Pet-Hair Vacuum Bundle


With RoboVac X8 and HomeVac H30 Mate

Fur won't stay clinging to your home for long with Pet-Hair Vacuum Bundle. RoboVac X8 auto-sweeps up the fur on your floor while HomeVac H30 Mate allows you to vacuum any pet hair on chairs or sofas.
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UltraPack Dust-Compression

Powerful suction compacts dust as it collects in the dust box, decreasing the number of times it needs to be emptied, so you can spend more time relaxing.

BoostIQ Technology

Smoothly transition over different surfaces. Automatically increase suction power where necessary to ensure a satisfyingly clean home.

Extended Runtime

Sit back and relax as RoboVac cleans 1 m² (10.76 ft²) every minute for up to 180 minutes per charge, leaving behind stunning floors.

Virtual No-Go Zones

Section off areas that you don't want RoboVac to enter during its cleaning so it can avoid getting stuck on all the kid's toys.

Rolling Brush to the Rescue

Get in between tiles and cracks to thoroughly clean the floor with a specially designed rolling brush that effectively lifts dirt for the Twin Turbines to catch.

Voice Activated Control

Compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa. Use voice control assistants to start a clean whenever you want.

Immense Suction Power

A powerful suction that allows for great efficiency and enough strength to take on messy tasks. Activate Max mode and utilize all 80 AW.

All in One Place

Conveniently store all your accessories together on the charging station. Keep it on the table or mount it to the wall so you never lose track of where anything is.

Ultra Lightweight

At only 1.78 lbs (808 g), you can conveniently and effortlessly vacuum your daily messes.


Large Dust Box

The large dust box can hold up to 250ml of dust and debris, which means less emptying for you.

Easy to Clean

A rubber ring encircles the filter so that as you remove the dust box, any hairs stuck on the filter will be cleaned off as well.

Washable Filter

To maintain optimal perfomance, wash your filter regularly. Let it fully dry before reinstalling it for best results.