Eufy Camera Helps End Local Crime

After finding someone in their yard on March 24th, a couple bought a eufyCam E. The products arrived two days later on March 26th. They hurried to set it up right away to protect their property and safety. They didn’t have to wait long for their investment in security devices to pay off as on March 27th, one day after receiving and setting up their new equipment, it captured footage of their car being broken into.

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Because of the clarity of the footage recorded by their new eufyCam E, police were able to identify and arrest all three individuals involved in the theft and recovered items that had been reported stolen from several homes within the neighborhood. The couple were beyond impressed with the quality of the footage and said they would be buying additional eufy Security devices for their home and to add safety to the homes of family members.

eufy cam E helps end local crime

Photo is for reference only*

With eufy Security you don’t just get an integrated home security ecosystem, you also get total peace of mind knowing that your family, property, and privacy are all protected.

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Stay safe,

The eufy Security Team

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