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  • eufy Wi-Fi Baby Monitor: Convenience & Peace

    A baby monitor with WiFi is a device that allows parents to remotely monitor their baby using a wireless internet connection. It typically includes a camera placed in the baby's room that streams live video and audio to a smartphone, tablet, or computer through a dedicated app. This enables parents to check on their baby's well-being anywhere conveniently.
    eufy has a first-class collection of Wi Fi video baby monitors to cater to your monitoring needs. Boasting up to 2K resolution, our WiFi baby cameras far exceed other similar products in image clarity. Moreover, the 330°pan, 110°tilt, and 4x zoom features ensure every detail in every corner is preserved with perfection, allowing you to check whatever your baby is up to. But these are only a small part of the superiority of eufy’s baby monitor camera WiFi: our baby monitors with WiFi and screens are also equipped with functions like sound detection, room temperature detection, and infrared night vision, alerting you of any abnormalities (such as excessive noise and change in temperature) and letting you check on your baby at night with ease. Furthermore, with an SD card of up to 32GB included, every moment is recorded locally to allow for retrieval even for years to come with our WiFi enabled baby monitors. In short, eufy’s WiFi baby monitors with screens bring unmatched peace of mind to parents. Check out eufy’s best baby monitor with WiFi and stay connected with your baby anywhere you go!

  • FAQ

    Are WiFi baby monitors worth it?

    Yes. WiFi baby monitors are definitely worth it for the following reasons:
    Remote Monitoring: WiFi baby monitors allow you to monitor your baby's activity from your smartphone, tablet, or computer anywhere with an internet connection. This can be especially convenient when you're not at home.
    High Resolution: Many WiFi baby monitors like the eufy Wi-Fi Baby Monitor boast an exceptionally high resolution of up to 2K, displaying stunning clarity and detail.
    Advanced Features: Many WiFi baby monitors come with advanced features like two-way audio, night vision, temperature sensors, motion detection and so on, ensuring the well-being of your baby in an all-round manner.

    Can I use a Wi-Fi camera as a baby monitor?

    Yes, you can use a Wi-Fi security camera as a baby monitor. Many modern Wi-Fi cameras come with features like live video streaming, two-way audio, and smartphone app integration, making them suitable for monitoring your baby. However, more parents prefer WiFi baby monitors with parent units that are specifically optimized for monitoring babies like features of sound and temperature detection to provide more peace of mind for parents.

    Can all WiFi baby monitors be hacked?

    There is indeed some chance that WiFi baby monitors can be subject to unauthorized access. However, many manufacturers of WiFi baby monitors like eufy are mitigating the chance of successful attacks by storing data locally with advanced encryption technologies. For example, the eufy Wi-Fi Baby Monitor utilizes AES 128-bit military-grade encryption to safeguard its local data, ensuring ultimate security and privacy.