A eufy Camera's Incredible Journey

Here is an incredible story demonstrating the sheer durability of eufyCam. A eufy user installed three eufyCam 2s to monitor a property atop a cliff, overlooking a Cornish beach in Newquay. During a particularly bad storm, one of the cameras was hit by debris, knocked off its mount, and fell right off the cliff. The camera stopped sending video and the owner accepted that it had been either smashed on the rocks below or taken a plunge into the sea, resigning themselves to needing a replacement camera.

a eufy Camera's Incredible Journey

The camera plunged over 100 ft straight down the sheer cliff face.

The next day something unexpected happened. The lost camera started transmitting video again! As the tide moved the camera further from the wall of rock, it reconnected to the Wi-Fi network, which was until then blocked by the cliff. At first it sent back underwater footage, as the camera bobbed along with the ocean. Unbelievably, as the tide went out, the camera was deposited on the beach. It observed passersby until it was found by a family out for a walk on the beach.



Footage from the camera's incredible journey.

Thanks to the robust and weather resistant design from eufy Security, we can see for ourselves the return journey and recovery of this lost eufyCam 2. We think of this as a real-world demonstration of our dedication to good design, powerful connectivity, and long-lasting security devices that will keep your home safe for years, without missing a beat, perhaps except for a hard-working camera occasionally taking a well deserved dip in the ocean.


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Stay safe,

The eufy Security Team

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