First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Husband

The first Mother’s Day is the most memorable and meaningful occasion for a new mother. As a husband, you would wish to ensure that you find a gift that clearly shows the significance she holds in your heart and life.

Mother’s Day is going to arrive soon. If you have not yet thought about a gift for your wife who just achieved the milestone of being a mum, don’t panic. There is still plenty of time. In order to help husbands find that perfect gift for their wife-turned-mom, we have put together a list of thoughtful and unique gift ideas that will help you create long-lasting memories for you as a family.

Personalized Gifts

You can have something custom-made that would remind you of her.

Customized Jewelry

A personalized piece of customized jewelry is a great way of winning your wife’s heart after she just gave birth. When it comes to customized earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, you just cannot go wrong with these. You can have words like ‘mom’, ‘mum’, or simply her name engraved on a piece of jewelry, which can remind her daily of the milestone she recently achieved.

Engraved Photo Frame

Engraved photo frames are a great way of encapsulating sweet but strong memories for that new mama to remind her daily of her motherhood journey. You can choose a memorable picture from her pregnancy period or of the time she first held her baby in her arms and give it to her forever saved in a photo frame.

Personalized Keepsake Box


A keepsake box is meant to store precious memories, such as those of a close family member who has passed away, or simply to keep memories of your children. A personalized keepsake box can be a great gift to your wife, as it will allow her to keep her valuable memories safe.

Spa and Relaxation Gifts

It can be tiring to be a new mother. So, this Mother’s Day, treat her to something that would help her relax.

Spa Gift Basket

Do you want your wife to feel like royalty at home? Then, a spa gift basket is the best Mother’s Day gift for her. Fill up a gift basket with unique and creative spa-related items such as scented soap, nourishing products, and soothing lotions of the highest quality. What better than having someone treat you like a queen, especially for new mothers who are hardly able to find time for self-care.

A Day At The Spa

Nothing beats a relaxed day at home, except a day at the spa. Letting your wife off from her mom duties for a day and pampering her through a day at the spa can be the best ever gift. Busy moms deserve a little pampering and care now and then, and nothing can achieve this better than a day at the spa. A mini-facial or a 30-minute massage with a combination of manicure and pedicure can help her feel rejuvenated.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

An aroma diffuser is the perfect gift that combines well-being with comfort and a blend of luxury. They are safe for new mothers and babies, and they are a thoughtful gesture that resonates on a personal level.

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gifts go a long way in developing strong relationships. Here are some impactful gift ideas.

Handwritten Love Letter

Writing a handwritten love letter is a thoughtful way of touching someone’s heart. Research has proved that it can cause your happiness to go up. A handwritten love letter can accurately reflect your feelings as it is a much more personalized way to tell someone they mean the world to you.

Memory Book Or Scrapbook

A personalized memory or scrapbook is the perfect gift a husband can give his wife on her first Mother’s Day. Fill it up with memorable pictures or other memories to help your wife remember all the beautiful memories with you, the new baby, and your family.

Practical Gifts

You can give your wife something that would ease up her daily routine as a mother. Here are some suggestions.

While all the options mentioned above are great, sometimes your wife may appreciate a more practical gift with more utility. Here are some unique practical gift ideas:

Baby Carrier


When discussing that practical gift for a new mom, nothing is better than gifting her a baby carrier or a sling. Believe it or not, a new mom gets tired of carrying the baby around all day, especially while doing her chores. Ensure that the one that you are choosing is made up of soft material and has a great fit to keep the baby safe and the mom stress-free.

Cleaning Service Gift Certificate

Ever heard the phrase, “Sleep when the baby sleeps?” But how is it even possible when you have so much to do! With the gift of a cleaning service certificate, you can help the new mum and give your wife the gift of a neat and clean house. The comprehensive cleaning services will help her unwind and relax while spending her time doing the things they wants to do or dealing with priorities.

Tech Gifts

Gifting is already a very complicated topic. On top of that, it can get even more difficult if you are looking to give something useful to a new mum. In such instances, tech gifts can prove to be thoughtful gifts that can be actually useful.

Baby Monitor With Video and Audio Capabilities

There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to being a new mum. The most important thing is taking care of the baby. Your wife, as a new mum, is going through a lot. They are caring for a tiny person without adequate sleep with a lot of responsibilities.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for your wife, give her a baby monitor, the best gadget designed to make her job easier. A baby monitor is the most reliable way of ensuring your wife can see what the baby is doing at all times while she takes a shower or has a meal downstairs.

However, with so many baby monitors in the market, you might be confused about which one to choose. eufy has a wide range of baby monitors with clear video and audio capabilities, which are accessible anywhere and at any time to keep you and your wife at ease.

Try out the Smart Sock S340 by eufy, which offers a 2K crystal clear display with a non-invasive night vision feature. It has a 24-hour battery capacity, letting your wife remain assured that the baby is safe and sound while she performs her daily routine. The eufy app is easy to manage, offering notifications whenever the baby wakes up, cries, or changes its vital signs.

Moreover, they come in different price ranges and capabilities, so choose the one that suits your family’s needs the best and surprise your significant other!

Smart Home Devices - Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Give your significant other the gift of a spotless house this Mother’s Day with a robot vacuum cleaner. We all know how much effort new mums have to make to keep up with house chores and take care of the new baby simultaneously. At this point, anyone or anything that can take the cleaning chore off of their hands is a Godsend.

eufy has stormed the world of robot vacuum cleaners by bringing convenience to the pursuit of cleanliness. We recommend gifting her eufy X10 Pro Omni with all-in-one capabilities and AI features.

In addition, the eufy Clean X9 Pro with Auto-Clean Station eliminates the need to frequently clean dirt. The robot vacuums have been reviewed by customers to be the most efficient vacuums available in the market. This will never be a wrong choice for a gift to your wife!


Looking for that perfect first Mother’s Day gift from a husband doesn’t have to be difficult. Consider your wife’s interests first and what she will appreciate the most. This will help you surprise her with the most memorable and thoughtful present. So go ahead and show your love and appreciation to her by choosing the most heartwarming gift for her!

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