How to Block Neighbor's Security Camera: A Detailed Guide

For family safety, many people today would like to use outdoor security cameras to monitor their property. But there are also many people who are worried that their neighbors will use security cameras to invade their privacy. In fact, it's perfectly fine to correctly block a neighbor’s security camera that's been installed to monitor their property instead of yours. Read this article before you decide on a better way to deal with the potential invasion of privacy that CCTV cameras bring.  

how to block neighbor's security camera 

Is Blocking a Neighbor's Security Camera Legal?

It depends on how to disable neighbors security camera.


It may be a disturbing discovery to accidentally find your neighbor’s security camera pointing at your house or backyard. But it can be considered vandalism if you blind a security camera of your neighbors by deactivating the lens, etc. It should be noted that security cameras are also a form of personal property. Directly damaging your neighbor’s security camera, unless you can prove that it is invading your privacy, can lead to legal problems.


That doesn't mean you can't stop a camera from recording you. There are still some gentle, perfectly legal ways to get rid of privacy. And in the following section, you can learn 6 workable methods.

6 Tips and Tricks on How to Block Neighbor's Security Camera

If you feel that your privacy is being violated, or that cameras for security are stressing you out, you can feel free to block them. However, please keep in mind that directly destroying the camera can make problems worse. Next, we'll list 6 of the most effective and legal ways to solve the problem of how to block your neighbor's security camera.

Check If the Security Camera Is Real

It's important to first determine if your neighbor's security camera is real. Due to the budget, many people will buy realistic-looking but completely fake security cameras online to act as a deterrent to thefts. However, these fake cameras can be too realistic to mislead you.


There are two ways to figure out whether the camera is real or not. The first one is to observe whether the camera has a red light flashing at night. If it does, it means that the security camera is working well. But if not, it cannot be completely sure that it is fake, because if the security camera is powered off, there will be no red light. Some cameras may use light in other colors or no visible light at all.


Then the second method becomes necessary - directly ask your neighbor. This is the most direct and easiest way. Good communication can solve all problems.

check the camera 

Talk to the Neighbor and Figure Out if the Camera Is Really Viewing You

Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. It's recommended to talk to your neighbor directly. And express all your concerns and confusion about the cameras.


Politeness is very important in communication. You should politely discuss with your neighbor about the cameras pointing toward your house, windows, or backyard. Then, politely ask your neighbor to adjust the angle or change the direction of the camera away from your property. Please make sure to express your feelings properly about the surveillance camera being pointed at your home, as he may not know or it may just be a coincidence.


In most cases, your neighbors will be willing to help. If not, you can ask for further help.

Ask Mediators for Help

Unreasonable neighbors will make you exhausted. In this case, you can simply find mediators in your local community service or neighborhood mediation centers, explaining the situation you are facing right now. These people have very rich experience in neighborhood disputes, and you can trust them to know exactly how to solve this problem.


Then, they will organize mediation meetings between you and your neighbor, acting as a third party in disputes to deal with the security camera issues.

ask mediators 

Block the Security Camera with Your Curtain or Fences

Problems might not be solved immediately for the mediation because the authorities need some time to figure out the truth. Additionally, there are more solutions to protect your privacy. Installing fence extensions and hanging curtains over the window are effective methods to physically blind the security cameras from your neighbor.


Also, trees and barriers can work. You can plant trees or barriers high enough to block the view of the cameras.

use curtain 

Seek Help from the Police or the Lawyer

The law defends justice. If you still can't resolve the issue, the most sensible course of action is to seek the help of a lawyer, as the law protects your privacy in areas where it is expected.


If you find that your neighbor has crossed the line and is clearly recording your property with security cameras, you should immediately contact the police for help. Such behavior is completely unacceptable and should be reported immediately.


Install Your Own Security Camera to Protect Your Property

Friendly communication and discussion are difficult to achieve with those unreasonable neighbors, and they may even force the termination of mediation. So, for this type of person, you can deal with them in the same way. Likewise, you can legally install security cameras on your property, which may serve as a warning.


Please read up on your local laws on security cameras first. Then set up your own legal security camera like eufy SoloCam S340 on your house. This solar-powered security camera features a 360° surveillance area and 3K ultra-clear dual cameras, ensuring a safe home with no blind spots. Although it cannot directly disable your neighbor's security camera for monitoring, it could be effective to curb the monitoring behavior after seeing your camera if your neighbor indeed has malicious intentions.
eufy solocam s340


Further Reading: Don't Blind a Security Camera Using These Ways

As mentioned before, some ways to block a neighbor's outdoor security camera can be illegal. Here I have listed some that you shouldn't try.

  • Disabling security cameras using a laser pointer. Although a laser pointer is indeed useful to disable neighbor's security camera, this behavior may lead to law violation of personal property.
  • Cutting security cameras' wires off. Cutting other people's wired security cameras does not help your case. Or it will make matters worse.
  • Covering the camera lens.This is the most straightforward and easiest way to block your neighbors' security cameras. But while protecting your own privacy, you are violating the rights of others to protect their own property.
  • Hacking the security camera system. While you may want to ensure that your neighbors are not using security cameras to monitor you, it's important to note that this approach will not effectively address the issue and could potentially lead to legal complications.
  • Jamming security camera.You might be tempted to use a jammer to blind your neighbor's camera, but be aware that it's illegal to use and purchase in some areas. Also, you need to know the camera's broadcast frequency first before disrupting the camera signal. This method is pesky and can even lead to serious legal problems.
  • Breaking the camera.Physically damaging the security camera will never be recommended. When your neighbors don't listen to you, please keep calm. Once you lose your cool and smash your neighbor's camera, you will get into more trouble.


In conclusion, whether your neighbor's security camera is monitoring you or not, the above six methods can effectively protect your privacy by blocking your neighbor's security camera. While you may feel very uncomfortable about your property being pointed at by your neighbor's camera, remember that physical damage of any kind is not recommended. And during the communication, please remain calm.

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