formulas, this is usually not a good idea. Top brands like eufy and iRobots say that DIY solutions can damage the gadget, so don't do them.

4.1 Can You Put Vinegar in Robot Vacuums?

Because it is naturally antibacterial, vinegar is often used as a do-it-yourself cleaner. Because of the following factors, it shouldn't be used in robot vacuums:

Acidic in nature: Vinegar is acidic, so it can corrode the vacuum's parts, such as the water tank and internal systems.

Residue: It can make your floors smell bad and could even damage them.

Instead, use a Cleaning solution made specifically for your robot vacuum to ensure its longevity and good performance.

5. A Closer Look at Robot vacuum models and Cleaning solution

5.1 RoboVac Model and Compatible Solutions

eufy robotic vacuum cleaner models, including the G10 Hybrid, G20 Hybrid, G30 Hybrid, L70 Hybrid, X8 Hybrid, L35 Hybrid, L35 Hybrid+, LR30 Hybrid, LR30 Hybrid+, G40 Hybrid, G40 Hybrid+, X8 Pro, X8 Pro SES, X9 Pro, and X10 Pro Omni, make it effortless to maintain immaculate floors in your home. eufy has created its own Multi-Surface Cleaning Solution to improve your cleaning experience. This solution is expressly engineered to operate in conjunction with your robotic vacuum cleaner.

RoboVac L70 Hybrid

This pre-owned eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid has been professionally evaluated, tested, and cleaned, and there are no discernible imperfections at arm's length. The battery's capacity surpasses 80% when contrasted with that of a new device. iPath Laser Navigation: Optimized navigation for a 2.5-hour endurance.

AI Map Technology: Real-time mapping for virtual boundaries and customised cleansing.

Hybrid 2-in-1: Achieves a more thorough cleaning by vacuuming and mopping.

Intelligent and Potent: A 2200Pa suction system with sophisticated sensors ensures a thorough and secure cleansing process.

Best RoboVac Cleaning Solution for Hybrid Models

You should study and read the label of any cleaning solution you want to use on your smart device to ensure it's safe for robot mops. The good news for eufy users is that the eufy RoboVac Hard Floor Cleaning Solution works with the X10 Pro Omni, the X8 Pro, the X8 Pro SES, the X9 Pro, the G10 Hybrid, the G30 Hybrid, the X8 Hybrid, the G20 Hybrid, the G40 Hybrid, the G40 Hybrid+, and the L70 Hybrid. It is specifically formulated to remove stains and effectively clean floors.


Using the cleaning solution that is specially made for your RoboVac models has a number of advantages:

Optimal Performance: These solutions have been tried to make sure they work well with robotic vacuums.

Safety: Solutions that have been approved by the manufacturer are made to be safe for your vacuum's parts, stopping rust and other damage.

Warranty Protection: If you follow the suggested product, your warranty will still be valid, giving you peace of mind in case your gadget has any problems.

Method of use:

It can mop after cleaning or vacuum and mop at the same time to get the best clean. The mopping attachments are back to the rolling brush. To begin mopping:

  • Vacuum or clean your floors before you mop them.
  • Pour water andcleaning solution into the water tank.
  • Blend the liquids and then attach them.

The suggested ratio: is 1:20, like 10ml (0.3 fl oz) of cleaning solution (one bottle cap).

Be cautious

  1. Keep kids and pets away from it.
  2. If you swallow it, rinse your mouth with water. Seek medical help if the symptoms don't go away.
  3. If the solution gets in your eyes, let go of your eye and slowly rinse it with water. Seek medical help if the symptoms don't go away.


For your robot vacuum to keep working well and last a long time, you need to use the right cleaning solution. eufy's cleaning solutions are made to work perfectly with their RoboVac models, so you can be sure you're getting a safe and thorough clean. Do not use DIY solutions or regular floor cleaners on your device; they may damage it and void the warranty. Use only products that have been approved by the manufacturer to keep your home clean with little work.

By following these steps and using the best cleaning solution for robot mop, you can ensure that your Robot vacuum stays a helpful tool for cleaning your home for years to come, cleaning quickly and thoroughly.

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