Share Joyful and Heartwarming Footage of Fathers, Win Prizes Up to $1,000!

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As Father’s Day approaches, it’s time to honor the unsung heroes in our lives—our dads! 🧔🏻 Whether it’s their sage advice, their goofy jokes, or their unwavering support, dads truly are the most reliable people we know. To celebrate, post your heartwarming or funny moments on👉 this link 👈to make sure we see it! We’ll select the most touching, heartwarming, or downright hilarious entries. Winners will receive prizes worth up to $1,000!

Share Your Heartwarming and Funny Footage!

🎥 Types of Footage to Share

  1. Heartwarming Interactions: Capture any funny, interesting, or heartwarming interactions between dads and kids (or even pets) of any age.
  2. Confessions and Secrets: Share those moments when you want to confess something to your dad but feel too embarrassed to say it face-to-face. Whether it’s admitting to breaking a window years ago or simply telling your dad how cool he is, use the hashtag #HeyDad to fit our campaign theme.

🎁 Prizes

  • Most Influential Prize: Outstanding submissions will be featured on eufy’s social media accounts. Awards will be based on the total views across these platforms:
    • Grand Prize: Three eufy products, up to $1,000 in value, for the top submission.
    • Second Prize: One eufy SoloCam S340 for the second and third most influential entries.
  • Participation Awards: The user who submits the most videos will receive an Indoor Cam S350.
  • Lucky Prizes: Five randomly selected submissions that meet our requirements will receive a eufy SmartTrack card each.

❓ How to Participate

  1. Submit Your Video Footage by clicking "Upload videos" button below 👇
Share Joyful and Heartwarming Footage of Fathers, Win Prizes Up to $1,000🎉
  1. Stay Updated on Your Video Performance! Follow us on our social media channels:
    • Facebook: @eufy
    • Instagram: @eufyofficial
    • TikTok: @eufyoncam

📌 Participation Tips

  • Authenticity matters - share genuine and funny moments.
  • Use eufy products to capture your footage.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Official Rules for a seamless experience.

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