A Comprehensive Comparison of Ring Protect Basic, Plus, and Pro Plans: How To Choose

Ring is recognized as a leader in home security and video doorbells, offering various products. A Ring subscription is necessary to fully utilize its features. Next, we will introduce three doorbell plans that have recently increased in price.

Read ahead as we will do a comprehensive Ring Protect Basic vs. Ring Protect Plus vs. Ring Protect Pro review.

ring doorbell camera subscription comparison

Direct Comparison – What Each Plan Has to Offer

Ring offers three plans to optimize device use: Basic, Plus, and Pro. Each package provides specific features, with pricing and details available on their official website.

Plan Features Offered Pricing
Basic · Video history up to 180 days
· Snapshot Capturing
· Package and Person Alerts
· Rich Notifications
· Allows download of up to 50 videos in one go
· Automation of camera modes with ring alarm
· Arming and disarming of Ring alarm digitally
· History of Alarm’s digital notifications
· 10% off on selected products at Ring and Amazon
Protect Plus · All the features offered in the Basic plan
· Advanced video features
· Enhanced notifications
· Extended warranties
Protect Pro · All the features offered in the Basic plan and Protect Plus
· 24/7 professional alarm monitoring
· Cellular alarm backup
· 24/7 backup of the internet with optional additional data
· Digital Security
· Local video storage with Ring Edge
· Save $100 or more every year on home insurance

A Comprehensive Exploration of Each Ring Plan

We have discussed each subscription plan offered by Ring here:

Ring Protect Basic

Key Facts:

  • Subscription Cost: $4.99/month or $39.99/year
  • Annual Savings: $7.89 (when opting for the annual subscription)
  • Video History: Up to 180 days of access to recorded videos
  • Downloadable Videos: Up to 50 at a time
  • Snapshot Capture: Photos taken at intervals, available for 7 days
  • Person-Only Detection: Reduces unnecessary alerts
  • Motion Zones: Customizable to focus on specific areas
  • Rich Notifications: Photo previews on the phone’s lock screen
  • Home and Away Modes: Adjustable settings for camera activity
  • Remote Alarm Management: Via the Ring app or compatible Alexa devices
  • Exclusive Discounts: 10% off selected Ring products

The Ring Protect Basic plan is designed for users with a single Ring device, offering key surveillance features to enhance home security. It provides necessary capabilities for those seeking to improve the functionality of a security camera or doorbell without complexity, focusing on affordability and essential features for daily security needs.

This plan includes Rich Notifications, which deliver photo previews of motion alerts directly to the phone’s lock screen, facilitating quick responses. It also allows users to adjust their devices with Home and Away modes, enhancing coverage based on presence. Subscribers can control their system through the Ring app or compatible Alexa devices, adding convenience to the security setup.

Ring Protect Plus

Key Facts:

  • Video Recordings: Available for all Ring devices in your home, unlike the Basic plan which is limited to a single device.
  • Enhanced Notifications: Offers more detailed alerts than the Basic plan.
  • Extended Warranty: Applies to Ring devices still within the manufacturer’s one-year warranty at the time of subscription.
  • Subscription Cost: More details needed for precise cost.

The Ring Protect Plus plan expands upon the Basic plan’s offerings, catering to households with multiple Ring devices. It’s designed for users looking to extend surveillance and security features across all Ring devices in their homes, providing a unified and efficient security solution.

Ring Protect Plus is ideal for users with several Ring devices, enhancing security coverage and peace of mind. The addition of enhanced notifications and extended warranty coverage further bolsters the value of this plan, making it a worthy upgrade for comprehensive home security management.

Ring Protect Pro: Professional Monitoring

Key Facts:

  • Subscription Cost: $20/month, with a $40 saving available on annual subscriptions.
  • DIY Security Solutions: Includes motion detectors, keypads, and more for comprehensive security coverage.
  • Cellular Backup: Ensures the Ring system remains operational even during internet outages.
  • Professional Monitoring: Offers 24/7 response to security breaches, with immediate dispatch of responders.
  • Internet Backup: Provides 3GB of data for continuous connectivity during internet issues.
  • Local Video Storage: Available for Ring Alarm Pro, allowing for local storage of video footage on a microSD card.
  • Home Insurance Savings: Potential discounts on home insurance due to professional monitoring.

The Ring Protect Pro plan is Ring’s top subscription service, providing comprehensive features for home security systems. It includes the benefits of the Basic and Plus plans, plus advanced features for the Ring Alarm and Alarm Pro systems.

This plan offers cellular backup, professional monitoring, and extra internet backup data, catering to advanced home security system requirements. It also appeals to homeowners looking to enhance their security setup and potentially reduce home insurance costs.

Ring Protect Basic vs Plus

When it comes to the specifics of Ring Protect Basic and Protect Plus plans, a detailed comparison illuminates the distinctions, particularly regarding numbers and user experience. The Basic plan is an entry-level subscription, offering essential features like video recording and sharing for a single Ring device.

On the other hand, the Protect Plus plan is tailored for households with multiple Ring devices, enhancing the user’s ability to monitor and secure their home comprehensively.

  • Number of Devices: The Basic plan is limited to one Ring device per subscription, making it an ideal choice for individuals with a singular entry point to monitor. In contrast, Protect Plus covers unlimited Ring devices within the same location, providing a scalable solution for users with extensive surveillance needs.
  • User Experience: Subscribers to the Protect Plus plan report a more integrated and seamless experience, thanks to the addition of 24/7 professional monitoring for Ring Alarm systems, extended warranties for all devices, and 10% off select Ring products.

Ring Protect Plus vs Protect Pro

Elevating from the Plus to the Pro plan introduces a suite of advanced features designed for the most demanding user requirements. Both plans cater to users seeking beyond the basics, offering perks not found in the Basic subscription, such as an extended warranty, local video storage, and backup internet connectivity options.

  • Extended Warranty and Local Storage: While both Plus and Pro plans offer an extended warranty, the Pro plan distinguishes itself by adding local video storage options, allowing users to secure footage onsite.
  • Backup Internet: A standout feature of the Protect Pro plan is its backup internet service, ensuring that your Ring devices remain online even during outages, enhancing reliability and peace of mind.
  • Overall User Experience: The Protect Pro plan is the epitome of convenience and security, offering an all-encompassing solution for users who demand the highest level of home security integration and resilience. It’s especially recommended for those with multiple devices and a preference for additional safeguards like backup internet connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Ring Protect Plus and Pro?

The Protect Plus plan is designed to enhance the functionality of all your home cameras and doorbells, offering seamless integration across multiple devices. It includes video recording for all devices, extended warranties, and 10% off future Ring purchases.

In contrast, the Protect Pro package extends these offerings to encompass all Ring devices, not just cameras and doorbells. It includes all the benefits of the Plus plan.

Moreover, it adds 24/7 Alarm professional monitoring, along with backup internet connectivity to ensure your devices stay online, making it an ideal choice for comprehensive home security and convenience.

Is the Protect Plus Plan worth it?

The value of the Protect Plus Plan largely depends on individual needs. For those with multiple Ring devices, it offers unlimited video recording and extended warranties, safeguarding your devices. However, considering alternatives like local storage security cameras may provide more security in the long term. Additionally, with Ring's history of subscription fee increases, users heavily reliant on cloud storage must be prepared for potential cost adjustments.

Is Ring Pro worth it over Plus?

Protect Pro is often valued higher than Plus by those seeking comprehensive security solutions. It expands on the Plus plan with enhanced Alarm professional monitoring and backup internet, positioning it as a solid choice for users prioritizing maximum security and functionality with Ring devices.

As an all-in-one plan, it merges Plus and Basic benefits, providing a full package for advanced home protection.

About Ring Raising Its Subscription Prices in 2024

Ring Raising Its Subscription Prices

On March 11th this year, Ring’s subscription was raised by 43%. Plus, the prices were already raised by 40% not so long ago in 2022.

The hikes that users have complained about are designed to force them to subscribe to the higher-tier plans offered by the company. However, it might prove to be a great jump for users who wish to add more devices and features to their home security system.

Not only that but there has also been a continuous uproar against this action on social media and community forums like Reddit. Despite everything, Amazon insisted that Ring provides “some of the best value in the industry.”

Conclusion and Recommendations

You don't need a subscription to access some of Ring's basic features. The Basic plan is ideal for individuals with a single Ring device, offering essential services. For homes equipped with multiple devices or cameras, the Plus plan provides comprehensive coverage. The Pro plan enhances security with 24/7 professional monitoring among other advanced features.

Regarding storage options, it's worth considering local storage security cameras and doorbell cameras for long-term security. It's important to note that Ring has increased subscription fees twice, impacting their service costs.

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