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eufy smart sock monitors baby's heart rate and oxygen, sending real-time updates to you for peace of mind.

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  • Ensure Peace of Mind in Baby Monitoring with Smart Socks

    The smart sock is one of the most innovative baby security products designed to prioritize your baby's safety and take baby monitoring to new heights, providing parents with unparalleled assurance. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these smart sock baby monitors utilize precise sensors to monitor your baby's vital signs so that you can rest assured knowing that any irregularities will be promptly detected, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively. eufy smart socks revolutionize the way you monitor your baby, offering a comprehensive range of features that prioritize accuracy, comfort, and convenience. With our state-of-the-art baby sock monitors, you can ensure your baby's well-being and enjoy a worry-free parenting experience.
    With a Fresnel lens to track real-time sleep data, including heart rate, sleep status, and movements, our baby foot monitors keep you informed about your baby's well-being without the need for a monthly fee. It goes beyond monitoring by generating daily sleep reports, offering valuable insights into your baby's sleep patterns. In addition, when your baby is awake or fussy, you can stay connected and responsive with instant notifications sent to both the base and your phone. What's more, the smart baby monitors, equipped with a 2K resolution camera, can capture every detail in crystal-clear clarity, and its non-invasive night vision allows you to monitor your baby even in low-light conditions. More importantly, our baby smart socks are made from a dirt-resistant, flexible, and washable material that is gentle on your baby's skin, ensuring a comfortable fit for any newborn up to 18 months old. So invest in the eufy baby socks and embrace the journey of parenthood with confidence, enjoying that your baby is monitored with precision and care.

  • FAQ

    How do I monitor my baby when sleeping?

    To monitor your baby when sleeping, try several options as follows:
    1. Use a baby monitor, which includes a camera and audio system to observe and listen to your baby from a separate room.
    2. Use a wearable baby monitor, such as a smart sock or a motion sensor. For more information about what is a smart sock, check eufy S340 smart sock as an example, which tracks your baby's sleep status, heart rate, and movements via sensors and lenses. These smart socks for babies provide real-time data and can send alerts to your phone if any abnormalities are detected.
    3. Opt for audio-only monitors that allow you to hear your baby's sounds and cries.

    Is eufy smart sock safe for my baby?

    Yes, eufy sock for baby monitors is safe for daily use with your baby when used as instructed. First, the sock is made from high-quality fabric that provides a comfortable and secure fit on your baby's feet. So it does not pose any known risks or harm when used properly. Besides, the sensor utilizes PPG (photoplethysmography) technology to track your baby's sleep by measuring light reflections and movements.

    What age are the smart socks designed for?

    This depends on brands and products. Most smart socks like eufy's baby heart & sleep monitor socks are designed to be worn by newborn babies up to 18 months old. However, some brands may have a few models for babies up to 5 years old. Please check the size of these baby breathing monitor socks and your baby's foot to find a match.