A Comprehensive Guide – Best Robot Vacuum for a Big House

In the rapidly changing world that we live in, convenience is the key to everything that we do. When it is about doing household chores, robotic vacuum cleaners can be a real game-changer. However, big houses are more challenging to clean with robot vacuums as they are usually designed to handle normal-sized rooms and spaces.

For big houses, where cleanliness is already an issue, the wrong choice of a robot vacuum can lead to a waste of time, money and further problems. This comprehensive article can help readers make a better decision regarding the robot vacuum for their big house.

how many square feet will a robotic vacuum clean?

The mapping feature is a crucial factor in determining how many square feet a robotic vacuum can clean. Older models often limit the maximum mapping area to 2,000 or 3,000 square feet, preventing the vacuum from operating beyond this range. However, most modern robotic vacuums do not have such mapping limitations. This means within the range of their base stations or Wi-Fi, robot vacuums can clean as many square feet as they mapped.

And what about concerns regarding battery life or water tank capacity? Fortunately, many robotic vacuums now offer auto-return and continuous cleaning features. After recharging, self-emptying, or self-refilling, these vacuums can navigate back to where they left off and continue cleaning seamlessly. Most eufy robovac can do this, even the most basic model.

Multi-Floor Mapping

Big houses are usually full of furniture such as chairs, stools, tables and lamps. Therefore, when we talk about big houses, robot vacuums need to have multi-floor mapping features. With the mapping ability, obstacle avoidance becomes easier. Now the robot vacuums can clean the home and automatically navigate it, no matter how large the house is. These vacuums have special sensors for navigating bigger spaces as they build virtual maps for accurate maneuvering.

Part 2: Recommended New Flagship Models Based on Above Features

Here are the top robot vacuums that make cleaning a big house a breeze.

eufy S1 Pro

eufy S1 Pro


eufy is all set to storm the robot vacuums’ realm by introducing the world’s first-ever floor washing machine with an all-in-one station known as eufy S1 Pro. The launch is scheduled for 19th June, at noon.

Here are some of the key features that it is offering:

  • Extended Battery Life– With a 4600mAh battery inside, the eufy S1 Pro has an extended battery life that can last for 170 minutes in standard mode. This means that it has plenty of battery life to cover larger areas in a single cleaning session.
  • Advanced Navigation– eufy S1 Pro boasts a 3D Matrix Eye System that uses sensors and a camera combined with AI for advanced navigation and avoiding obstacles such as cables, shoes and even pet bowls. This model will go about its cleaning business without any requirements for intervention.
  • Strong Suction– The 8000pa suction power puts the eufy S1 Pro at the top of the list of models with excellent suction power. With these suction capabilities, it picks up nearly everything on carpets and hard floors.

Verdict: Its massive battery life makes it ideal for cleaning larger spaces with minimal interruptions.

eufy X10 Pro

eufy X10 Pro

eufy’s X10 Pro Omni was an improvement to the X9 Pro, and it is some improvement! It comes with some amazing features, making it a priority for many buyers:

  • High Battery Capacity– It has a fairly decent battery life. It can clean the entire floor in nearly one and a half hours using 75% of its battery.
  • Precise Mapping– The mapping function on X10 Pro also works reasonably well. It can store precise multiple maps of multiple floors without any hiccups, making it an ideal choice for bigger houses.
  • Powerful Performance– On maximum, it boasts a suction power of nearly 8000 pascals, which is amazingly powerful.

Verdict: Optimal for multi-floor homes with its robust cleaning capabilities.

Dreame X30

Dreame X30 offers solutions to several problems that its competitors have been unable to handle. Here are some of its most notable features:

  • Long Battery Life– The X30 has an impressive battery time and can mop and vacuum large houses in less than 1.5 hours. During an ordinary run, it wouldn’t even go down 50%. On a single charge, it can last for 260 minutes, covering 2615 square feet.
  • Smart Navigation– It does a fine job traversing different objects, getting below sofas and beds and sweeping the corners. It labels its map with icons and highlights obstacles like cords and fabric.
  • Versatile Cleaning Modes– It has two basic cleaning modes – CleanGenius lets the robot set its parameters by the user simply specifying whether they want regular or deep cleaning. The customized mode offers five different cleaning modes – Mop, Vacuum, Mop After Vac, Vac & Mop, and Customize Room Cleaning for personalized preferences.

Verdict: Very effective for large spaces with comprehensive cleaning features.

Dreame X40

Dreame’s X40 stands out from all its predecessors. Some of its best features include:

  • Superior Battery Performance– X40 does well in battery evaluations, providing almost perfect floor plan coverage without any hiccups. It has one of the longest-lasting batteries in the market and can run for 194 minutes on even low power.
  • Advanced Mapping– The X40 app offers advanced features such as 3D mapping, zone and room cleaning and virtual barriers.
  • Strong Suction– When it comes to suction power, X40 is a powerhouse. Its 12000 pascals suction is good enough to outperform its competitors and predecessors.

Verdict: Suitable for extensive areas and efficient multi-floor mapping

Roborock S8

Roborock’s S8 may be expensive, but it is totally worth it. It offers the following features:

  • Large Battery Capacity– Roborock’s S8 comes with impressive battery capacity. It can clean around for a long time without needing too much recharging.
  • Intelligent Mapping– S8 also has a cool 3D version of the map that it builds, letting it visualize furniture in the house.
  • Powerful Suction– With 6000 Pa of suction power when fully charged, it may not be as powerful as its competitors. However, it is definitely an improvement from its previous models.

Verdict: Ideal for big houses, enhanced navigation and cleaning power

Here's a full guide to best robot vacuum for you.

Part 3: Is a Robot Vacuum a Good Choice for a Large House?

Robotic vacuums can be a good choice for a larger house, however, their effectiveness is dependent on a few factors:

  • Size– Most robot vacuums are not designed for handling larger houses and may need to recharge several times in order to cover the whole area. For bigger houses, it is better to have an advanced model with a longer battery life.
  • Floor Type– Big houses may be decorated with rugs or carpets, which may be a challenge for some robot vacuums as they may struggle to navigate.
  • Obstacles– Bigger houses also have more furniture and obstacles around, such as stairs, furniture and clutter, which can impact the overall cleaning abilities of the vacuum. It is better to select a vacuum with mapping techniques for easier navigation during cleaning.


Choosing the right kind of robot vacuum cleaner for a bigger house involves a careful evaluation of the specific cleaning needs and preferences. Through consideration of different factors such as floor types, room size, and other features, one can make a well-informed decision that suits the overall lifestyle and layover of the house. Happy vacuuming!

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