Wired Cameras

eufy Security's Edge Ecosystem operates locally at every possible stage, ensuring your data is yours alone and eliminating monthly fees.
  • Wired Security Cameras: Unleashing the Power of Protection & Precision

    Wired security cameras are indispensable for safeguarding your home and properties. Offering unparalleled surveillance and peace of mind, they provide reliable monitoring that you can count on. Eufy takes wired security camera systems to the next level with their exceptional features and functionality, ensuring your home is protected like never before.

    With cutting-edge on-device AI processing, including pet AI and human AI, these wired camera systems instantly detect the presence of humans or pets within their field of view. So accurate monitoring and detection are guaranteed, giving you peace of mind. In addition, you can experience the power of ultra-long night vision with an impressive 10m black and white night vision and 3m full-color night vision, thanks to our powerful infrared lights for these hardwired camera systems. No detail escapes these wired surveillance cameras, even on the darkest of nights. What's more, the 2K resolution capability delivers crystal-clear live streaming and recording, providing you with vivid and detailed footage, day or night. Surely, you won't miss advanced motion detection and two-way audio technologies on our wired home security systems to ensure that you receive instant notifications of any suspicious activity, communicate in real time, and reinforce your safety measures like never before. So upgrade your home protection with our reliable wired home security systems . Immerse yourself in high-resolution smart monitoring and keep your home safe and secure with round-the-clock protection today.

  • FAQ

    Are wired cameras harder to hack?

    Yes, wired cameras are generally harder to hack compared to wireless cameras. Hackers would need physical access to the wired camera to compromise it, making them less vulnerable, especially the hardwired cameras with local storage like eufy S220 indoor cam. However, it's important to note that all cameras have the potential to be hacked, as hackers can target the network or the recorder to gain control of the footage.

    How to install wired security cameras?

    To install wired security cameras for homes, follow these steps:
    1. Plan camera placement.
    2. Gather necessary tools and equipment like cables, power supply, drill, and mounting hardware.
    3. Use the drill and hardware to securely mount the cameras in the desired locations.
    4. Connect the cables from the cameras to the recording device or monitor, hiding them for a neater installation.
    5. Plug the cameras into a power outlet.
    6. Connect the recording device (DVR or NVR) to a monitor and configure settings.
    7. Test and adjust for optimal coverage.

    Which is better: wired or wireless security cameras?

    This depends. Wireless cameras offer affordability, flexibility, and easy installation, making them convenient and suitable for those seeking a flexible and portable option. On the other hand, hard wired security cameras provide high-quality footage, reliable 24/7 monitoring, and a more permanent setup, so they are ideal for those prioritizing continuous surveillance and seeking a long-term solution. Please assess your needs and priorities to determine which one is best for you.

    Do wired cameras need internet?

    No, wired indoor security cameras do not necessarily need internet. They can operate independently by connecting directly to a digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR) to record and store footage locally. However, if remote access or live streaming of the camera feed is desired, an internet connection is required so that you can use a smartphone or computer to access the camera's footage.