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Since 2016, the home has been at the forefront of everything we do. Combining our expertise in smart cleaning technology and our pursuit of excellence, eufy Clean is committed to protecting the health of you and your family.
  • Revolutionize Cleaning with Smart eufy Vacuum Cleaners

    Vacuum cleaners are used to efficiently and effectively remove dust, dirt, and debris from various surfaces, providing a cleaner and healthier living environment and saving time and effort for users. Discover the ultimate cleaning companions in eufy smart vacuum cleaners, designed to revolutionize your cleaning routine and deliver exceptional results.
    With a lightweight and cordless design, our floor cleaner machines offer nimble and hassle-free cleaning, effortlessly reaching every corner of your home. Furthermore, eufy floor vacuum cleaners adapt to any cleaning scenario thanks to 5 ultra-versatile vacuum attachments, making them the perfect choice for tackling various messes. What's more, you can't miss the functionality and convenience shined through the outstanding features of eufy vacuum cleaner for homes. LED lights in the brush-head illuminate dark areas, ensuring no speck of dirt goes unnoticed. Meanwhile, the Hyper-Flex head allows smooth navigation around sharp bends and corners, leaving no spot untouched. Whether you're shopping vacuum cleaners for quick and powerful cleaning in your car, or buying a vacuum cleaner to pick up pet hair and maintain a clean home, eufy offers remarkable deep cleaning vacuum models with 40AW or 80AW suction power to suit your different needs. So explore and choose eufy vacuum cleaners on sale and take control of your cleaning, enjoying efficiency, versatility, and the satisfaction of a spotless home.

  • FAQ

    What is the best vacuum cleaner to buy?

    The best vacuum cleaner deals depend on individual preferences and needs. Please consider factors like the type of flooring, pet hair, allergies, and budget to find the perfect match. Check the following eufy cleaning appliances for home for references:
    1.X8 Pro Robotic Vacuum with Self-Empty Station - Hair-Free, Tangle-Free,Hands-Free, All in one
    2.eufy Clean X9 Pro - Hands-Free MopMaster™ & 5,500 Pa Strong Suction

    What is a good suction power for vacuum cleaner?

    A good suction power for a good vacuum cleaner is typically measured in air watts (AW) or pascals (Pa). For efficient cleaning, look for models with suction power ranging from 70AW to 150AW or more, depending on your cleaning needs and the type of surfaces you have to clean. Higher suction power is generally better for tackling tough dirt and debris.

    How much is a vacuum cleaner?

    The price of a vacuum cleaner can vary widely depending on the brand, model, features, and performance. Basic models or discount vacuum cleaners can start as low as 50€, while high-end new vacuums or specialized vacuum cleaners can cost several hundred dollars or more. Please consider your cleaning needs and budget and check out eufy's collection of good vacuum cleaners with sufficient suction power and efficient cleaning at less than 200€.