Understanding Home Cleaning Prices in 2024: What You Need to Know

According to the latest study by Upmetrics, the home cleaning industry is expected to grow 20% every year by 2026, and 80% of households in the US will be using cleaning services in 2024.

The services have extended beyond scrubbing floors and dusting shelves, requiring tough physical labor and streamlined teams.

Many households think that professionals should consider the total amount of their workload when quoting home cleaning prices. Additionally, understanding the factors influencing the cleaning prices can help customers as well as professionals make informed decisions.

Let’s explore all about home cleaning services, the range of services, and estimated pricing.

basics of home cleaning prices

The Basics of Home Cleaning Prices

Home cleaning services entail a wide range of household cleaning covering the entire area of your house, ranging from mopping floors, making the bed, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and dusting all surfaces. These services involve multiple capacities, including one-time, monthly, quarterly, and repetitive use.

Thus, home cleaning costs are based on whichever package you want to avail or services you want to acquire.

Following are the different home cleaning services.

Basic House Cleaning

The basic-level cleaning services charge hourly rates with a minimum two-hour limit. Standard house cleaning includes dusting and scrubbing the apparent surfaces of your house. For the first time, most of them usually demand extra to deep clean your house.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is relatively more pricey than basic cleaning because it includes cleaning every part and every object of your house for multiple rounds. It is used for houses that haven’t been used for many years or surfaces that have not been cleaned in a while.

Move-Out Cleaning

Similar to deep cleaning, move-out cleaning is also expensive as it requires more effort and some irregular work like cleaning inside ovens and fridges.

After-Event Cleaning

Most people don’t feel like cleaning after a party or an event. For them, there’s an after-event cleaning, and the cost depends on the number of rooms to cover and the cleaning requirements.

Now that you know the range of services, here’s the average price range for these services:

Hourly Rates

Most cleaners charge by hours for basic cleaning, charging $20 to $50 for every cleaner, depending on the location.

Per Square Foot Rates

This method is the easiest and most preferred for determining the average home cleaning price. In most cities, the prices are around 5¢ to 10¢ for every square foot of routine cleaning.

Price by Room and Bathroom

Some consider per-room pricing easy to estimate, especially when most people don’t know the square footage of the surfaces requiring cleaning services. It ranges from $75 to $130, adding $25 per room and $10 per bathroom.

Factors Affecting Home Cleaning Costs

As we’ve mentioned, there are many influential factors that can impact the pricing of home cleaning services. Based on these factors, you can find a cleaner that aligns with your budget. Following are a few of them:

Size and Condition

The most significant factor is the size of your home and the condition you’re living in. There are different rates for rooms, flats, penthouses, and big houses. If your space is large, then it’ll cost you more.


The pricing range can differ from location to location, even if they’re near each other. It is recommended that you call your local cleaners to save unnecessary costs.

Type of Cleaning Service

Home cleaning prices also differ on the type of service you require because of the resources it’ll take to clean.


Another key factor is how frequently your home is cleaned. It takes more to just clean once as it requires more effort than weekly cleaning.

Specialized Cleaning Services and Their Costs

When we mentioned that home cleaning isn’t restricted to floors and surfaces, it meant the home cleaning service deviated towards specialized cleaning. It involves cleaning specific furniture, certain parts of the house, or cleaning techniques. One of the prominent specialized cleaning aspects is home air duct cleaning, impacting your home environment.

As per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average home air duct cleaning cost ranges from $450 to $1000. It also depends on the size of your house and the number of vents because if you have a big house, then there will be more vents and ducts, requiring more labor and equipment to clean.

Another key factor affecting the home duct cleaning cost is the accessibility of your home’s HVAC system. Some houses don’t have a proper mechanism to reach the ducts, so the cleaners charge extra for labor-intensive cleaning. Most households tend to use air duct cleaning as part of their home’s specialized cleaning task as it reflects on the efficiency of your HVAC system as well as the air you’re breathing in your home.

How to Get the Best Value for Home Cleaning

Finding the right cleaners to take over your home is also a daunting task to achieve. Having an extensive area of services to cover, it often gets difficult to find home cleaners that offer the best value within your budget. Here are some of our expert tips for hiring a great cleaner with budget-friendly pricing:

Be Clear on Your Home Cleaning Requirements

The first step is to be transparent about the services you need for your home. Whether it be regular maintenance and basic cleaning or specialized deep cleaning, the clearer you are, the more benefits you can reap from cleaners.

Research is Mandatory

Don’t hire the first cleaner you come across. Take recommendations from friends and family who have tried the services themselves. You can also go through online reviews about the cleaners and pick the one that is rated the best out of them.

Ask for Credentials and Certifications

If the cleaners have certificates or affiliations from renowned cleaning companies, then their services are more likely to be professional and up to industry standards. The certifications also impact their cleaning practices.

Check for Training

Research the safety protocols before hiring any cleaning service and judge your cleaners based on them. If your cleaner is trained in the best cleaning techniques, customer service, and safety procedures, they’re ideal.

Compare Quotes from Different Cleaners

Every cleaning company and individual cleaners have different rates and pricing factors. So, look through different quotes and then choose the one that suits your budget. If the cleaners are charging suspiciously low prices, then it means there are hidden charges, so make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Regular vs. One-Time Cleaning Services

So, what’s the difference between on-time cleaning and regular cleaning? Most of you must be wondering, apart from the frequency of cleaning, what the drastic difference is between these two types of cleaning.

Regular Cleaning

When hiring professional cleaners for regular home cleaning, they’ll ask for weekly or biweekly sessions. Most people go for regular cleaning to maintain a clean environment around the house and require less. It includes tidying up the entire house, including basic chores for bathrooms and kitchen. It takes around 2-6 hours for smaller homes, and for houses with more than 5 rooms, it takes up to 8 hours.

One-Time Cleaning

One-time cleaning is basically deep cleaning that you need to invest in for the initial phase of hiring professional cleaners. It is more expensive than regular cleaning because it covers every tiny detail of your house. It removes deep stuck grime and dirt in your home, which isn’t considered in regular cleaning, taking 4 to 8 hours.

Comparing Cleaning Service Providers

When hiring a cleansing service provider, it is important to take your time with research and go for the best possible option that matches your requirements and goals. Here are some of the popular home cleaning service providers:

  • Merry Maids: With more than 40 years in the cleaning industry, Merry Maids is one of the most reliable options for home cleaning needs. They curate personalized packages and customized services for every home.
  • Molly Maid: Offering a wide range of cleaning packages, Molly Maid provides specialized cleaning services, including regular house maintenance. They excel in move-out cleaning to simplify your journey.
  • The Cleaning Authority: Known for their systematic cleaning rotation system and eco-friendly cleaning techniques, The Cleaning Authority provides 100% satisfaction to their clients.

what to look for in a cleaning service

What To Look For in a Cleaning Service

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect cleaner, then consider the one having the following three characteristics:

Professionalism: Always prioritize professional cleaning service providers. If they have professionalism, they’ll be committed to their work, which will reflect on their work.

Warranty: Your home is precious, and its things must hold significant value for you. Your cleaners should give you a warranty about the quality of their cleaning.

No-Contract Services: If you like a certain cleaner, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like them after a year. They may lose touch or slack off with cleaning, so you shouldn’t sign any contract, and if you do, it shouldn’t be a long-term contract.

How to Use Online Cost Calculators to Estimate Your Cleaning Project

If you’re unsure if your cleaners are charging the right amount for the job you’re asking for, then you can also go for online cleaning service cost estimators. It works by asking a set of questions from you regarding the nature of cleaning and the space that needs cleaning. After that, it gives you an estimated range for the work to help you save time and money.

Saving on Home Cleaning Services

Some people like cleaning their house in between monthly or quarterly cleaning sessions. Following are some simple tips to keep your home tidy to save you from maintaining a clean home between professional cleanings:

  • Prepare a systematic cleaning schedule
  • Declutter unnecessary stuff regularly
  • Don’t let your clothes pile up on the chair
  • Clean spills and stains immediately
  • Get long-lasting cleaning tools or invest in homemade organic cleaning products
  • Focus on frequently used areas like kitchen counter, dining tables, bed, side tables in bedroom, bathroom sink, etc.
  • Include your family in the cleaning process


Home cleaning services aren’t simple; they involve detailed research to find the perfect cleaners that fit your budget. With the fluctuating prices of home cleaning in 2024, you shouldn’t go for only cost-effective options, you have to go for the one that gives you efficiency.

Don’t let the expensive cleaning packages haunt you! Try a free estimate from a local home cleaning service provider.

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