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July 9th - July 14th
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July 15th - July 21st
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July 22nd - July 31st
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Gift Card Sale
Limited-time sale of Super Member gift cards with discounts up to 44%!
Enter up to 3 times a day for a chance to win an Outdoor Light E120 (Worth 249,99€) and more!
Double Credits
Earn double credits on your purchases during the sale period!

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Sign up between July 9th - July 14th to transform 100€ into 180€ and 200€ into 320€ with our limited-time gift card bonanza!
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Member Exclusive
140€ Price with extra 40€
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280€ Price with extra 40€
next round will start at 20:00 tomorrow
Only 200$
Member Exclusive
Only 100$
Only 200$

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Click to win Outdoor Light E120 (worth 249,99€) and a coupon for up to 200€ off!
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Add products now and enjoy the biggest discount of Prime Day from 16-17th July!

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Double Delights

Buy any of the following products and get double eufyCredits, which can be redeemed for a
HomeBase3, and a Gift Card for up to 30€ off.
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