Ultimate Guide to Robot Vacuum Battery and other accessories

Robot vacuums have become popular for homes seeking a quick and easy cleaning solution. However, to ensure these devices continue performing at their best, it's essential to take responsibility for maintaining and replacing their accessory parts.

This guide offers comprehensive information on robot vacuum batteries, mops, brushes, dust bags, and filters. This article will help you keep your robot vacuum going smoothly and effectively, whether you just bought one or are a seasoned user.

Robot Vacuum Battery

The robot vacuum's battery tells it how long it can clean before it needs to be charged again.

RoboVac Replacement Battery Pack

The purpose of these batteries is to ensure that your RoboVac continues to work at its highest level of cleanliness. The installation process is simple, which ensures that there will be little downtime. In addition, a warranty that is valid for a period of twelve months is included in the package. If you're looking for robot vacuum battery replacement, don't just buy any battery - these accessories are designed to work exclusively with their brand or models, like this battery is for eufy X9 Pro and X10 Pro model.


eufy lithium-ion battery pack


How long do robot vacuum batteries last?

If you use and take care of your robot vacuum, the batteries should last between one and two years. The battery will last longer if you clean the vacuum and its parts often.

Are lithium batteries used in robot vacuums?

Yes, Lithium-ion batteries are used by most eufy robot vacuums. These are the most preferred batteries because they last longer, work better, and can hold a charge longer than older types.

How to change the eufy robot vacuum battery?

Step 1: Get the vacuum ready: Turn your vacuum onto its back to start. Before going any further, make sure that the red power switch is turned off.

Step 2: Open the Battery Compartment: You can get a standard-sized Phillips screwdriver at a hardware store and use it to take out the two screws that are holding the battery box cover in place. Take off the cover over the battery section.

Step 3: Take out the old battery: To get rid of the old battery, use the pull tabs to lift it out and separate it as shown.

Step 4: Put the new battery in: Connect your new extended-life battery and then put it in the battery compartment, making sure the lines are all in order.

Step 5: Lock the battery compartment shut: Replace the cover for the battery box and tighten it down with screws.

Step 6: Turn on the vacuum: Turn on your RoboVac by pressing the red power switch.

Step 7: The first charge: Before you use the RoboVac again, make sure it's charged for at least two hours.

Robot Vacuum Mopping pad:

There are some robot vacuums that can mop, which is great for keeping hard floors clean and shiny.

How long do you need to change the mop?

The frequency of changing a robot vacuum's mopping pad can vary between 3 to 6 months. Although most mopping robots can self-clean the pad, it's natural for the pads to wear out after about 6 months. If you use the robot vacuum daily or have pets, it's best to change the mopping pad closer to every 3 months.

eufy RoboVac X10 Mopping pad

What does a robot vacuum mopping pad look like? The mopping pad can be very different depending on the models of your robots. So don't buy any robot vacuum mopping pads untill you're sure that's the one for your model.

eufy robovac x10 hybrid mopping cloth


How to change the eufy robot vacuum mop?

Step 1: All you need is to clean up any spills while you vacuum

Step 2: Throw away the cleaning cloth for easy cleanup when you're done.

Step 3: Attach a mopping cloth to the mopping module for messes that need a little extra help.

Step 4: Connect it to the Hard Floor Tool and wipe it away.

Taking care of your mop on a regular basis will keep it clean and stop spots from appearing on your floors.

eufy Robot Vacuum Rolling brush

Non Washable Replacement Kit for 11S Max, 15C Max, 30C Max, G20, G30, G30 Edge

How often should you change the rolling brush?

The rolling brush should be replaced every six months, based on how often you use the vacuum and what dirt it picks up. To keep the brush working well, clean it often to eliminate hair and other things that get caught.

Replacement Side Brush

These side brushes are simple to install and do not require any tools, enabling you to keep your RoboVac operating at its highest cleaning performance. They are genuine RoboVac attachments, compatible with both the X9 Pro and the X10 Pro Omni variants of the vacuum cleaner.


Rolling brush

This original eufy RoboVac accessory, a replacement rolling brush, cleans very well and works with many models, such as the 11S series, the 12 series, the 15 series, the 25 series, the 30 series, the 35C series, the G30 series, the R500 and R450 series, the G15 and G20 series, the G35 and G40 series, the G32 Pro, the G30 SES, and the G30 Hybrid SES.


eufy Robot Vacuum Dust Bags

eufy robot vacuums use dust bags to collect dirt and other waste, which makes getting rid of them easy and clean.


  • These dustbags don't get clogged; air will still flow through them even when full. They kill germs and get rid of smells.
  • Keeping the dust bag clean improves the vacuum's suction and prevents dust from being blown back into the home.

How often should you clean dust bags of a robot vacuum?

You should check the dust bags and empty them every time you clean. This is especially important if you have pets or a big area to clean. eufy models have disposable dust bags that should be thrown away when full.

How do you change or clean the eufy robot vacuum dust bag?

Step 1: Slide the top cover open.

Step 2: To take out the dust bag, pull it up on the handle. Make sure to close the dust bag handle after taking it off so that dust doesn't spill out.

Step 3: Get rid of the used dust bag.

Step 4: Put in a clean dust bag.

Step 5: To close the top cover, press down on it.

eufy Robot Vacuum Filter:

Filters are essential for maintaining the air in your home pure by catching allergens and small dust particles.

Filter Set

This accessory comes with two sets of easy-to-install, single-piece filters that will keep your RoboVac cleaning at its best for a long time. These filters work with many models, such as the 11S Max, 15C Max, 30C Max, 25C Max, G10, G30, G30 Edge, G30 Hybrid, G30 Verge, G15, G20, G20 Hybrid, and G32 Pro. They have a V-shape filter layer that is made for high-efficiency performance.

How to change the eufy robot vacuum filter:

If the filter contains too much dust, the eufy RoboVac won't work effectively. You don't have to buy a new vacuum to get your robot working again; you can change a few accessories.

Step 1: Press the button to remove the dust collector and pull it out.


Step 2: Push the blue button to open the dust collector. Empty it and throw all the dust into the trash can.


Step 3: Gently pull the hooks up to remove the pre-filter. Be careful not to break the hook by the filter as you do this.


Step 4: Remove the high-performance filter to the side and clean it with a cleaning brush. Next, remove the foam filter and throw it away in the trash.


Step 5: Clean the pre-filter with the cleaning brush.


Step 6: Insert the pre-filter back into the dust collector. First, use your finger to press the top button, then gently push the filter into place so that it doesn't break the hook.


Step 7: Open the dust collector's back and change the white foam filter with the black high-performance filter. Place the black filter on top of the foam filter.


The robot won't be able to clean properly if the foam filter is not in front of the high-performance filter.

How often should you change the filter?

You should change the filter every two to three months or more often if you have pets or allergies. Cleaning the filter on a regular basis will maintain the vacuum's strong suction and good cleaning power.

Your usage habits will determine how often you need to clean or replace accessories:


Cleaning Frequency

Replacement Frequency

Rolling Brush

1-2 weeks

Every 6 months


1-2 weeks

Every 6 months


6 months

Every 6 months



Every 3-6 months

Side Brush

Once every month

Every 3-6 months

How to Clean and Maintain S1 Pro Accessories

Maintaining S1 Pro accessories must be done for optimal cleaning. Clean and maintain each component using these steps:

Rolling Brush Maintenance

  • Flip the robot over and set it flat on a clean surface.
  • Lift and remove the rolling brush by pressing the brush guard button inward.
  • Manually remove hair tangles. Both brush ends should be cleaned with the provided tool.
  • Reinstall the rolling brush by aligning the brush guard snaps with the body slots and pressing down until you hear a click.

Maintaining Side Brushes

  • Pull out the left and right side brushes.
  • Manually remove the brush.
  • Put the side brushes back in their mounting slots (red on right, grey on left) and press down until they click.

Cleaning Dirty Water Reservoir

  • Slide the dirty water reservoir out by opening the robot's magnetic cover and pressing the release buttons on both sides.
  • Detach the reservoir filter and water sink.
  • Clean the unclean water reservoir after brushing the washbasin and filter.
  • Reassemble the water sink, filter, and reservoir into the robot without gaps after drying.

Maintenance of Clean Water Tank and Dust Bag

  • Open the dust cover and remove the clean water tank.
  • Remove the debris tray from the base station by lifting.
  • Place a new dust bag flat and close the dust cover.
  • Reinstall the swivel wheel until you hear a click after cleaning it with the provided tool.

Rolling Mop Care

  • Remove the dirty water reservoir while the machine is on to drop the rolling mop.
  • Detach the robot by flipping it and pressing the rolling mop button. Use the tool to remove foreign objects.
  • To prevent water damage, wipe the roller mop inside with a damp paper towel.
  • Press the rolling mop into the motor until it clicks, then reconnect the robot's magnetic cover.

High-Performance Filter and Dust Bin Maintenance

  • To clean the dustbin, lift the lever and open the back cover.
  • Clean the high-performance filter and pre-filter with the included tool.
  • Air-dry the filter and dustbin. If debris cannot be removed, replace the filter.
  • Reassemble and insert the robot dust bin.

Maintaining Base Station

  • Air-dry the base station debris tray after tool cleaning.
  • Lift the full dirty water tank, open it, drain out the water, and rinse it.
  • Reinstall the filthy water tank in the base station after closing the cover. Proper placement activates LCD animation.

Following these procedures will keep your S1 Pro clean efficiently and effectively.


Maintaining and replacing your robot vacuum’s accessories is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Regular care of components such as robot vacuum batteries, mops, brushes, dust bags, and filters ensures your robot vacuum operates efficiently and keeps your home clean. Proper battery maintenance extends cleaning sessions, while timely replacement of mops and brushes maintains floor cleanliness. Dust bags and filters, essential for debris collection and air quality, should be replaced regularly to prevent clogs and maintain suction power. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your robot vacuum continues to perform at its best, providing hassle-free and thorough cleaning.

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