Pet Water Fountain

Discover the perfect hydration solution for your pets with eufy Pet Water Fountain. Designed for convenience and cleanliness, our water fountains ensure your pets have fresh water all day.

Pet Water Fountain

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Pet Water Fountain\1 Item(s) Found
  • eufy Cat Water Fountains: Indulge Your Pets With Hydration Happiness

    A cat water fountain is an automatic pet cat water dispenser designed to provide a continuous flow of fresh and filtered water for pets, such as cats and dogs. Water fountains for cats typically consist of a basin with a pump that circulates water, keeping it oxygenated and preventing stagnation.
    eufy, as a renowned provider of pet supplies, offers many fantastic water fountains for cats and dogs to keep your pets hydrated and healthy. Our battery operated cat water fountains feature 5 stages of filtration, capturing dirt, dust, and hair as well as removing toxic materials during effective circulation by the innovative SafeSip Pump, giving your pets only the purest and cleanest water to drink. Moreover, our water plates are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel, making sure bacteria are easily washed away. But there are still further aspects of our dog pet fountain for drinking that are worth mentioning. For example, being easy to disassemble, our automatic cat waterer fountains are effortless to clean, ensuring hassle-free cleanliness for your pet friends. Furthermore, we also feature an LED low-water reminder that turns on whenever the water level is low, and the water tank of our running water cat bowl can hold enough water for about one week before needing refilling. In short, our dog and cat water filter fountains can secure a cleaner and healthier life for your pets. Come browse eufy’s collection of cat water fountains, pick your favorite model, and let your beloved pets taste each drop of pure water with purer delight today!

  • FAQ

    Do cats like water fountains?

    Yes, many cats enjoy water fountains. The flowing water mimics a natural water source, which can be more appealing to cats. Additionally, water fountains also provide a source of enrichment and can encourage cats to drink more, promoting better hydration and overall health.

    What is the best cat water fountain?

    eufy provides some best automatic water bowls for dogs and cats. Check eufy’s Pet Water Fountain as a recommendation, which features 304 food-grade stainless steel material and 5 stages of filtration that make the water as clean as possible. Moreover, the easily removable design means they are super convenient to clean.

    Are cat water fountains safe?

    Yes, cat water fountains are generally safe for cats especially those from reputable brands like eufy. They are not only made from high-quality materials but also designed with features like filters to ensure the water remains clean and fresh. The flowing water is more enticing for cats to drink, promoting better hydration and reducing the risk of urinary issues.

    Do cat water fountains need filters?

    Yes, filters are necessary for cat drinking fountains. Cat water fountain filters can help remove impurities, hair, and particles, improving the water's quality and taste and contributing to your pets’ wellness.

    How often to change the water in the cat fountain?

    This depends on factors like the fountain's size, the number of pets using it, etc. Generally, to ensure the water remains clean and safe, changing the water in a pet waterer bowl every 5 to 6 days can be suitable if you have a single cat. For households with multiple cats, a cleaning schedule of every 3 to 4 days is recommended.

    Do cat water fountains use a lot of electricity?

    No, most cat water fountains are designed to be energy-efficient, using an average of approximately 2.5 watts per hour. Leaving the fountain running for 24 hours would consume about the same amount of power as a 60-watt light bulb does in just 1 hour, which is a very small amount of electricity compared to other appliances.

    How long do cat water fountain filters last?

    This can vary based on your water quality, the number of pets using the fountain, etc. For eufy pet water fountains, you can typically replace the filter of your filtered dog water bowl every 2 to 4 weeks to keep your pets in good health.