Baby Monitor vs Security Camera: What is the Difference?

Choosing between a baby monitor and a security camera can be perplexing, especially for new parents. Both devices serve the same purpose- to surveil and watch a room or area. However, their functionalities, design specifications, and intended use cases differ significantly. This guide delves into the nuances of both devices, helping you understand their roles in ensuring safety and peace of mind. By comparing their features, advantages, and limitations, we aim to provide clarity on which device best suits your family's needs. Keep reading!

Baby Monitor vs Security Camera

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Understanding Baby Monitor

As parents, our primary desire is to provide a secure environment for our children.

Thanks to baby monitors, keeping track of your small one any time of the day has never been easier. These devices let parents and caregivers monitor their infants or young children even if they are not in the same room.

A baby monitor functions similarly to home security cameras. They both use technologies that transmit video (and even audio) signals from your baby’s room to a monitor or device in another location. Some of the latest baby monitors even have functions such as night vision, temperature monitoring, and movement sensors.

eufy Baby Monitor

Below are the pros and cons of using a baby monitor:


  • It gives parents peace of mind and a sense of security even if they aren’t in the same room as their baby.
  • The device frees up parents to do other tasks during idle times, such as when the baby sleeps, while still having the means to monitor their little ones.
  • Baby monitor models with two-way communication allow parents to talk to their children, soothe their babies, and put them at ease.
  • Most baby monitors now have mobile app integration, allowing parents to check on their baby remotely using smartphones or tablets.
  • Some models also have advanced features to help you understand your baby’s sleep patterns.


  • Setting up and using the multiple features of baby monitors requires a learning curve for parents.
  • Baby monitors with advanced features can be expensive, and a setup with multiple cameras equates to extra costs.

So, are camera baby monitors worth it? If you are a parent who values the well-being and development of your infant, then it’s an excellent investment to purchase as your child is born.


Understanding Security Camera

Many are familiar with security cameras. They are commonly used for surveilling and recording activities in a specific area. You can also use them in the baby room as a means to monitor your child.

Much like your baby camera, they too have a wide array of features that can help you in monitoring your child 24/7. These cameras typically have night vision and are equipped with motion detection capabilities.

eufy security camera

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of security cameras:


  • They are generally versatile in surveillance work and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Security cameras often have a wide viewing angle, which allows them to cover larger areas.
  • These cameras also have advanced features like wide-angle lenses and facial recognition.
  • You can integrate multiple security cameras into your smart home systems.


  • Security cameras lack crucial features such as temperature and humidity sensors that are crucial in monitoring your baby.
  • Setting up a security camera is more complex compared to a dedicated baby camera.

While security cameras are great for a good deal of surveillance work, they usually lack a few features that give baby monitors the edge of keeping an eye on your young ones.

Key Differences Between Baby Monitors and Security Cameras

Because they function similarly, some people are tempted to replace their baby monitors with security cameras. However, we discourage parents from doing this because these two systems have subtle differences.

Baby monitors were developed mainly to monitor your infant, while security cameras were designed to watch over an area or property. Below are some of the key differences between baby monitor vs security camera:


Video and Audio Capabilities

A baby monitor’s view is often limited only to the area of the crib. Moreover, it only alerts you of sounds or motions from the baby. In contrast, security cameras continuously track and record every indoor or outdoor activity that is within its range of view. They also alert you of any suspicious motions or sounds in an area.


Connectivity and Range

Baby monitors tend to have shorter ranges because they are meant to be used within a home. They usually operate using Wi-Fi connectivity and other dedicated frequencies. A security camera, however, is designed for indoor and outdoor use and has short- and long-range monitoring capabilities.


Security and Privacy

Security cameras capture private family activities, mostly in indoor settings. In some cases, it may raise privacy issues for family members. Meanwhile, baby monitors only broadcast an infant’s room, and the recordings are generally meant for the parents only.


Price and Investment

Generally, baby monitors are more affordable than security camera systems. The former also has a broader range of features meant for watching children. If you want a budget-friendly option, go for the baby monitor, but if you want a system that offers better surveillance, then go for a security camera.

From this information, you might be asking if you should use a security camera as a baby monitor. While you can still use a security camera to watch over your child, they are not tailored to the task and may lack significant features. Furthermore, they are generally a bit more expensive, which means you are spending a few extra dollars for some technology you rarely use, such as Zoom and Spotlight.


Best Baby Monitor Recommendation: eufy Smart Sock S340

eufy smart sock

Every parent is concerned about their infant’s health and well-being. Hence, getting a baby monitor is an excellent choice for those who want to monitor how their kids are doing, especially if their baby is hungry, sleepy, or needs a diaper change.

The eufy Smart Sock S340 is a baby wellness tracking device with a 2K resolution camera and an app that helps you monitor everything about your child. The camera has incredible close-up coverage with its ability to zoom, pan, and tilt. To use it, simply mount the device on top of the baby’s crib. You can also use an adjustable crib mat clamp to secure it in place.

Meanwhile, you need to attach the smart sock to your baby’s foot. It has various sensors that help you monitor your baby’s status livestream. Using the eafy Baby’s app, you can see their heart rate, sleep state, what time they went to sleep, and their cumulative sleep time for a session.

Best of all, you can access your data without a monthly subscription. Its Fresnel lens allows accurate readings to help you better understand your baby’s sleep patterns. The camera can tilt 110 degrees and pan 330 degrees. It also has a 4x zoom and night vision.

The smart sock is flexible, dirt-resistant, and made from washable material. It comes in three sizes, meaning it can grow with your baby, and they can wear them until they are 18 months old. This device’s battery can last up to 24 hours on a full charge.


  • Comfortable smart sock that gets vital data such as oxygen levels and heart rate.
  • A Fresnel lens that can capture 2K resolution video.
  • A non-invasive night vision for night-time monitoring.
  • Free access to your baby’s data plus customizable alerts.
  • Eligible for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA)

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Monitoring your child is an integral part of being a parent, which goes double if they are still infants. Fortunately, our modern way of living has produced devices such as baby monitors to help us keep watch on our children even if we are not in the same room as they are.

Purchasing a baby monitor is also an excellent investment that rewards the parents and, more importantly, their children. Remember to pick one made from materials safe for infants and recommended by health professionals.



How Much Should You Spend on a Baby Monitor?

It depends on several factors, such as your budget and the features you would like the baby monitor to have. Baby monitors typically cost under $100 for video-only models and as much as $400 for the high-end units. We recommend picking one that checks your requirements and offers the best value for your money.


H3-Do Baby Monitors Have Night Vision?

Many modern baby monitors have night vision functionality, allowing parents to monitor their child even in low-light or dark conditions. A baby monitor achieves night vision capabilities through infrared (IR) technology. The great thing about these baby monitors is they can operate 24/7.


At What Age Should You Stop Using a Video Baby Monitor?

Most parents stop using a video baby monitor when their child is 2 to 3 years old. Most kids have a regular sleeping pattern and may require less monitoring. However, if you need to monitor your kids based on specific circumstances, you can keep using them until you are comfortable enough to retire the device.

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