How to Connect Security Cameras to Phone Easily

For security protection, today many of you would purchase a security camera and set it up in front of your house doors or parking lots. Better still, when a majority of security cameras on the market are also featured with remote controls from mobile apps, it would be of higher convenience for you to monitor the security status by browsing the camera feeds, placing a command to the devices, or alter settings through apps to control the cameras’ performance effortlessly.


"How Do I Connect My Camera to My Phone" is a frequently asked question for beginners. But trust me, it won't be difficult. This ultimate guide will walk you through the details of connecting security camera to phones with or without the internet. Check them out!


How to Connect Wireless Camera to Phone with WiFi

When most wireless security cameras are equipped with the WiFi feature for building up connections with other devices more conveniently, it can be the first method you can select to connect WiFi camera to Android phone or iPhone. This can be pretty simple and it will only take you 3 simple steps to complete the setup. Please read on and figure out how.

Step 1. Install the App on Your Phone

When most security camera brands also launch their apps for users to tweak the camera settings, control and monitor remotely and conveniently, these applications can be essential for building a connection between the security cameras and your phones. Therefore, the first step is to install the app that is exactly developed by your security camera manufacturer.


You can directly search and find the app from the app stores on mobile phones to install. Or by turning to the official site of the security cameras, you probably find the apps to download and install as well.

Step 2. Create an Account

Once installing the app, to set it up, you will need to create an account to sign up. The on-screen instructions will guide you to complete the account setup quality. After logging in with the credentials, you can begin the final step to finish connecting security camera to phone.



Step 3. Connect Your WiFi Camera to Mobile

Now add your security camera first within the app. Connecting them up through a QR code will be the easiest way.

And then, put the security camera into WiFi mode and keep your phone close to the camera for detection. From the detected WiFi connection list on your phone, you will find your security camera’s name. Select to complete the connection.

After that, return to the application and you can control the camera remotely, view the recorded feeds, and do more monitoring settings in preferences.



How to Connect Security Camera to Phone with Cellular Data

It is totally possible to connect wireless camera to phone without WiFi if your security camera integrated with a cellular data feature by default. But before connecting, you need to double-check whether the security camera is functioning properly in cellular mode.  And then, you can follow these steps to get your devices connected.

 Step 1.

Prepare a SIM card with a purchased data plan.

Step 2.

Insert the SIM card into the camera. Once the card is successfully inserted, your camera is connected to the network.

Step 3.

Install a security camera app on your phone. You can easily find it in the App Store.

Step 4.

Create an account and connect your security camera to your phone with the QR code.



How to Connect Security Camera to Phone Without Internet

But what if there is no internet connection? Fortunately, there is still a workable way. That is enabling your phone hotspot, and then the problem will be solved.

The working process of this solution is somehow identical to connecting your security camera with WiFi. Simply create a WiFi network via hotpot for your security camera, and once the camera is connected to the network, you can just connect cameras to phone for transferring data further and altering settings.

Step 1.

Enable the "hotspot" function on your phone.


Step 2.

Create a password for your hotspot connection.

Step 3.  

Enter the SSID and password of your phone's hotspot to successfully connect the security camera to your phone's hotspot.

Step 4.

Then, you can scan the QR code on the camera to get the security camera connected to phone.

Security Camera that Connects to Phone: Best Pick

Most security cameras now are easy to find on the market, but using cheap security cameras that connect to your phone wouldn't be a good idea, as they might not be stable or offer decent video resolutions. Therefore, here I am going to introduce eufyCam 2C Pro, a wireless camera that has been praised and recommended many times.

Not only does it have a smart detection zone, image enhancement features, and superior surveillance in recording high-definition videos, but it also ensures great stability in connecting to the phone. Moreover, connecting eufyCam 2C Pro to Amazon Alexa is also available. It can give you a favor in controlling the surveillance with simple manipulation and great stability, too. Overall, it's the best wireless camera that connects to phone. To know more about it, you can have a glance at the features below:

  • Superior recording definitions:enhance the video effects up to crisp 2K to capture images clearly.
  • Advance monitoring features: the security camera is equipped with many advanced features such as daylight mode, monitoring zone customization, alerts feature, real-time response, and more to deliver reliable monitoring services to you.
  • Quick and smart control: connect with Amazon Alexa to control the camera performance remotely and flexibly.

What to Look for When Choosing Security Camera?

To find the most suitable security cameras that connect to phone, here are some qualifications you can take into consideration while selecting:



  • Video resolution

When it comes to capturing something, resolution is definitely one of the most important requirements. With high resolution, you can easily catch important details such as facial features and actions. It's better to choose a product that offers a resolution of 1080P or higher.

  • Video storage (local or cloud)

A helpful security camera can not only allow you to watch real-time feeds but also check the recorded history of what happened at a specific time. So, video storage should also be evaluated. Local storage will come with a limited amount of storage while cloud storage needs an internet connection all the time. Simply choose the plan based on your need.

  • Night vision

In the evening, security cameras play a more important role. Therefore, you need a camera with night vision that helps produce clear images after the sun goes down.

  • Field of view

With a wider viewing angle, the security camera can see a larger area indoors or outdoors. The field of view between 130 and 160 degrees will be the ideal option if you want fewer off-screen areas.


Connecting security camera to phone is not a difficult task, no matter if the internet or WiFi is available in your house, can successfully get it and your phone connected. But overall, the easiest way to use a WiFi camera like eufyCam 2C Pro that can connect to the internet your phone is using, which allows you to view the camera's live stream anytime and anywhere.

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