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Use eufy smart tracking tags to help locate keys, wallets, and more with ease.


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  • Find Your Items Easily with the eufy Tracking Tags

    Tracking tags can help you easily locate your belongings by utilizing technologies like Bluetooth or GPS, providing convenience and peace of mind for those prone to misplacing their items or seeking an added layer of security against loss or theft. eufy's smart tracker tags are the ultimate solution for keeping track of your valuables with ease. With impressive and smart trackers like the SmartTrack Link and SmartTrack Card, eufy offers a range of standout benefits to enhance your tracking experience.

    The SmartTrack Link is a Bluetooth tracker seamlessly integrating with Apple Find My to help you locate your belongings anywhere, anytime. Its clever design allows you to find your iPhones or other items even in silent mode with just a double tap, saving you from the frustration of endless searching. Additionally, eufy Security app allows free left-behind alerts or sharing the location of your items with friends and family, so you can prevent loss in the first place, ensuring your belongings are always by your side. Even if there's really something lost, a QR code is provided as location tags on these security systems to facilitate retrieval while maintaining your privacy, because finders can access only the contact information you choose to share. Similarly, the SmartTrack Card boasts an ultra-thin profile while delivering a powerful, ear-catching alarm that can be heard even when the card is covered. Its water-resistant coating ensures durability, making it a reliable companion even in adverse weather conditions.

    Overall, with eufy's wireless tracking tags, never worry about misplacing your valuables again. You can even place those little tracker tags for keys, bags or equipment, etc for a fast and convenient location. Experience the peace of mind that comes with advanced tracking technology, reliable performance, and seamless integration. Simplify your life with such a smart home and keep your belongings close with eufy's smart tracking devices.

  • FAQs about Smart Tracker

    Can a smart tag track a car?

    Yes, smart Bluetooth or GPS tracking tags can track a car. You can securely attach the locator tags to the vehicle and then track your car with the relevant tracking technology. Besides, it's also possible to place the smart tracker tags for your car keys so that you can find your keys to locate the car. However, please make sure that items are within range of the tracking technology so that you can get real-time location information and locate your car.

    How does smart tags work?

    Smart equipment tracking tags work by using technologies like Bluetooth or GPS to establish a connection between the tag and a mobile device. The tag sends signals to the device, which calculates the distance between them. This helps determine the location of the tagged item. Users can track their belongings through a mobile app, receiving real-time updates on where the item is.

    How far do smart tags track?

    This depends on the specific technology used and manufacturers. Bluetooth-based smart tags typically have a range of up to 60-400 feet (18-120m), while GPS-enabled tags have a much wider range and can track items globally. However, item tracker devices like eufy's Bluetooth tracking tags, when combined with Apple Find My feature, can be tracked globally. Even without Apple Find My, eufy smart tracking tag still offers an impressive range of up to 260 feet (80 m), allowing you to easily locate your belongings within a considerable distance.