Ultimate Guide: How to Build a Perfect Smart Home Apartment in 2024?

Do you think your tiny apartment can not compete with those fancy “smart homes”? Think again because it’s 2024. No matter where you live, you can join the smart revolution and transform your ordinary apartment into a smart home apartment.

Imagine unlocking your door with your phone, your lights dimming for movie night, or your AC blasting before you even step inside. You can now bring these dreams to reality.

This article is your renter’s roadmap to a smarter apartment. We will show you the best tech gadgets, give you some hidden ticks, and turn your apartment into a true smart home apartment. Ready? Let's start!

What is a Smart Home Apartment?

A smart home apartment takes the concept of a smart home and applies it to an apartment setting. Smart home apartments are more than just a few smart device installations; they’re truly smart and interconnected from the inside out. They incorporate various features to make it work.

Smart amenities are the first to be integrated. Amenities include smart home devices like smart lighting, smart locks, smart thermostats, smart security services, smart appliances, etc. But the smart amenities alone aren’t enough to make it work. They need connectivity. Strong and reliable Wi-Fi access throughout the apartment building is required. Once you are done with choosing smart amenities and a good connection, your smart home apartment is ready.

What is possible with a smart home system?

With a smart home apartment system, the possibilities are endless. One can experiment with convenience, personalization, and efficiency a lot. Let’s see some examples:

  • Unlocking your world with a tap:Forget the key worries, as with smart systems, you can easily unlock your door with a click on your phone or even a fingerprint of your lock.
  • Lighting up your life:The smart lighting truly dances to your mood. Say “good morning” and see your apartment lighting up on its own. Not only this but even if it's a movie night, the lights dim and adjust the color to perfectly match your mood.
  • Climate control at your fingertip:Are you feeling cold? Do not worry, as with a single tap on your phone or just a voice command, you can turn on your heater or switch off the AC.
  • Blinds that listen:The smart home system has blinds that listen to you. They open and close on your voice commands. They can also be scheduled to open up on their own to greet the morning sun.
  • High-end security: The security game greatly increases with a smart home system. You can answer the doorbell from your phone and see who’s at the door. Besides this, you can monitor your home from your smartphone, lock and unlock the door from anywhere, and much more.
  • Once-click bedtime:Imagine saying “Good night, smart home” and lights turning off automatically, your door locks on its own, and the thermostat chills up your room. That’s the magic of the smart home apartment.

Essential Smart Home Devices for Your Smart Home Apartment

Let’s now look at some essential devices you must consider installing in your smart home apartment.

1. Smart Bulbs


Bid farewell to flip switches and say hello to the world of convenience with smart lighting. Smart lighting lets you control your lights with a tap and function on your schedule. They can even respond to motion if integrated with motion sensors. The smart lighting offers you loads of benefits.

  • They can be easily installed; just twist them and download the app.
  • You can choose from millions of colors to set the mood compared to the single-color ordinary light bulbs.
  • You can set lights to turn on and off when you’re out of town to create an illusion of you being at home to deter intruders.
  • Never stumble in the dark again. You can schedule your lights to wake you up or welcome you home automatically.

Our apartment-approved recommendations suggest you check out Wyze Bulb Color. It is quite an affordable, Wi-Fi-connected smart bulb option. This 1100-lumen smart bulb is a great option if you’re looking for solo lights. Plus, it is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, which lets you control them easily with your voice commands.

2. Smart Plugs




A smart plug is like having a wizard’s wand for your home. These plugs fit into your outlets and let you automate nearly any device in your home with your smartphone. You just need to plug it in, connect it to Wi-Fi, and boom! Your ordinary lamp becomes an automated superhero. They are tiny enough to fit easily in any of your outlets, and they listen to your voice, too. You can control it from your comfy couch with devices like Alexa or Google Assistant. You can get a smart power strip to control multiple devices individually if you have limited outlets.

We recommend you check Kasa Wi-Fi Smart Plug 15A, a perfect smart plug for your apartment. It is a very compact model that can be easily squeezed into small spaces like behind your bed or over your kitchen counter. Once you have connected this smart plug, you can easily schedule it to turn on/off the devices connected to it according to your work or sleep schedule. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Homes, and IFTTT, so you can easily control it with your voice commands and enjoy the show!

3. Smart Door Locks


Smart door locks bring a touch of magic to your entryway, especially when your hands are full of grocery bags, packages, or little ones. These smart locks unlock your door using your smartphone or just by your fingerprint, freeing you from all the key worries. They offer a great range of benefits, like:

  • You get remote access to your apartment. You can easily grant temporary access to dog walkers, contractors, or guests from anywhere through your smartphone.
  • These locks aren’t confined to being operated by one person but multiple users. You can share the access of these locks with your other family members, roommates, or trusted ones.
  • You get extra peace of mind with their instant alert feature. Did you forget to look at your door in a hurry? Don’t worry, as they will notify you through their instant alerts. You can then lock your door instantly right from your smartphone.

We recommend you check out the Eufy Smart Lock S330 for an apartment-friendly option. It’s a 3-in-1 innovative smart lock. This means it’s not just an ordinary smart lock but comes with an integrated 2K HD cam and a doorbell. This makes it a complete package for you. It allows you to view HD video of your doorstep, communicate via two-way audio, and unlock your door using fingerprint recognition in just 0.3 seconds.

4. Smart Security Cameras


A smart home apartment is nothing without a smart security system. A smart security camera is the main line of defense of your security system. They bring watchful eyes to your home, alerting you of suspicious activity or unexpected visitors. However, setting up a security camera differs greatly in an apartment than in a home. You need to check the law, as certain areas have rules on camera use, especially in shared spaces.

For apartment living, the eufy Outdoor Cam E220 is a superhero. This device is compact, affordable, and provides ultra-clear 2K Resolution. You can save your recordings on a microSD card, a networked drive, or in the cloud. It operates automatically, capturing five-minute video clips when it detects motion and seamlessly stitches them together to cover all the action. And if you prefer continuous recording, it can provide that view, too.

5. Smart Speaker


Imagine turning on your lights, playing your favorite music, managing your room temperature, and opening blinds, all with a simple voice command. Sounds magical, right? But this is the power of a smart speaker. These compact devices are your pocket-sized genie, offering features to make your apartment life smart. They not only be your personal assistant but provide a direct line to all your other smart home devices, making them easier to manage.

Many brands, like Amazon Echo, Google Nest, and Apple HomePod, dominate this category. Our recommendation for you is to check out Amazon Echo Dot. This device is compact and reasonably priced, and it can connect with almost any smart device, which makes it perfect for your apartment. If you're looking for additional features, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is a great choice. It comes with a small screen that can be used to watch videos, follow recipes, and more.

6. Smart Thermostat


Think about having a remote control for your home's warmth or cool. That's what a smart thermostat does! It connects to the internet, so you can change the temperature using your phone, tablet, or even by talking to your smart speakers.

But it's not just about being cool – it's also like a money-saving friend. This clever gadget learns when you like your home cozy and when you're okay with it being slightly less warm. So, it adjusts the temperature to keep you comfy without making your energy bills too high.

We recommend you to check out Google Nest Thermostat. This thermostat is a breeze to install and use, and it can help you save energy by adjusting the temperature when you're out and about. The Nest thermostat uses your phone's location and motion sensors to do this. You can adjust the temperature by turning the thermostat's dial or using Alexa or Google Home to talk to it.

How do you choose a smart home system for your apartment?

Choosing the right smart home system can be tricky because the shelves are filled with amazing options. There are many factors to consider. To help you through it, here’s a small guide for you.

Know your goals

  • To install a smart home system efficiently, you need a clear idea of your goals. Because once you get your primary goal, initial research will be a piece of cake.
  • Do you want to increase convenience?
  • Do you want improved security?
  • Do you want better energy efficiency?

Know your budget

  • Smart home systems and compatible devices vary in price ranges.
  • Identify how much you are comfortable spending upfront and ongoing costs like subscriptions and individual devices.
  • While drawing up the budget, do not forget to add the installation costs.

Make sure of compatibility

  • You must ensure that your smart home system can easily integrate with all the devices you already own or plan to buy.

Do not ignore scalability:

  • The smart home world is ever-evolving, and at some point in your life, you will need to upgrade and expand your existing system.
  • Ensure you choose a system that can easily accommodate new devices and integrations.

Do your homework

  • Read reviews of different brands and compare. Choose the one that fits your requirements the most, not based on which brand is big.
  • Gather information from other users regarding the performance, reliability, and quality of customer support for various devices.


We are sure by now you are brimming with innovative ideas, and excited to transform your apartment into a smart home apartment. Remember that small spaces can have a big impact, and you don't have to spend much money to join the smart home revolution. Start with small steps, experiment with different gadgets, and, most importantly, enjoy the process. Don't be afraid to tinker and personalize your smart home to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.


  1. What is a smart home apartment?

A smart home apartment is any apartment that is equipped with devices that can be connected to Wi-Fi, and their function can be automated to make your life more convenient and efficient.

  1. What are the top must-have devices for my smart home apartment?

There are many devices that you can add to your smart home apartment to make your life smarter. But a few must-have devices include a smart security camera, a smart door lock, a smart thermostat, and a smart speaker.

  1. Are smart home apartments the future?

The trend to move towards smart home technology is rapidly growing, and undoubtedly, the future seems bright for this sector. The apartments are quickly catching up with the pace. With increasingly affordable options and user-friendly interfaces, people are becoming more inclined towards the option of smarter living.

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