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  • Experience Unparalleled Security with Advanced Alarm Systems

    Alarm systems play a vital role in safeguarding homes and providing a sense of security. They act as a reliable deterrent against burglaries and intrusions by effectively detecting and alerting homeowners of potential threats. At Eufy, we understand the importance of comprehensive security solutions, which is why we offer a range of state-of-the-art home alarm systems that integrate advanced technology and user-friendly features.

    Our alarm systems for homes are designed to provide exceptional security while being versatile and easy to use. First, our house alarm systems generally comprise HomeBase products, a keypad, entry sensors, and motion sensors, to create a complete security setup tailored to your needs. The entry sensors are easily attachable to doors, garages, or windows, ensuring reliable detection and protection. Meanwhile, our motion sensors cover a wide 100° field of view and can detect motion up to 30 feet away. Whenever suspicious activity is detected, you'll receive immediate alerts, allowing you to take prompt action. In addition, our alarm systems for houses also offer additional features that enhance their functionality and provide peace of mind. With a built-in siren, 16 TB expandable local storage, and BionicMind™ AI processing, you can trust that not only your home security is worry-free, but also that your data is yours alone without any monthly fee. Furthermore, our alarms for home security are compatible with popular voice control platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling convenient management and control.

    Overall, with intuitive features, long-lasting battery life, and reliable detection capabilities, our advanced security alarm systems provide unparalleled protection and convenience for your home. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing security setup or start from scratch, we invite you to explore our range of advanced home alarm security systems and experience peace of mind with comprehensive home security. Visit us today and take the first step towards a safer and more secure home.

  • FAQ

    How much do alarm systems cost?

    The cost of residental alarm systems can vary a lot depending on the brand, features, size of the system, etc. Basic alarm systems can start at around tens of dollars, while more advanced systems with additional components and features can range from $100 to $1000 or more. Additionally, there may be additional costs for professional installation, monthly monitoring fees, and optional add-ons. If you're looking for an affordable but quality alarm security system for homes, explore eufy alarms which cost only over 100 dollars to provide comprehensive security protection.

    What is the most common alarm system?

    The most common alarm system used in residential and commercial settings is the burglar alarm system designed to detect unauthorized entry into premises and alert occupants or security personnel of potential intrusions. A highly recommended smart alarm system for homes is eufy's 5-piece home alarm kit which includes entry sensors for doors or windows, eufy security motion sensor, a keypad, and a HomeBase device to empower your home monitoring and ensure round-the-clock protection.