Best Breast Pump for Large Breasts: 6 Recommendations for 2024

Breast pumping can be a challenging and sometimes uncomfortable experience, especially for mothers with larger breasts. The right breast pump can make all the difference, helping you express milk efficiently and comfortably.

In this guide, we're focusing on the best breast pumps for large breasts, considering their unique needs and requirements. We'll explore the common challenges faced by large-breasted mothers, highlight the 6 options for the best breast pump for large breasts, and discuss the key factors you should consider when selecting a pump. Let's dive in and find the perfect breast pump for your needs.


Challenges of Breast Pumping for Large-Breasted Mothers

Breast pumping with large breasts poses unique challenges. It can be difficult to find a comfortable pump that fits properly, provides adequate suction, and is easy to use. Large-breasted mothers often experience issues like leakage, poor suction, and discomfort due to ill-fitting flanges. The weight of the breasts can also make pumping positions challenging, leading to awkward postures and back strain. Finding the best breast pump large breasts can make all the difference, providing a more comfortable and efficient experience.

6 Best Breast Pumps for Large Breasts

Selecting the best breast pump for larger breast requires considering comfort, flexibility, and the ability to accommodate different breast sizes. Here are the top five breast pumps for larger breasts and the reasons for their inclusion:

1. eufy Wearable Breast Pump S1 Pro

The eufy wearable breast pump S1 Pro is the ultimate choice for large-breasted individuals seeking comfort and efficiency. With its smart pumping feature and innovative OptiRhythm™ technology, effortlessly manage pumping sessions through the eufy Baby app. Designed specifically for comfort, the eufy pump features 105° angle flanges and soft silicone materials, ensuring a gentle and snug fit for large breasts. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to seamless pumping with eufy. Whether you're at home or on the go, eufy offers unmatched comfort and convenience for large-breasted individuals.

eufy Wearable Breast Pump: Pump Warm for a Better Flow

  • The world’s first HeatFlow™ technology revolutionizes pumping for unparalleled comfort.
  • Offers up to 300 mmHg hospital-grade suction power for efficient milk extraction.
  • prioritizes pumping comfort with uniquely angled 105° flanges and soft silicone.
  • Simplifies your pumping routine with the eufy Baby app.

2. Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump


The Medela Freestyle Hands-Free Double Electric Wearable Breast Pump is an excellent choice for larger breasts because it offers a range of flange size options to suit different breast sizes and shapes. Its strong suction, with adjustable levels, ensures efficient milk expression while allowing users to customize settings for comfort. The lightweight cups and soft materials make it comfortable to wear, and its USB rechargeable battery adds to its portability. Additionally, it's compatible with Medela bottles and other accessories, making this best breast pumps for large breasts a versatile option for feeding and storage.

3. Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump S12 Pro


The Momcozy Wearable Breast Pump S12 Pro is designed to sit inside your bra, providing a discreet and comfortable pumping experience. Its double-sealed flange ensures a strong suction seal, reducing the risk of leakage. The pump offers three modes and nine levels of suction strength, allowing users to find the perfect balance between comfort and efficiency. The lightweight design and wireless functionality make it highly portable, while its compatibility with most bras and milk bags adds convenience.

4. Lola and Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump


The Lola and Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump offers six stimulation settings and nine expression modes, providing a customizable pumping experience to suit various breast sizes. Its ultra-soft silicone breast shield ensures comfort, while the wireless and lightweight design, combined with a long-lasting battery, makes it ideal for portable use. This pump is also compatible with standard milk bags, allowing for direct pumping into bags for added convenience.

5. Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump


The Medela Harmony Flex Manual Breast Pump is an excellent manual pump option for larger breasts, featuring Flex breast shields with a 360-degree rotatable rim for a comfortable fit. It uses Medela's 2-Phase Expression technology, providing a gentle suction that mimics a baby's natural sucking pattern. This lightweight and portable pump is easy to use and carry, making it suitable for on-the-go pumping. It is also compatible with Medela bottles, facilitating easy feeding and storage.

6. Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump


The Lansinoh 2 in 1 Double Electric Breast Pump is a versatile pump that accommodates larger breasts with its wide neck and adjustable flange size. It offers strong suction with multiple levels for effective milk expression and has dual-pump functionality, allowing users to pump from both breasts simultaneously. The soft breast shields and lightweight design contribute to comfort during use. Its ability to operate on batteries or when plugged in adds flexibility and portability. Additionally, the compatibility with Lansinoh bottles and other accessories makes it a convenient choice for seamless feeding and storage.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Breast Pump for Large Breasts

When choosing a breast pump for large breasts, it's important to consider several factors to ensure comfort, efficiency, and ease of use:

  1. Flange Size Options: The flange is the part of the pump that makes contact with the breast. It's essential to have a proper fit for effective suction and comfort. Look for pumps that offer multiple flange sizes or adjustable flanges to accommodate different breast shapes and sizes.
  1. Suction Strength: Strong suction is vital for effective milk expression, but it shouldn't be too harsh. Choose a pump with adjustable suction levels to find the right balance between comfort and efficiency. This is especially important for larger breasts, as they may require stronger suction for thorough milk extraction.
  1. Adjustable Settings: Customizable settings, like variable suction levels and pumping modes, can make a significant difference. This allows you to adjust the pump to your preference, providing a more personalized and comfortable experience.
  1. Comfort Features: Comfort is crucial for a positive pumping experience. Look for pumps with features like soft breast shields, lightweight designs, and ergonomic handles or controls. These features can reduce discomfort, especially for mothers with larger breasts who may need longer pumping sessions.
  1. Portability: A portable breast pump is ideal for mothers who need to pump on the go. Consider pumps that are lightweight, wireless, and have rechargeable batteries. This makes it easier to pump wherever you are, whether at work, traveling, or running errands.
  1. Compatibility: Compatibility with other breastfeeding accessories, like bottles and milk storage bags, can be a huge convenience. Choose a pump that is compatible with a range of accessories, allowing for seamless transitions from pumping to feeding and storage.

By considering these factors, you can find a breast pump that suits your needs as a large-breasted mother.


Finding the best breast pump for large breasts can make a significant difference in your breastfeeding journey. With the right pump, you can enjoy a more comfortable and efficient pumping experience. Consider the top 6 recommendations and the key factors outlined above to make an informed choice. Whether you prefer manual or electric, wearable or traditional, there's a pump that suits your needs.


Do wearable breast pumps work with large breasts?

Yes. Wearable breast pumps can work with large breasts, but they require a well-fitting bra to ensure proper support and a secure fit. These pumps are designed to be discreet and sit comfortably inside your bra, allowing you to pump hands-free.

Does breast size affect pumping?

Breast size can affect the pumping experience, particularly in terms of comfort and flange fit. Larger breasts may require larger flanges or pumps with adjustable settings to ensure a comfortable and effective pumping experience.

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