Essential Father’s Day Gifts for First-Time Dads

Dads are the most under-appreciated members of most families. For this reason, Father’s Day is a special occasion that provides the perfect opportunity to honor the father figures around us, such as stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and even big brothers.

Who else needs to have Father’s Day celebrated more than a man who became a father for the very first time? If you have a husband, a brother, a friend or any other man around you who is a first-time dad, this article can provide thoughtful and practical gift ideas.

Practical Gifts

While you will be presented with the option of several gifts, nothing is better than giving a gift that can be useful and practical for a first-time dad. We recommend the following practical gifts:

Baby Gear Essentials

Nothing can be better than gifting what a first-time dad needs - baby gear essentials.

Diaper Bag by Paperclip Willow – This diaper bag backpack by Paperclip Willow is a game changer. It has a stylish but simple design and comes with a padded compartment for a laptop. The best part is that it has a changing station with sidewalls for security and privacy inside the restrooms.

Diaper bag for Father’s Day

NUNA CUDL Baby Carrier – Dad will definitely appreciate the practical design provided by NUNA CUDL’s baby carrier, which can help him keep the baby close. This carrier also has adjustable shoulder straps, magnetic buckles and a padded waist belt.

Baby carrier gift for Father’s Day

Nappy Changing Travel Mat – A portable changing pad is the best gift for new dads learning to change their babies. It will keep the baby comfortable during the nappy changes and can be fitted in any stroller, tote bag or diaper bag.

Tech Gadgets for Efficiency

Dads love tech gadgets, which significantly increase their efficiency in baby care. Is the mommy going out with her friends for a day, leaving the new dad in charge?

No need to worry!

eufy’s Smart Sock S340 is one of the best baby monitors available. It provides a 2K crystal clear clarity. It also has night vision, so new dads can monitor their babies even in the dark. The best part about this gadget is that it also comes with two-way audio and lullabies. With this remarkable gadget, stay-at-home dads can stay on top of their baby care game.

eufy baby monitor

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts for Father’s Day

As much as practical gifts are important for new dads, nothing touches their hearts as personalized gifts. Personalized gifts can include:

Customized Keepsakes

Customized keepsakes such as personalized photo frames, custom storybooks, best dad mug, or a customized Father’s Day shirt are a great way of letting new fathers keep the most special memories safe with them forever. As their children grow up, the dads will be sweetly reminded of those special times with their young tots through these keepsakes.

Handprint or Footprint Kits

Handprint or footprint kits are a great way of making a new dad feel special. These kits come with inkless wipes that can be used by either the dad or the baby to keep a treasured memento of those tiny feet and handprints or even his own. These wipes leave no paint or ink and are completely safe to use. Display those baby prints or Best Daddy Ever prints in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even his private office.

Experience Gifts

Undoubtedly, being a dad is one of the greatest moments of anyone’s life. However, this can leave some new dads feeling overwhelmed. Here are a few thoughtful gifts that can improve the overall baby-care experience for new dads:

Parenting Classes

Gaining confidence in parenting skills is extremely important for new parents. Otherwise, taking full-time care of a demanding human being can quickly put a lot of pressure on their mental health! Do you think a new dad around you needs clarity on basic parenting or baby care? Letting them sign up for a local or online parenting course as a Father’s Day gift, such as The Dad Course, is an excellent way of introducing them to the do’s and don’ts of fatherhood.

Spa Day or Relaxation Packages for Dads

The significance of self-care for parents cannot be emphasized enough. Spa days or relaxation packages are not only for mums – dads can also take full advantage of these deals. Gift a new dad around you a break this year by giving guaranteed relaxation through a getaway to a spa. There are several discounted packages available at Eden Day Spa that are sure to bring about smiles to your favorite dad.

Books for New Fathers

Alt: Books for new dads on Father’s Day

Books are a great way of letting dads unwind while caring for their newborns. Here are some book gift ideas:

Educational Books

One of our favorite ways of making new fathers memorable on this day is to share this love with books. Not only is reading a great way of opening minds and exploring imagination, but it is also a remarkable way of learning new things about fatherhood. Books such as “The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year” by Armin Brott, “Superhero Dad” by Timothy Knapman and “That’s My Daddy” by Ruth Redford.

Humorous and Relatable Books

How about letting a new dad take a humorous take on parenting, providing comfort and laughter to them in their tough times. Let the new fathers have a candid look at the hilarity and chaos that comes along with parenting! Several humorous and relatable books, such as “Bedtime, Daddy!” by Sharon Giltrow, “Stop the Dad Jokes” by Adrian Beck and “My Dad Thinks He’s Funny” by Tom Jellett, are great choices.

DIY Gifts

We all know dads who have everything and do not want anything. For such dads, DIY gifts are a great way of showing them that we care. These gifts are made with exclusive love and have a personal touch on them.

Homemade Meal or Treat

Homemade meal for Father’s Day

One of the best DIY gifts is giving a homemade meal or treat to a foodie dad. Whip them up a delicious cuisine cooked with love, for instance, homemade jams, cookies, or a special Father’s Day cake. Place the treat in a cutely decorated jar or dish and wrap it up with a ribbon or a bow.

Crafted Items

crafted items for Father’s Day

DIY crafted items are also an excellent way of making new dads feel special. If there is anyone who is going to appreciate a gift with some sweat put into it, it is definitely a dad.

Country Living has several amazing ideas for DIY-crafted items, such as a DIY checkerboard, bookmarks, a chill grill, a handmade picture frame, a knitted baby blanket, a personalized spatula for the chef’s dad, and many others.


Winding it all up, the above options have been suggested while considering what men usually want. So, if you have been struggling to find that perfect gift for a new dad around you, you can easily opt for one of the choices given in our article.

While all the options will make these new fathers feel special, tech gadgets create a lot of fun, and men find it more practical. You just need to select the one that you believe will suit the needs of the dad for which it is intended.

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