The Ultimate Guide On How to Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

From small break-ins to complicated heists, we have often heard instances where home security was compromised. Protecting our loved ones and homes is everyone’s top priority. In the United States, a burglary is occurring every 26 seconds. This alarming statistic is just one of the several reasons home security is important. This necessitates the introduction of efficient home security measures such as smart doorbells.

ring doorbell camera subscription

Smart doorbells are the perfect way of enhancing your home security by letting you see exactly who is at your door. Unfortunately, without a subscription, you won’t be able to see footage from previous notifications.

Another security camera company known as Ring is all set to increase its yearly subscription price of Ring Protest Basic Plan. Under such circumstances, it is important to know how to save ring doorbell videos without a subscription.

4 Ways to Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

There are 4 unofficial ways how to save Ring videos without a subscription. Check them out here!

Use a Free Trial Subscription

As you set up a new Ring doorbell, you can get a 30-day trial subscription. This subscription is a full-featured one that possesses all the monitoring features that are included in the paid subscription, including the ability to share and save videos.

For every new Ring device that is purchased, you can acquire a free trial subscription. This means that even after you have used up the trial subscription for one device, you can acquire another 30-day free trial after buying a new device.

Save Ring Doorbell Video Via Screenshot With Your Phone

Modern smartphones like Samsung tablets and phones have an in-build screen recording function. The next time the Ring doorbell sends an alert, a screen recording can be initiated next time.

For instance, if a creepy character or a stranger rings the doorbell, a recording can be immediately started and shared with the neighborhood or even the police. The only drawback of this method is that it will only work once the alert is actively seen.

Save Ring Doorbell Video Via Screenshot on PC

This method can be made possible by downloading a free tool for screen recording on the computer and signing into Ring’s official website. Once it has been logged in, the live feed of the Ring camera can be viewed. Now, begin screen recording and move on to doing your daily tasks.

Save Ring Doorbell Video With a Local Camera For Alternative

There are other Ring alternatives available as well, such as automatic video recording onto SD cards, onboard memory, and personal web servers. By selecting a local camera that does not require any cloud storage, it can be assured that the video will remain in possession instead of a remote server, which requires a subscription.

Understanding Ring’s Three Subscription Plans For Recording

Ring offers three recording-related subscription plans for its users: basic, plus, and pro. All of these plans come with distinct features and characteristics. Choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

Ring Doorbell Price Features
Ring Protect Basic $3.99/m or $39.99/y Video history for up to 180 days, snapshot capture, person and package alerts, rich notifications, download up to 50 videos at once, ring alarm automation, digital arming and disarming of ring alarm, digital alarm notification and event history, 100% off at select products
Ring Protect Plus $10/m or $100/y All features of the basic plan + advanced video features, enhanced notifications, extended warranties
Ring Protect Pro $20/m or $200/y All features of the Basic and Plus plan + 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, alarm cellular backup, 24/7 backup internet and optional extra data, digital security, local video storage option

The above comparison table clearly shows the limitations of not having a subscription. The basic plan does not offer any advanced video features, optional extra data, or any local video storage option.

How to Download Ring Video With a Free Trial Subscription

As you set up a new Ring camera, doorbell, or alarm, you will acquire a 30-day free trial subscription. This is a full-featured trial that has all the monitoring features that are included with the paid subscription, such as the ability to share and save videos.

If you have purchased a Ring device from Costco, you might even be lucky enough to be eligible for a longer free trial for Ring Protection. Your trial period may range from a year to six months, depending on your location and the device purchased.

1. In order to save Ring videos using a free trial, tap on the three-line menu in the app and click on Event History.

Ring videos using a free trial

2. There, tap on three dots and select Share.

tap share in ring app

3. Now tap on the download arrow. This video can be found in your tablet’s or phone’s gallery or photos app.

tap download in ring app

    How to Do Screen Recording on Smart Phone - Step By Step Guide

    If you aren’t eligible for Ring’s free trial, you can still screen record the live feed on your iPhone, Android, or iPad.

    screen recording on smart phone

    Here is a step-by-step guide to this process.

    1. Tap on the Ring alert on your tablet or phone, and open Live View by tapping on the three lines present at the top left corner. Now select Devices and now tap on Live View.
    2. Once the camera feed has been added, open up your tablet’s or phone’s screen recorder and save the video. Here, no special screen recording apps are required, as the built-in screen recording options work just fine.
    3. For iPhone and iPad, first go to settings and then to Control Center. Now tap the record icon to begin recording. When recording is finished, tap on the bar at the top of the screen and then tap stop.
    4. For Android, swipe from the phone’s top home screen and tap on Screen Record or Screen Recorder. Once finished, swipe down again and tap the screen record notification to stop recording.

    How to Do Screen Recording on PC or Laptop - Step By Step Guide

    This might even be even more convenient than using a tablet or phone, as computers tend to have more space available for saving videos than a mobile device. Open Ring’s official website and log into your account. Click the camera’s still image and record the screen as the live stream is played.

    For Windows

    screen recording on windows pc to save ring video

    1. Type the game bar by pressing the Windows key. Now click on the ‘Enable Xbox Game Bar’ in the search results.
    2. Click on the switch to enable it. When you are about to record, press the Windows key and G together. Now click on the camera video icon, then click on the Capture button to begin recording.
    3. Now click on the stop button as you are finished. This video recording can be found in the sub-folder known as Captures in the Video folder.

    For Mac

    1. Press Shift, command, and 5 on the keyboard to open the Screenshot toolbar.
    2. Now click on the dashed window’s icon with a circle at the bottom in the right corner.
    3. Next, select which portion of the browser you wish to record and click on Record.
    4. When you are finished, end the recording by clicking on the Stop button. This can be found saved on the desktop.

    Even though the screen recording apps are fairly legal and allowed, they might raise some eyebrows when it comes to privacy matters. One thing is for sure: these screen recordings cannot in any way be used for commercial purposes. They must be only used for security reasons.

    Alternative Hardware and Software Solutions

    There are other methods that are applicable but a bit complicated for the common user. We have discussed them here.

    Using a different local storage doorbell camera as an alternative to Ring

    Integrating non-subscription third-party cameras with Ring can offer a good workaround for recording videos. These third-party cameras automatically record the videos onto SD cards, onboard memory, and even personal web servers.

    Choosing an alternative smart camera or doorbell that does not require any cloud storage can be a convenient option. Moreover, this recorded video will remain in your possession instead of a remote server, which needs a subscription.

    Here are a few options.

    • Eufy Camera and Video Doorbell: Eufy products are great because they record everything locally. There is also an optional plan available for extra backups and storage.
    • Skybell Video Doorbell: Skybell has no subscription requirements or fees, though these products tend to record on a remote cloud server such as Ring.
    • Blink Video Doorbell: When the Blink Sync Module is purchased, a USB drive can be attached for local storage instead of getting a paid subscription plan.

    DIY Solutions

    There is also a possibility of using Raspberry Pi or similar devices to create a custom setup for recording Ring doorbell videos. However, this method is a bit too technical and might violate local laws. So, proceed with caution!


    Is it legal to record public spaces?

    It is not illegal to record people without their consent in public places if they are audible or visible, especially when they don’t have privacy expectations. However, in more personal spaces, such as changing areas or bathrooms, recording someone without their consent is completely illegal.

    How can the video quality be maximized without a subscription?

    There are ten simple ways of making video quality better without a subscription:

    1. Decide on the right video length.
    2. Use longer videos only where appropriate.
    3. Consider the digital bit rate.
    4. Choose the correct setup and equipment.
    5. Edit and enhance videos.

    How can common issues be solved with third-party solutions?

    First, identify the actual impact and scope of the issue. Research the third-party solution appropriately and then determine the best possible cause. Now, test the solution and analyze the results.


    One thing has been documented; home security is incomplete without a doorbell camera. However, one may not wish to buy a proper subscription plan to achieve that. Saving doorbell videos without a subscription is not an impossible task.

    The above-mentioned alternatives are perfect for someone who wishes to take advantage of premium smart home security at a minimum cost. It is best to opt for a local storage camera that offers the best resolution video recording without any need for paying.

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