Pet Water Fountain

  • Give Your Pet SafeSip : Traditional water pumps are difficult to remove, but Pet Water Fountain's SafeSip Pump is a tiny, powerful rotor that pops out so you can clean every spot of the dog and cat fountain.
  • Encourage Pets to Drink: Animals are highly sensitive to charged particles, and the dog and cat water fountain includes SafeSip Pump to eliminate any charge from the water so pets drink comfortably.
  • Fresh and Healthy Water: eufy Pet's innovative filter design for this dog and cat drinking fountain whisks away hair, dust, and food residue to always give your pet the purest and freshest water.
  • Healthy Design Removes Impurities: The water plate for this automatic water dispenser for dogs and cats is tilted at just the right angle of 11° to constantly cleanse the water and act as another filtration system to keep your pet's water healthy.
  • Made of Germ-Free Material: Your pet will drink healthy water with every sip thanks to Pet Water Fountain's water plate— made out of 304 food-grade stainless steel that leads bacteria to easily wash away.
  • Holds 1 Week of Water: This stainless steel pet fountain holds 3 L of water—enough to hydrate your cat for a week and your dog for 4 days. Note: eufy Pet Water Fountain is designed for dogs and cats up to 30 lb.
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With the innovative SafeSip Pump, water is thoroughly cleansed, and it's easily removable to ensure you can clean every part of
eufy Pet Water Fountain.


Irresistible Taste

Flowing like fresh spring water, even the most picky cat will be drawn to the water to take a sip.

Non-Distracting Sound

Stay focused on work and not on noise with the ultra-quiet dB rating for Pet Water Fountain.

Convenient to Clean

Pet Water Fountain is easy to take apart, and hygienic 304 stainless steel pan is dishwasher safe.

Low-Water Reminder

The LED turns on once the water reaches the minimum level.

Filter Replacement

For your pet's health, we recommend replacing the water filter every 2-4 weeks.

Enough Water for 1 Week

eufy Pet Water Fountain is designed for dogs and cats up to 30lb.
cat 7 days, dog 4 day


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