Share Your Doorstep #eufyMoments

Hey eufy Video Lock owners,

Whether it's a surprise visit, a family gathering, or a winter wonderland right outside your door, Video Lock is always there to record precious memories. We're inviting you to share your clips with the eufy community. Your shared moments could shine so brightly that they turn into wonderful gifts!

Share your magical #eufymoments and unlock a keyless new year with eufy.

📸 What is #eufyMoments All About?

#eufyMoments is all about celebrating, and sharing, the joy found in our everyday lives. Whether it's a cozy family gathering, or a chuckle-worthy pet moment—we want to see them all.

🎁 What's in it for You?

We've arranged a selection of gifts to ring in the new year, with prizes that promise to delight. Here's what we've got in store:

  • eufy's New Year Wonders: A select group of 5 lucky participants will each receive Indoor Cam S350.
  • eufy Spirit Awards: From those who contribute at least 5 videos, 20 participants will be drawn to win a rechargeable battery.
  • Participation Awards: All Participants will receive 50 eufyCredits for each submission. The maximum amount of eufyCredits you can earn from this competition is 150.

🙌 How to Participate:

  1. 📸 Capture funny moments happening at your front door with your eufy video lock.
  2. 📲 Upload them to eufy's blog or community and fill out the entry form:

🏆 How to Win:

Show off your yard, the joyous reactions of visitors at your doorstep, record a surprise holiday gift delivery, or any other shareworthy moment captured by your eufy Video Lock.

Our team will be on the lookout for videos that showcase creativity, uniqueness, and alignment with the theme. Uploading 5 or more videos will give you a chance at a eufy Spirit Award.

📅 Key Activity Dates:

  • Contest Launch: January 10th
  • Submission Period: January 10th – January 20th
  • Winners Announcement: January 22nd

🚨 Participation Tips:

  • This exclusive event is just for you, eufy Video Lock owners. Your chances of winning are sky-high.
  • Authenticity is key—Capture real and interesting moments at your doorstep.
  • Follow the Official Rules for a smooth path to victory.
  • To avoid any hiccups, read the full Terms and Conditions.

🌟 New Year, New Views:

Ring in the new year with a fresh beginning, keyless convenience, and by embracing the spirit of innovation. Share the excitement of unlocking new potentials with #eufyMoments as you witness the seamless integration of technology into your daily life.

Keep an eye on our social media for the latest highlights and updates as we step into a future filled with endless possibilities. May all your #eufyMoments be filled with wonder and delight.

For any questions, or to share your own #eufyMoments, reach out at

Happy New Year,

The eufy Team ✨

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