Complete Warehouse Security Guide in 2024

Are you confident about your warehouse security? Cargonet data from 2022 shows that cargo thefts in the United States and Canada spiked by 15%, with approximately $223 million of stolen products. These incidents occurred mainly in central states like California, Texas, and Florida; in California alone, cargo thefts increased by 41% in the past year.

Warehouses store many goods for future sales or shipments. These alarming situations of theft and vandalism have brought substantial economic and financial setbacks to companies and the government.

The warehouse security requires 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals, good security cameras, and door locks. It will protect the goods as well as identify thieves and burglars. Here we are, discussing warehouse security in detail, including measures, threats, and the most needed gadgets.

Warehouse Security And Its Measures

Warehouse security encompasses physical and online measures to prevent theft and damage to stored goods. It addresses a range of security issues and risks that warehouses face. Physical security includes training guards and employees, implementing face ID locks, and using access control systems to monitor entries. Together, these measures ensure a comprehensive approach to safeguarding valuable assets.

Online protection measures are tracking systems that interact with software programs to monitor inventory flows in and out. It will also facilitate remote access control and security management, RFID tags, barcodes, and inventory control software. It will assist you in asset control and enable you to respond immediately if any losses or thefts occur.

Warehouse security likewise includes policies affecting workers and visitors, such as security checks and screenings of employees and visitors, transparent identification processes, and continued security awareness training. The key features of the emergency response plans are also required to take necessary and appropriate measures in the event of a security breach.

Potential  Warehouse Security Threats

Understanding warehouse safety measures is essential for efficiently safeguarding your inventory. Recognizing the following security threats can help you take better steps for warehouse security measures. It will save you from financial losses, protect your goods, and maintain smooth operational flow.

potential warehouse security threats

1. Theft and Burglary

Significant financial losses have resulted from thefts and break-ins at the warehouses. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) research, warehouse thefts have increased, with an expected 9% increase in cargo theft cases in 2021 over the previous year. Effective door locks, alarms, and monitoring systems may help identify and deter thieves.

2. Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized entry access can bring potential danger to your warehouse, like thefts, sales, and financial data leaks, as well as damage to the goods and property. If you want to secure your goods and property from any unwanted incident, consider introducing key cards, biometric finger or thumb scanners, and facial recognition locks. Also, strict monitoring of entry and exit of the visitors will secure your warehouse from unauthorized access.

3. Employee Misconduct

You may be searching for thieves and burglars outside the company or warehouse, but you cannot rule out the fact that one of them may be within your perimeters. Thus, internal threats such as an employee's theft, fraud, and negligence are significant to control. Three things can assist you in identifying the internal thieves:

  1. Performing a background check
  2. Having a monitoring system in place
  3. Providing training sessions to the employee

4. Natural Disasters

Natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, and epidemics, including stock loss, may seriously impact the facility. The risk of such unpredictable situations calls for effective funding strategies as well as training of the employees in the event of emergencies. Insurance money and periodic checks of the risks can also assist in the minimization of disaster impacts.

Gadgets Needed to Upgrade Warehouse Security

If you want to keep your warehouse operations smooth, safe, and secure, upgrade to a warehouse intelligent security system. Here is the list of the top five essential gadgets to make your warehouse more secure.

1. Surveillance Camera

Warehouses usually cover huge land space, and keeping an eye on each spot is difficult. You never know at which blind spot an intruder is entering. They could be stealing your goods or attacking an employee. Security cameras should be your go-to option to monitor and safeguard all these mishaps. Surveillance cameras can help you watch every blind spot. It doesn't matter if it is day or night; you can monitor warehouse security easily from anywhere with clear video footage.

The recommended Product is eufy 4G LTE Cam S330. It offers:

eufy 4g cam s330
  • Endless Power with Solar panel and 9,400 mAh battery.
  • Auto-switches between Wi-Fi and 4G for uninterrupted security.
  • A 3-in-1 SIM card is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon for a stable connection.
  • Clear 4K video, 100-lumen spotlight, night vision up to 26 feet.
  • Pan and tilt with AI detection and tracking of people and vehicles.

2. Alarm System

After the security camera, an alarm system is the most crucial device. The loud siren alerts the authorities immediately so they may take prompt action and scare away the intruders. If intruders try to break in, you can promptly inform the police, no matter how far away you are. Your alarm system will notify you as soon as possible via your phone. Think of it as your free, round-the-clock security.

    3. Access Control System

    The access control system is a crucial gadget for your warehouse security. It will help you control the entry and exit of your warehouse. Only authorized people will be allowed to enter, reducing the risk of unwanted visitors and thieves. The access control system ensures that only trusted people handle your place and goods.

    4. Motion Detector

    The motion detector is an essential security tool in your warehouse. A motion detector will assist you in detecting any unexpected motion in the restricted regions. It detects unwanted motion, quickly triggers the siren, and notifies the phone via an app or online interface. This is particularly useful in locations where valuables are present or during off-peak hours.

      5. Entry Sensors

      Lastly, entry sensors on windows and doors provide additional security. If someone attempts to break in through windows or doors, these intrusion sensors will immediately inform you; the alarm will begin to ring. Consider it an additional security guard on your warehouse entrance with a one-time expenditure.

        Bonus tip: customized business security needs

        Warehouses require more devices than homes and offices, which can be costly. Eufy understands this and offers bundles tailored to different businesses. You can even contact us for professional advice on what your business truly needs.


        So, this comes to an end. Warehouses are potential target points for burglars, and immediate and strategic security planning is the only solution to secure goods and finances. You never know; an intruder can also be internal, so a proper security system is necessary, but also well, professionally trained employees should be your top priority.

        Eufy’s security cameras are must-haves when upgrading your warehouse security system. They will play an essential role in protecting you from potential losses. Also, plan your warehouse security funds appropriately. Eufy's bundle offer will help you stay within your budget while utilizing a more comprehensive range of devices.

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