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Transform any area instantly with eufy's Stick-On Lights. Easy installation, bright illumination—upgrade your house today!

Stick on Lights

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  • FAQ

    How long do stick on lights last?

    The lifespan of stick on motion sensor lights can vary based on factors like usage, battery quality, overall build quality of your smart night lights, and the type of LEDs used. Generally, good-quality stick lights can last from 25000 to 50000 hours. This means that you can typically use the stick up lights for about four to six years. Check out eufy's various affordable and energy-efficient stick on wall lights to make walking in the dark safer and easier.

    How to stick lights on the wall without damaging the paint?

    To stick the stickable lights on a wall without damaging the paint, follow these general steps:
    1. Clean the Surface: Wipe the wall surface to ensure it's clean and dry.
    2. Choose Removable Adhesive: Opt for adhesive hooks, command strips, or light clips designed for damage-free removal.
    3. Apply Adhesive: Attach the adhesive to the back of the stick up LED lights and firmly press it onto the wall.
    4. Hold in Place: Hold the small stick on lights against the wall for a few seconds to ensure a strong bond.